Sunday, October 28, 2012

Growing Up

Thursday evening was conference night at the high school. I had been keeping up with the boy's grades online so I knew he was doing pretty well,  but I still wanted to meet face to face with his teachers and get their opinions of my kid.

I don't think I touched on this too much over the past few years, but Middle School was tough for us. Monty wasn't bad, just really lazy and unmotivated. It was a struggle to get him to do much of anything and I knew he wasn't working to his potential. None of his teachers knew how smart he truly was because he gave them absolutely no reason to suspect that he was anything but average at best.

But conference night.... it was AMAZING.

Conference Night Randomness:

1.  Three separate teacher described my son as "pleasant."

2.  He has the highest math grade in his class and the teacher referred to Monty as his "go-to guy" when no one is raising their hand or knows the answer.

3. One teacher said that he "probably isn't being challenged enough."

4. His science teacher looked me in the eye and said, "You're raising a good kid."

5. He'll probably be in honors classes next year.

To say that I was pleased is an understatement. I didn't even wait in line to speak to all of the teachers because I felt that it would be greedy of me to hear more people praise my kid.

I think that as a parent you have this vague, hopeful idea or image of how your kid is going to turn out and how you want them to be. The reality is that they rarely turn out how you imagine or hope, and that isn't always a bad thing. My son doesn't read as much as I would like, he sucks at making a bed, and he'll probably never be President. But Monty is funny and unceasingly kind. He sticks up for people. He has a phenomenal vocabulary. And he's smart. I've always known all of this.

But it's nice to hear it from other people.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Monty!! He takes after you. You always did, and still do, have a great vocabulary. The math thing must come from Jay. Neither you or I were ever good at that subject. but I do remember Jay helping me on algebra when I went back to school. Monty definitely has some good genes. I am so proud of him!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh Tammie this is terrific.
You both must be bursting with pride.
I have never met Monty but from your stories he always sounded like a smart kid. You can't be funny if you are dumb. Besides that middle school age is very difficult on the best of boys. You got through it! Now pat yourself on the back

Run Lori Run said...

Awesome! I had similar experiences before we switched to a new school. Pat yourself on the back, mama!

And thanks for your feedback on my blog too. I hope to open my etsy shop again in a couple months maybe with a few paintings or cards. Thanks for your kind words!

hester said...

That's such wonderful feedback from Monty's teachers. And to have a teenage boy who is kind....that would make me so so proud if he were my son.

Daphne said...

I'm always so impressed when I meet your kids. Monty is definitely an exceptional kid; great job, you guys. You should have more kids so you can raise more great humans. Right? Don't you want to have more kids?!

JB said...

Rock on, Monty! Rad kids=Rad parents