Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Journal Moment

It was warm and sunny this past weekend. (No worries though, the fifty degree weather and drippy rain will be back soon.) Jay worked most of the weekend so I used the time to hang out with the kids and just enjoy being home doing 'home stuff.' I made cake rice krispie treats, steam cleaned the carpets, read to the girl more than usual, and played around on Pinterest way more than usual.

Saturday, on my way to pick the boy up from a friend's, I was so excited to see a pile of new to me items by the side of the road. Garage sale season really is only one season around these parts and roadside piles are a rarity. One of the items in the pile was this easel:
I love the sunlight in that photo and the hand to hip action.

We're growing butterflies around these parts.
 Well, technically they're caterpillars, but hopefully soon they'll make the transformation.
I wanted to share an up close photo of my new vase:
I bought it from Catherine Reece's etsy shop and I'm predicting it will be the first of many. I'm absolutely in love with it all.

Today I was on Facebook and I fell down the proverbial rabbit hole when I clicked on the profile of someone I know now, who lead me to many people I knew then, and so on and so forth and I came to a guy I knew in middle school and high school and he was nothing like I had imagined he would grow up to be. I find this happens a lot when I'm on FB and it always kind of bums me out. I need to stay off of there.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

couldn't find me on facebook could you? :-)

Love the easel.
I am hitting the garage sales for some things to repurpose for the lake house. I found some lamps that were 80's gold and I made them silver/chrome looking with new shades for only a few bucks!!
Found some games that I framed for the game room. All for 50 cents. Old frames I had and just spray painted black. I am being a very thrifty gal this year. You'd be proud of me. :-)

Tammie said...

peggy: are you on FB? when i first got on FB years ago i was friends with you but then you disappeared. i thought you had deleted me because you're a bitch. HA! i didn't really think that. i just thought you deleted your account or something because you were never really on anyway. :)

i am proud of you. sometimes I've found that i like my thrifty treasures even more than the ones I've spent a lot of money on.

kraftykash said...

OMG your girl looks like a natural born artist. Nice find on the easel. I miss you and wish you could come and visit me. :)

FB people from the past drive me bonkers. LOL My MIL was stalking Korby, so Korby deleted her. I laughed so hard about that.

Daphne said...

I love that easel photo too. And I have never thought of rice krispie treats with sprinkles! I love them with mini-m&ms. mmm. krispies...

Jaime said...

I say I deleted my Facebook because of work but, in reality, I was suffering from PTSD:) I'm happy that we reconnected, though!

Violet Marbles said...

That easel is an excellent find! score!