Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13th 2012

Oh poor neglected blog, has it really been that long? It has.

Summer is taking its annual toll on me. The weather is hot, the air is dry, and the sun relentlessly beats down on me day after day. I have no energy and my creativity has all but disappeared. I go to work, come home, interact with the family to some very minor extent, go to bed and then wake up to do it all again the next day. I rarely even get on the computer. (That's not entirely true. I use the computer nightly in order to get on Pinterest and look at cat pictures and cupcake recipes.)  I truly don't know how I lasted in Florida as long as I did, considering how miserable I am during Oregon's few warm months.

In a recent email, Visty, who is also from Florida, mentioned that even though she loves the warm weather, the prolonged heat brings back bad memories of Florida, and I think that may be where I'm at. 
The rest of the year's grey skies and cloud coverage make it easy for me to forget that I'm not a native Oregonian. In fact most folks are surprised to find out that I'm from Florida, because I just fit so well here. But then this time of year rolls around and when all the true Oregonians are soaking up the few fleeting moments of sunshine, I'm hiding out in my bedroom with the curtains closed, praying for the sun to go down. I don't quite know what to do with myself in the summertime and Florida flashbacks, bits and pieces of my previous life, come back to haunt me in my down time.

Dear Fall, you can't come soon enough.

Last weekend we decided to embrace the heat and take a day trip to Seaside. We crammed a cooler full of goodies with the goal of having a beach picnic. The joke was on us because it was 50 degrees and windy at the beach. Really, we didn't mind.

A few shots from the day:

Here's the girl throwing the rest of my fancy farmer's market blueberries to the damn dirty seagulls:
The temperature on the way home:
Heading home, we took a short detour into Washington, because, hey, why the hell not? There were road crews working on the bridge and traffic was down to one lane. When we got to the top, we were stopped by a flagger and we were there for probably close to ten minutes.
I've never actually stopped on a bridge before, it was an odd feeling. Not one I necessarily want to relive anytime soon.


just me said...

Not a big fan of that bridge, a little high for me!! But I love Seaside, best place to load up on sand dollars. If we win the lottery tonight we (or just I) will be moving there!:)

Me said...

We discovered Seaside by accident a number of years ago on our Oregon trip. A beautiful little place! I'm sorry I can't identify with your strong dislike of heat. I am basking in it! Then again I do have A/C....It truly must have been aweful for you in Florida.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I would take a beach trip in any kind of weather right now! I'm having withdrawal.
I'm reading a book (true crime) that's set in Oregon/Washington and I keep thinking about you.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I really liked and enjoyed Seaside.
Not a fan of the bridge or any for that matter. So sitting there for any length of time would have made me a mess. (or should i say more of a mess)

I think you were just born in the wrong place. You fit Oregon and it fits you perfectly!

Maria Rose said...

Was that the bridge by Astoria? We love the OR coast!

Violet Marbles said...

The beach looks so different there than it does down in the FL gulf coast- which is where we always go to the beach! I think it looked like a nice day!

Daphne said...

I love Seaside and Astoria both. The nice thing about Oregon is when it *does* get hot, you can always go to the beach and cool off! I used to hate the heat in Oregon too -- I love the cool gray weather. I just got so sick of the non-weather of the inner Bay Area (60-70 degrees year round) that I am truly enjoying the highs and lows of the tri-valley (20s in the winter, 90s in the summer). My birthday is in September and I used to HATE that it was always hot on my birthday (in Oregon!)

Liesl said...

I'm not a summer fan either. It's the heat. After like two weeks, we finally have cool enough weather to turn off the AC and have the windows open.
I can't wait for fall.

(And stuck on a bridge---not a fun feeling. I always hold my breath going over bridges. And through tunnels.)

Visty said...

I also had my therapist point out how I moved nearly as far away from Florida (and my family/old life) as I could without actually leaving the mainland. Hmm...

I'm glad you enjoyed the beach! It's pretty much like that all the time, so anytime you're too hot, go West.