Saturday, June 2, 2012

Because the World Doesn't Read Enough Good Things About Teenage Boys

At some point in the last six months, something happened in my son's brain. I can't pinpoint the precise moment or what exactly happened to make him change. I have a couple of theories, but mainly it all boils down to the fact that he's growing up and maturing.

He's nicer and more patient with his little sister, even to the point of going outside to stick up for her when other kids are being mean. He's fallen into the routine of completing (and, most importantly, turning in) all of his homework. And he has a sweet girlfriend whom he dotes on and treats with so much respect.

Today is that girl's birthday. He saved more than a months allowance in order to buy her a bouquet of flowers and a large box filled with all of her favorite things. I helped him wrap it and then he walked the mile and a half to her house to give it to her. It was drizzling and I offered him a ride but he wanted to do it all himself.

A few hours later, he returned him, beaming with pride because his gift was a success.


This afternoon I was sitting on the living room floor, working my through folding the five loads of laundry I had washed earlier in the day. The boy sat at the dinner table doing Algebra.

The laundry piles grew higher and higher. I called for my son to grab his laundry stack and put it away.  He looked up at me with a sly, mischievous grin and said, "No way! I'm not putting laundry away. That's woman's work. Woman."

I knew he was joking so I quickly came back with, "Fine then. I'll throw your laundry outside and when you want something, you can just go pick it out of the yard." I snatched up a pair of his underwear and quickly tossed it outside, over the balcony, and into the communal backyard we share with our neighbors.

He stared at me, mouth open wide in shock at what I had done. But he wasn't mad or embarrassed. Instead, he fell to the floor laughing. And then so did I, and we laughed until our sides hurt.

It's moments like these that I realize my son is becoming exactly who I want to him to be.

And I find myself beaming with pride.


DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love that point when you look at your kids and realize that there's been a shift. They're not really a child any more, they're not an adult either but it's like they're becoming....human. And when you realize you actually LIKE that human they're becoming?! It's amazing!
M sounds great. =)

Maria Rose said...

Oh he sounds great! I think that speaks well of your parenting.

mandy said...

oh, tammie, this is so beautiful.

to think that my boys will be such big boys before i know it...and to know that there will be so much pain for all of us in that growing...i hope to carry these words you have written with me.

tears in eyes.

Me said...

This post warms my heart!

Not Hannah said...

I want to give him and his Mama a squeeze.

Daphne said...

What an amazing post!! I love everything about this. Your son is so great -- every time I see him I'm impressed. You guys are doing all sorts of things right. :)

Visty said...

Fantastic! This was a great read. He sounds just perfect.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I read this aloud to Rick while we had our morning coffee. He smiled and said, sounds like she's raising a real man.

Great job to you and Jay!

Kashoan said...

Teenage boys are a trip. That is all I have. :)

BloomingAlmond said...

I'm so happy for him, his friends and your family :)
But this only shows what you, parents (ok... teachers too), transmit him :)
It's so funny to see the kids grow and turn into "people" :)

Lots of love from Portugal :)*

Dawn said...

Love this.....