Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rachel Maddow

So, today was Rachel Maddow. And of course I showed up at the event with a mostly dead camera battery.

I was able to get these two shots before my battery fizzled out and died for good:

Notes on the day:

*Alcohol! I love any kind of event where it's socially acceptable to drink liquor mid-morning. Jay had a bloody mary which in his mind is the same as a smoothie and constitutes breakfast. I had a whiskey sour which really isn't acceptable at all for breakfast but there was a cherry in it.

*Rachel read a short excerpt from her book and then answered questions and told a few stories. She's totally likable and entertaining.

*Afterwards, Rachel hung out to sign books but we didn't wait around for that. Jay and I decided that as much as we love certain celebrities, we're far too lazy to ever be celebrity stalkers. Even when we're in the same room as celebrities we love, we always choose to leave rather than wait in line to speak to them. (Why talk to an interesting famous person when you can go home and have lunch/play video games/watch TV?)

*Rachel is much tinier in person than I had imagined. Like a Barbie doll after you've chopped off all it's hair. So yeah, one of my Barbie dolls.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Sounds like a great day to me.
I love Bloody Mary's for breakfast. I'm with Jay.

I find everyone I meet in person after seeing them on tv is much smaller.

Tammie said...

where do they find these teeny tiny people to put on tv?!

Daphne said...

They have to be that small to fit in the screen! Duh!!

Anonymous said...

I love Rachel! My celebrity interest seems to only apply to those that live in my area....I live in western-mass so this includes rachel, ray lamontagne, elizabeth perkins, bill cosby-(since forever!!) and a few others sprinkled about. Anyway, I'd also like to add that I love,love, love that there is someone else with the same feelings about summer!

Tammie said...

daphne: ha!! of course. why didn't i think of that?

anon: not many people feel as we do about summer. we're definitely in the minority.

victoria said...

I had to google rachel maddow ... I think that may be sad. I clicked on her partner's website. Just by looking at their photos, they make such an weird couple. They look like total opposites. check it out.

and I think drinking in the morning is awesome. though I try and limit morning drinking ... you know, before 8am, for special occasions. like, my monthly nervous breakdown ... I think this means I'm an alcoholic, but I haven't filled out an AA questionnaire ... yet.

anyway, hi Tammi! checking in to say hello! :-)