Wednesday, July 25, 2012

List Seven: Things I Want to Remember To Do

1. Send handwritten letters. I'm setting a goal of at least two a month.

2. Visit the farmers market. I love it but just don't go as often as I could considering it is literally right up the street from where I live. The grocery store is so much easier but yet I know what a difference it makes to the farmers in my community so I'm going to try to be better about this.

3.  Random Acts of Kindness. Here is a really good list of totally do-able ways to pay it forward.

4. Say "Yes" to my daughter more often. Especially when she wants to invite one (or two or three) of her annoying little friends over. ( I did this one today and had three little girls in my place at once. It wasn't that traumatic.)

5.  Go to more fountains. I've been thinking about Jamison Square a lot lately. Maybe on Sunday.

6.  Finish some of my "in progress" craft projects that are lying about.

7. Finish reading some of the "in progress" books that are lying about.

8. Go vegetarian for a week.

9.  Kiss my husband before he kisses me.

10. Listen to more music.

11. Sit down and draw with my daughter.

12. Take the dog for a really long walk.

13. Remind the boy how proud I am of him.


Maria Rose said...

Great list! Mine has a lot of similarities.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I like this.
I need to remember the Farmer's Market too. I love it.

Liesl said...

Great list. I'm going to have to steal some of these.