Thursday, December 20, 2012


Last weekend was a nice one. My children seemed to want to be with me more than usual. Maybe they sensed my need to be near them more than usual. Jay and I both had all weekend off and by some amazing stroke of luck none of us got sick of one another or argued incessantly.

On Sunday we went to Cooper Mountain to see snow. (Past Cooper Mountain visits can be seen here and more recently, here.)

God I love the snow. Sadly, we rarely get any of the flakes where we are in the valley, but when we do it's so pretty and makes me so happy. It was coming down in chunks when I left for work on Tuesday and I was so jealous as I passed Lucy and her friends walking to school. (Most mornings she treks to class with her buddy and his dad. Side note: It doesn't escape me how incredibly lucky I am to have a handful of friends close by whom I trust to care for my child and who trust me to care for theirs. It takes a village, people.)

I'm hoping for a white Christmas, but I don't think it's in the cards.

Unrelated Random Thoughts:

*I've been working. A lot. As much as I love the busy-ness of the holiday season, my patience is wearing thin. People really need to stop getting mad at me for not having the toy that their precious, entitled brat wants. Shop earlier next time, asshole.

*Personally, I think I overdid it this Christmas. And in saying that I'm in no way implying that I can somehow afford to overdo it this Christmas. But I did. Jay made fun of me the last time I put a present under the tree by saying, "Yeah, feed that tree. Nom nom nom." I'll admit it,  I have overfed the tree this year. Next year I'll be better. As an Ex-Jehovah's Witness I'm still getting the hang of this whole Christmas thing and I haven't found a balance yet.

* Christmas cards please me. My favorite time of year + snail mail? Yes, please! All of them are proudly displayed in my living room. (Yes, Peggy, even your vulgar one. Especially your vulgar one.)

*I'm really in love with the song Into Giants by Patrick Watson.  When I'm alone I listen to this song an embarrassing amount of times. I have a crush on this song.

*In a few weeks my daughter will be 8 years old. Jesus Mary and Joseph how did that happen? My plan is to make a Kit Kat cake.

*I still have California pictures I need to post here. I'm just slow.


Daphne said...

So fun! And lovely photo of you. Love seeing you guys enjoying yourselves (and the snow! jealous!) so much.

hester said...

Oh it looks so lovely, especially as we are sweltering in 30 plus degrees in our part of the world. And that is a super cute photo of you.

There has been a lot of coverage in our media about the terrible terrible shooting in Connecticut and the thoughts of many Australians are with the families and the community of that town. It's inconceivable to me that guns can be so important to so many people and I hope that sanity prevails. Similar things (but not involving so many children) have happened here and it's just heartbreaking.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Merry Christmas!
It is so nice to have a little snow for the holidays to me.
You look adorable.

I am not a kit kat fan but oh my that cake looks awesome. Wanna know when my birthday is? :-)

Have a wonderful holiday with your family Tammie.