Saturday, May 19, 2012

Random Thoughts

*So, I come home from work and I'm dickin' around on the internet as I normally do and I come across this:
That would be my ex at Cannes with his stupidly-named fiancé. Even though I chose to end the (fake) relationship, I'm not going to lie to you folks, it hurts. As my (ever patient and always enabling) best friend said, "It's the end of an era."

*In other celebrity boyfriend news: I'm very excited for the new season of True Blood, mainly because of Christopher Meloni. I had given up on these books long ago and was really only watching the show because after two glasses of wine I was able to overlook the gaping holes in the plot and it was sorta entertaining, but then came Christopher Meloni. Hellloooo. I watched Oz. I know he's not a shy man when it comes to his body. (Hint: Full Frontal. Click here if young eyes are not in the room, you are not at work, and you are no prude.) I predict this will be a very good season. (By the way: Don't watch Oz. That show scarred me in so many ways and has left some really awful images permanently tattooed on my brain.)

*I'm in eighties mode lately and finding myself listening to a lot of The Smiths or Morrissey. Which inevitably always makes me think of a friend I had shortly after I graduated high school who told me that I "look like a girl that Morrissey would like." Considering most people think of Morrissey as either gay or asexual, I'm not sure where this puts me or why she thought this was something you tell your friend. Then I go onto her Facebook page and am reminded of all the many reasons why I hate this very toxic gal and why we aren't friends anymore.

*Jay and I spent Mother's Day together, away from the two people that call me "Mother." Just as I wanted it. That sounds terrible doesn't it? But it's the truth. I'm a better mother when I can get a break from them. We ended up at Cargo, which is a store I could easily spend hours getting lost in. The store is filled with imported tchotchkes and vintage looking items.

*My old lady cat is losing her vision. Actually, at this point she's pretty much lost it altogether. She wanders around meowing and walking into walls/furniture/people. Although she's otherwise healthy (as healthy as a 16 year old cat can be), I'm now reminded on a daily basis that she isn't going to be here forever. Jay and I got her before we were married and we joke that she's our 'first child'. It's hard to imagine her not in our lives.


Maria Rose said...

That was a mighty random post. I like random.

Maria Rose said...

P.S. I have been listening to The Smiths and The Stone Roses a lot lately...and Depeche Mode...and other 80s music.

Visty said...

Aw, sorry about your sweet kitty. She'll adjust to the sight issue. Felix was blind and no one could tell. It's so hard to lose our older pets.

Thanks for the frontal nudity! I was going to wait until the next time I saw you at work to yell it across the toy store...

Violet Marbles said...

Oh my! I didnt' know that you and the ex had ended things! :(

Tammie said...

visty: thank you for not doing that.

violet: it was a tough decision.....

Crystal said...

Gah! I have so much I want to say and I don't have the motivation/energy/umfph to type it all. Is that lazy? I am so laaaaazy.

1st- I have been listening to Blondie, Salt N Peppa, and Soft Cell. I love them so.

2nd- I cannot stop staring at the nude. He is hot. I love him on Law and Order SVU and I love True Blood so this should work out well. Only, who the hell is he in the book? I have seen the trailer and I have read MOST of the books and I cannot remember who his character is. Please help.

3rd- Have you read Game of Thrones? I have not, BUT i am way into the HBO show. Sex, cool costimes, nudes, good story, hot menfolk... you should watch.

4th-Everytime I see Alec on his stinking commercials (which I secretly love), I give him the big finger and think how he has sunk so low since you two broke up.

5th- I am coming to Seattle in August for a weekish and then on to Japan. . Just saying... In case you want to get together and have dinner ( A DATE!) or you know, whatever. I could come down to Portland cause I have never been to the food carts there and I should see those, oh and Visty is up that away so we could all get together? Lemme know.

6th- This is Crystal from Elsewhere Living in case you think I am some stranger weirdo.

Tammie said...

crystal: i know you love meloni. so i assumed it was you. i miss you and your blog. i have no idea who he is from the books. I've read most of them too but i can't place the character. to be honest, i can't say i care. i just hope he gets naked.

i haven't watched game of thrones but maybe i should....

i really feel that since the break up i have come out looking much better than alec has. winning!

I TOTALLY WANT TO HANG OUT IN AUGUST! i hang out with visty fairly often and I'm betting she'd be on board too.