Wednesday, October 3, 2012

ERMAHGERD: My New Best Friend

You may have already met her. She's pretty popular around the internet. But if you haven't had the pleasure of making her acquaintance, allow me to tell you about my new best friend and illustrate why we get along so well.

She has strong opinions about books:

She likes to drink:

She likes to dance and isn't afraid to show her curves:

Trips to Starbucks are a breeze since we both love the same drink:

She remembers my birthday:

We both love starchy comfort food:

I predict we will be BFF's for a very long time.

(The story of Ermahgerd can be found here.)


Visty said...

The starbucks one cracks me up!

Tammie said...

the starbucks one is definitely my fave.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love ermahgerd!
Pajamas & Coffee did a Ermahgerd post, it was quite informative.
Oh and if you haven't already seen this, its a MUST -

Violet Marbles said...

I LOVE these!! I crack up every time I see one and Tim and I get a hoot out of saying them out loud.

Anne said...

I love this meme!!! There's a spinoff with cats too!