Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random Thoughts

* This morning I find myself in the kitchen making cookies for Lucy's class holiday party. I jumped at the chance to do this since I don't have as much time to volunteer in the class as I used to. But I had to cancel a trip to Ikea with a co-worker friend in order to have the time to bake. By the looks of what I'm using as a rolling pin, I probably should have gone to Ikea first.

*I'm drinking wine at 10:00 AM. It's a glass I didn't finish last night. It's my morning wine.

*Truth be told, I'm feeling a bit over extended lately. Work has been insane (as a toy store should be this time of year) and I've had a lot of social type things to do. A homebody such as myself doesn't quite know how to handle it. Plus, there are all the things I haven't done that I've wanted to do like the Ikea trip or the fact that Visty and I have been trying to get together for about two weeks now and despite the fact that we live mere miles from one another, we just can't seem to make it work. At this rate the Christmas gift I have for her may end up being a Valentines Day gift. Also, I think I've forgotten what my husband looks like. As busy as I've been though, it's a good busy.

*I work this afternoon (which means that my morning wine is also my pre-work wine!) and then I'm off for the next two days. I may spend Saturday in my jammies watching cartoons.

*Daphne is coming over the day after Christmas. Gosh, I love her. It will be a short visit but we have a lot to chat about. Fondue has been bought.

*The girl's birthday is coming up right after Christmas. I'm trying to find a way to keep the whole thing very low key yet still make her birthday wishes come true. She's requested a Sonic the Hedgehog cake. Tomorrow I'm going to see about enlisting the help of the professionals on this one.

Off to go finish my pre-work wine.


Daphne said...

1. I love that you are drinking pre-work wine at 10 am.

2. I've definitely used a wine bottle as a rolling pin before.

3. I can't wait to see you!! I might have more time than I'd thought, which would be excellent! Fondue! Yes!!

just me said...

saw these cute pillows yesterday on etsy, would be cute and easy to do on a cake I would think!

Jessie said...

Don't feel bad about your pre-work wine. My girlfriend and I had a 8:30am "let's drink all day" fit the other day. I don't follow the 5pm rule. :-)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Of course the first thing I noticed in the photo was the wine. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who finishes her wine in the morning after. Really that makes me feel so much better thank you!
Besides my grandmother taught me it is noon somewhere. Cheer!

Pam said...

Great use of an empty bottle of Three Blind Moose. Loving the mug.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I wish I lived closer -- I would have to crash your Daphne get-together party! I totally get your homebody thoughts. I have gotten to the point, I despise being away from from home to long. Cheers.

Visty said...

Holy Awesomeness, Batman, I am so glad my husband fixed my computer long enough for me to come on here and see I have my own category now! You are so organized. I LOVED hanging out with you yesterday. Was that only yesterday? I adore my present and gloated in front of my family about it. Ellery was so happy; those two really got along. We must do it again soon. Thank you for not blogging about my lateness. :)