Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Annual Late Summer Depression

This evening I was reading an email from Peggy in which she told me, among other things, to "Come Back." I don't know if she meant to my blog, her blog, or the internet in general, but the truth is, I've been absent from everywhere.

This is partially work related. I adore my job and I think about it often. Plus, I'm in charge of our Facebook page and I write the promotional emails that go out to our customer list. I love this but I think it uses up all the brain parts that would go to writing a blog post. When I do use the computer for fun, I usually end up at one of the more mindless corners of the internet. (I'm looking at you Pinterest, you dirty whore.)

But it's also summertime. I hate summer.

Summer arrives late to the Portland area, but once it comes it sticks around. We've had at least 47 days in a row of sun with no measurable rain. Jay and I estimate it to be closer to 60-75 but The Weather Channel only allowed me to go back to the beginning of August. And in the dead of summer the sun rises at about 5:30 and doesn't set until after 9 PM. That's a lot of sunshine.

And it's left me drained.

I have no energy. I go to work. I do things for and with the kids. I mostly don't ignore my husband.  I don't craft. I don't sew or crochet. I am thisclose to completing a project for Kashoan that I meant to send months ago. I barely read. I don't exercise. I have letters to compose and thank you notes to write and send. I have half filled care packages to fill and mail. I have friends both locally and far away who I think about daily and I know are being ignored. The days go by in a haze but yet start too quickly again with the glowing sun outside my window.

I know there is a light at the end of this tunnel and I know that I'm close to it. The days are getting shorter and there is a breeze in the air. Starbucks is selling Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Target has Halloween candy, and Goodwill has once again hung the banner declaring themselves "Halloween Central."

I want to eat soups and chowders and bisques. I want to bake pumpkin everything. I want mashed potatoes and squash. I want to wear sweaters and tights. I want to stumble my way through a corn maze. I want egg nog and jack o'lanterns. And then......Christmas lights.

Autumn, I know you're on your way. Please hurry.


DysFUNctional Mom said...

You probably already know this, but we have had the rainiest summer EVER here. I can't believe how much it's rained. You leave, the rain comes! lol
I hope you get the weather you're wanting soon!
I just wish it would be cool enough to drink the pumpkin spice lattes (I can't drink them when it's hot as hell and I don't do cold coffee).

Maria Rose said...

Glad to hear from you. I have missed your internet presence.

Visty said...

It's funny---you are describing how I will be feeling in February. I start counting how many consecutive days of no sun we've had, the holidays are over and I am stuck with the weather with nothing to look forward to, and I have NO energy. Just cold, curled up on the couch, wanting to turn the heat up to 78 so I can get up and wash the dishes. And I don't talk to people a lot because I know I am depressing. I know it's hard, no matter what weather is dragging us down. I'm sorry you've been having a hard time. And of course this is one of the warmest Septembers since we moved here.

Tammie said...

visty: i know, you and i feel exactly the same way, just at different times of the year.

kat said...

I was in Portland the last 2 weeks of August. Dang. It was hot. Smoking' hot! What is with that? Didn't exactly live up to its reputation of being all misty and drizzle-icious!
But I loved it none the less! The fountains. The children's museum. The market. The food trucks I could go on...
Where I live it is fall. The sun sets behind a mountain at 4( in the winter it is around 1:30) can I interest you in some real estate??

Daphne said...

I'm totally dragging down here as well; I can't wait for the cooler weather. It's still in the high 80s sometimes and the yard is parched, I'm parched and tired of watering everything. I like the warm evenings but I'm really ready for fall!!

Tammie said...

thats how it is here. high 80's-low 90's and everyones yard is dead. its almost depressing how dry and dead everything looks.

Carla Ens said...

Your summers look like our winters - dry and dead! We water like crazy here so our yards are nice and green. Completely opposite. Hang in there. I've missed your posts but totally understand.
(I've switched blogs again so feel free to check out the new one)

Jaime said...

It's weird how certain times of the year affect people so differently. I love the sunshine. Can't live without it. I'm a Florida girl and just have to accept it:)

When I was living in San Diego, it got very cold in the winters (40 degrees is freezing to me). I remember driving home from work to my little apartment with the gas heater that I refused to light because I was worried about it exploding. I started crying just thinking of going home to such a cold place. I think that I'd die if I had to live anywhere "up north".

Your autumn will come soon. I feel teaser breezes here. I miss wearing hoodies during 60 degree lows. Also, I think that mashed potatoes are acceptable any time of the year.

Tammie said...

carla: thank you so much for the info. ive been wondering 'where' you are. :)

jamie: its so funny isnt it? i spent most of my life in florida just as you did now i hate the sun/heat.

i know the florida summers can be wet ones, so if you want to dry out one summer, come to oregon. just dont come until july or later. :)

Liesl said...

It's so rare to find someone who dislikes summer. If you admit you feel this way, most people look at you like you've got three heads. 'How could you not love bare legs and hot sun and the shore and and and...'

Three out of five people in this house are in the same corner as you. I'm one of them. Fall and spring are my favorites, especially fall. It's such a damn shame they are the shorter seasons.

I'm looking forward to the days getting shorter. At the height of summer, it's still light at eight o'clock and I feel guilty for wanting to get in my PJs at that hour. But soon I can call it quits and curl up at six thirty!

I hope your autumn is awesome!