Saturday, April 20, 2013

Parent/Child Dance

Tonight was the parent/child dance at Lucy's school.

Earlier in the week when I had a day off, I spent a large portion of it looking for a dress, one "with sequins that looked like a disco ball." I found one at Nordstrom but it was $45.  Eh. I carried it around for a bit before coming to my senses. After about six stores I braved Old Navy. (Seriously, it was bravery. I should win a medal.) I found this striped number with the pink tassels and, knowing it wasn't even remotely what Lucy requested, I bought it anyway.

When Lucy came home from school she saw the dress and proclaimed, "It will be perfect for the dance!!!!"

I've been doing this parenting thing for a while now so at this point I knew better than to point out that this particular dress didn't shimmer like a disco ball. I smiled and said, "Good! I'm glad you like it."

Jay and Lucy were at the dance for about an hour and a half before coming home. Apparently all of Lucy's favorite songs had been played so there was no reason to stay.

(As a side note, Jay told me that while Lucy was rocking the hula hoop, he danced all by himself to Dancing Queen. Because he's awesome.)


Anonymous said...

It sounds like they both had a good time.Both of your kids have always been good with a hula hoop and too bad there isn't video of Jay dancing. Oh, sorry about your ticket, we have cameras all over Gainesville now, they even have "spotters", people that stand around on street corners trying to catch someone without a seat belt.

Maria Rose said...


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

That is too funny, "all her favorite songs had been played"

She looks so happy and grown up Tammie.

And that husband of yours sure seems like he could be Rick's younger brother....well o.k.more like his son. :-)

Cyndy Newsome said...

OMG, I just love this!!!

Daphne said...

I love that man. Too bad he's already taken!!

Tammie said...

Daphne: awwww.... but in all honesty, the man you have now seems pretty similar to this man. i think they are secretly related.

Liesl said...

If I could come back as a kid in another family, it would be yours. You guys seems like the sweetest, cutest and funnest people.
(Yes, I just used the word funnest.)