Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Journal Moment:: January 2

So far, I'm loving 2013.

New Years Eve was so much fun. We love hanging with The Lindgren's. Visty makes me feel like it's okay to be silly and stupid. Late night NYE walks carrying household items? Totally normal.

As stressful as this holiday season has been, these days have been good. Coffee with friends. Playdates. Quiet time at home with the family. I don't consider myself the type of person who gets close to many people, but the people I'm close to now......well, simply put, it's good. I like them. And I feel like they like me.

Today is the girl's birthday. Eight. Wow.

She is incredibly good natured and kind. She's also loud, occasionally overbearing, demanding,  and high strung, but more than anything, she's nice. If I were 8, I would want to be friends with Lucy.

We didn't have a birthday party. Again. Part of me feels awful about this, like I'm somehow neglectful for not throwing a bash. I planned to do something this year.  Really, I did. Maybe a trip to the indoor water park or to PDX Playdate, but then my car caught fire and we all got sick, and it just never happened.

But I made a cake. A cake that impressed the eight year old:
And friends found their way over and we found our way over to friend's, and I think it all ended well.

Lucy has a best male buddy. They are going to get married, write books together, and not have children just a lot of puppies. I'm totally okay with that.

Our Christmas tree is still up. But it's dry, dry, dry. It's a fire hazard at this point. And because I DO NOT want to have to call the fire department in 2013, it will be gone soon.

BUT, when I was taking out the trash tonight, I found something that made me very excited. A new, in the box, white Christmas tree that someone had put by the dumpster. I ran home and begged Jay to go get it. (He's amazing.) Of course I had to put it together and decorate it just a bit. 
I've been wanting a second tree. A white one. But I could never justify the expense. So kind of one of my neighbors to give one to me free of cost! I have visions of Christmas 2013, two trees, one traditional one and one white one decorated with red and blue ornaments.

I can't wait until December.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

that cake looks amazing!

good to know I am not the only dumpster diver. Seriously my neighbors were throwing out these great chairs. I painted them and put new fabric on the seats and they looked like new and everyone complimented me on them. When asked where I got them I would hesitate but then said, the garbage. I was tempted to say, Pottery Barn just to @#$! with them.

Maria Rose said...

Ha! Love it. Sounds like life is good!

Pam - captured by our cameras said...

I think you should keep the white tree up and decorate it for Valentine's day.

Daphne said...

What a find!! I love my white tree. And I agree with Pam -- a Valentine's Tree is a great idea! And I am so glad you are feeling so happy and that things are going well. Yay, all around!

Anne said...

Two things:

1. I love her Perry shirt :)

2. That cake looks incredible.

Veronica said...

Can't believe how the girl is 8! I remember when she was a youg'un and you were trying to potty train her!!!

Great find with the tree. When we lived in the apt in G-ville, we found LOTS of stuff in there from people desperate to get rid of stuff before moving. I snagged a bike for the boy right as the previous owner set it down near the trash. She said nothing was wrong with it except tires needed air; they just needed to move. SCORE!

Visty said...

Oh, yes, Lucy sang the praises of that cake while she was here. She LOVED it and was totally impressed. She said, "My mom ALWAYS makes me cool cakes." So there. That's what you're doing, and you're doing a great job.
New white car, new white tree...what else can we get you that's white?

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Nice tree!! I want a second tree too, to decorate in shades of purple....

jessie b said...

She's adorable! I can't believe she's 8! Crazy!