Thursday, March 22, 2012

Photos and A Few Thoughts

Just a few photos from a recent hike near Angel's Rest.

These photos were taken about a month ago and it was an odd day. Both of the kids were extra grumbly about being forced to hike on a cold/rainy/snowy day. But as I look through all the pictures, everyone seems smiley and cheerful. Maybe I'm fooling myself, but I'm going to cling to the notion that the children secretly love our family hikes, despite all the grousing.


*The other morning we awoke to the sounds of helicopters flying overhead. A church just a few blocks from our apartment had been set on fire at about 3 that morning. We later found out that the fire was set by a kid my son's age, a boy who sat next to him in two of his classes. (Fortunately, no one my son considered a friend.) I try hard to not seriously ever judge other people on their parenting skills. Of course I may think I'd do this or that differently, but when it comes right down to it, I mostly think we're all doing the best we can. But then I think about this boy and I wonder what went wrong. How did it get to the point where whoever was in charge of watching over him, just stopped caring that he wasn't home at 3 in the morning? And what was going on in the boy's head? The whole situation has been on my mind a lot this past week and I've been a bit more appreciative of my own son. I hate the way he dresses and the music he listens to is really just awful, but he doesn't burn down buildings. I've been hugging him a little harder lately.

*Yesterday, the first day of Spring, it snowed. The snow continued overnight and this morning the ground was covered with a thick blanket of slush. We've had such a mild winter, it seems odd that now, when the rest of the country is experiencing record warmth, we're getting snow.

*Jay and I are going on a date tomorrow night to see We Need To Talk About Kevin. I am very, very excited.

*Earlier in the week we were at the museum with the girl's school and we were fortunate enough to see the Nathan Sawaya exhibit. He builds the most intricate sculptures, most of them life size, out of Legos. I've never been that excited about Legos but his work is amazing and if the exhibit comes to a museum near you, I highly recommend it.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

It's funny what you say because as I am looking at the pictures I was thinking how happy everyone looked. I think you may be right.

I can't wait to hear what you thought of the movie. My friend said good things but like me sometimes she has issues with Tilda Swinson. Sometimes she is so odd to me I am so fixed on her that I don't pay attention to thing or people around her.

Violet Marbles said...

Holy Cow! You're kids seem huge! I guess I still think of them as being younger from when I first started reading your blog, but I was shocked at the pictures of the Boy where he looks like a young man!! Crazy! And yeah, I tend to agree- we're all just doing the best we can do

Maria Rose said...

You live in a beautiful part of the country.

I don't know how kids are just kids one day and the next they are burning down buildings. Such a huge leap, or perhaps not. I don't know.

Me said...

Sierra got her first Lego set this past Christmas and it's amazing what can be built with them compared to when I was a kid - and now a museum exhibit of Legos? Crazy. I'd love to see it!

As for your thoughts on parenting or kids or whatever - yes, it does make one wonder why kids do things like that.

Daphne said...

Love those photos, especially of the girl's closeup red-cheeked face. keep doing the hikes. they love them even if they grumble.

Liesl said...

There was a point when I hated going on hikes with my parents. But now I look back on those memories and realize they are some of my favorites and even though I was cranky on the surface then, deep down I was grateful and happy.