Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Toy:: My Little Sandbox

I've mentioned before that we don't buy a lot of toys around these parts anymore. Not only do we have space constraints, but I hate spending money on toys only to watch them go untouched, thrown aside in favor of video games or something involving work from me, like a board game. For instance, last Christmas the girl was wickedly into Zoobles. She got about a dozen of them and the Zooble tree house. She plays with them from time to time but recently told me that she just likes to "look at them." Um, even when I do get a job, I will never be willing to buy toys solely for "looking at." When she gets a job, she can buy her own tchotchkes, but while she's living under my rented roof, she'll be getting only toys that she actually plays with, toys that keep her busy and out of my hair for a few precious moments.

Which brings me to this: My Little Sandbox. It is, as the name implies, a small, tabletop sandbox. And she's played with it everyday since Monday, a huge feat around here.

Each playset has a theme, this one is Fairy Workshop but there are quite a few different ones. (I love Big Builder and we may have to get Mermaid and Friends.)
I don't often give toy recommendations because, well, who cares really? But because this toy has given me three straight days of relative peace and quiet, I thought it was worth mentioning here.


~*Gumbo Soul*~ said...

That looks like an awesome toy!! BTW, have I ever told you that the girl strongly reminds me of Ramona. When I read the books, that's exactly how I picture her.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

It's all about peace and quiet. Just don't make my mistake and give your kids laptops. It's mighty hard to pry them away from the electronics -- it's addicting. As much peace and quiet as I get, I don't like the amount of time they spend doing who knows what.

I could use a little sandbox time myself these days.

red raven said...

ordering! After 3 dayts of non stop rain I could really go for 2.5 minutes of alone time. How do people have more than 1 kid?

Not Hannah said...

Not that this WOULDN'T be work for you, but if she's digging this, you might want to check out Pink and Green Mama's ideas for doing these things yourself: She has tons of them, and your girlie would probably be old enough to work on them herself.

Jessie at LunaPacifica said...

OMG I freaking love it! I AM going to get one of these. Especially for rainy days and winter time.

hester said...

That looks fantastic! We might need to improvise something similar as I am trying to radically reduce the amount of toys that come into this house.

Dani said...

The Girl has a birthday in a couple of weeks.

She wants some puppy that poops. I'm thinking this is a much better choice.