Tuesday, December 25, 2012

So There Was A Fire.......

Monday night (Christmas Eve), as I was coming home from work, I noticed my car begin to smoke.  Because it wasn't overheating at all and because I had just pulled into my parking space, I wasn't entirely concerned. Keep in mind, my car is old. And just like any senior citizen, it will occasionally make weird sounds, odors, and emissions and then keep chugging along like nothing is out of the ordinary.

Shortly after I went inside, Monty left to walk the dog only to immediately return and and say that there was a fire under my car. I  went outside and froze, just staring at the small flames under my car.

Monty gets in my face, "Mom! Fire!" Oh right.

I called 911. Within minutes the fire department had arrived and were in the process of putting out the flames that were now engulfing the entire front portion of my vehicle.

The damage:

Related Thoughts:

* No one was hurt and there was no damage done other than to my car. It could have been much, much worse.

*Jay had planned to get me new tires. I'm glad we put it off until after Christmas. Money saved.

*Before the firefighters arrived, a few of my neighbors came out with fire extinguishers. I have no idea which homes they came from and in all the excitement of the moment, I never thanked them. I hung a Thank You note in a common area and signed it The Woman with the Charred VW. I hope they see it.

*The firefighter who filled out my incident report was the quintessential hunky firefighter and he was unbelievably kind. He walked over to me and said, "I'm sorry about your car." I sighed and said, "Yeah....it was vintage." He looked sadly at my car and replied with almost more sorrow in his voice than I had, "I know."

*Before the firefighters left, a slutty looking girl who was visiting my neighbor asked Hunky Firefighter for his number. He glared at her and walked away. Score another point for you Hunky.

*Last night I was numb and in shock. Today I worked through the necessary logistics about how I'm going to get to work. We still have another car and I have some great friends and co-workers who have already offered to help out if needed so I don't foresee any major problems. I'll know more once all the insurance stuff gets sorted out. All in all, I'm amazed at how nonchalant I've been about this whole thing. When did I become so relaxed?

RIP Cab. We had a good run.


Daphne said...

So sad!! I am so glad you are okay. My brother - coincidentally, a hunky firefighter -- had his car catch on fire on the freeway once. His brothers-in-arms had a good laugh at him, but it is scary. I'm so sorry the cute little cab didn't make it to 2013. Big hugs to you all.

Tammie said...

i thought about your brother as this was happenin!

its really scary to watch your car burn because it can be so amazingly unpredictable. i was really worried that if the FD didnt get there in time that the whole thing would blow.

hugs right back atcha!

hester said...

Glad everyone is ok and sorry that your car is not. Well done for being philosophical about it. I think it is Mother Nature's gift for growing older.

Maria Rose said...

So strange! I wonder what caused it... not that I know anything about cars. I am so glad you are OK, that happened in the best possible place if it had to happen.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh man that is scary. I know how much you loved that car so I am so sorry for your loss.

But yippee hunky firefighter.
Loved that he dissed that young girl.Tramp!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Geez, Ms High Maintenance, can't drive a car with a slightly toasted hood?
Seriously - so glad nobody was hurt. And you got to see a hot firefighter. Yum.

Anonymous said...

That is so scary! If anyone reading this ever has a car fire it is important to remember NOT to open the hood. Let the firemen do that, reason being the new blast of oxygen can fan the flames into an explosion! Secondly most insurance companies will NOT pay for an auto fire because it is considered a mechanical failure, not an accident, UNLESS your policy specifiacly addresses that issue and you have comprehensive collision clause. An analogy would be if your fuel pump failed, your insureance won't pay for that because it is mechanical..they inly cover accidents. GOOD LUCK!

Tammie said...

whoever anonymous is, they are right. my insurance isnt paying for this. fortunately, my car being what it is (was) i wasnt expecting a lot anyway so i set the bar pretty low.

red raven said...

You are as cool as a cucumber! Glad everything turn out ok... In the whole scheme of things anyhow.

Run Lori Run said...

That sucks. Sending good car vibes your way...

Liesl said...

Oh my! First of all, I'm so glad no one was hurt.
Oddly enough, we've had this happen to my brother's car. It was back in 2005 or so. My brother parked his car in the driveway and came in the house. Then someone saw smoke and realized it was the car. The front half of the car was up in flames by the time the fire department came. The inside dash pretty much melted. It was creepy looking.