Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Dessert Plates

Every time we're at a Goodwill Jay and I spend at least 15 minutes on the dishes and glassware aisles mainly in the hopes of stumbling upon another rare Moomin mug. Sometimes we find inexpensive little treasures but we mostly leave empty handed.

Last week we were on one such aisle when I spotted these:
Originally from Pottery Barn, I bought them for $1.99 per plate. I'll admit that when I realized there was a full set of 6, I may have squealed with delight, and you know that I'm not much of a squealer.

I had no idea what Delespaul-Havez was so I did a bit of research (thank you Wikipedia) and apparently it's one of the oldest chocolate companies in France and the vintage image on the plates is a popular one that can be found on posters and prints.

I brought the plates home with the intention of selling them on ebay but decided I love them too much to part with them.

I predict many delicious desserts will be served on them.
Perhaps even a slice of CherPumple?


Daphne said...

Another good find! I have to avoid the dishes section because I am a sucker for thrift store kitchen- and dining-ware. Love love these!

Violet Marbles said...

you always have such great thrifty finds to share! And......o.0 @ the cherpumple! I don't know if I could eat it. LOL

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Ooh I really like these plates. I need to take you with me because I never ever find the good stuff like you do.
But that CherPumple sounds very unappealing to me. Rick would probably love it.

kraftykash said...

Those are so fun! I love the thrift store way to much. Dishes are some of my fav finds.