Saturday, December 17, 2011


This Saturday I:

*Ate about seven clementines.I go through phases with these little guys. Sometimes I can't get enough of them, other times they rot on the counter.

*Made Rum Balls. I had made them last week for the holiday party for work. I didn't think they had gone over real well but yesterday my boss offered to pay me to make more for a Christmas gift for her husband. I'm just happy someone likes something I've made. (This is the recipe I use, although I've been known to add a splash or two more of the rum.)

*Went to Michael's and stood in a very, very long line to pay for the last (hopefully) of this years Christmas packaging ( to package said rum balls).

*Finished reading a book, The Monsters of Templeton. It was okay but not great. I wanted to like it more but it was kinda pretentious. I wouldn't recommend it.

*Started reading a new book, Dance Upon the Air by Nora Roberts. I've never actually read any of her books, but this trilogy was recommended to me by a couple of gals, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Have any of you read it? (Hmmmm.....I see that Amazon has given it a "Sensuality Rating" of 6. What does that mean?)

*Played some of my son's video games. Because sometimes I just want to shoot something.

*Mailed out most of our holiday cards.

*Was annoyed by the laughter of children. (I know, I'm a monster.) My downstairs neighbors are moving out and I've had to listen to the gleeful squealing of their two pre school age daughters all day long as they clanged around on the metal ramp of the moving truck. They're a nice enough family but there is just something about all of them that kinda bugs me. I'm glad they're moving, now I don't have to pretend to like them anymore.


I and J Mommy said...

Did you hug the sweet little angels goodbye?

Tammie said...

HA!!!!! i managed to totally avoid hugs!!!

Maria Rose said...

Yeah, sometimes it is all about proximity. We had super nice neighbors in Denver, but by the end I just wanted to get away. I didn't want to smell their every meal and know when they used the bathroom, had too much to drink, watched tv, etc.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

A sensuality rating? That's a new one to me.

michelle said...

love the part about your neighbors! lol! my kids play with the neighbor kids across the street, same ages, and... well, i have a hard time liking other children. they're okay, but yeah, lets just say they almost always have to play outside.

~*Gumbo Soul*~ said...

bahahahaha! Ditto on the clementines/tiny oranges things. Last time I bought a bag they pretty much wasted. I bought a bag today at the store and have already eaten 3.