Saturday, June 4, 2011

Change of Plans

Well, although I said I would be hiding out underneath my bed with cookie dough if I didn't get the job, I refuse to do that. Oh, I want to do that. But I'm not going to. In the long run, that won't make me feel better.

So yeah, I found out this afternoon that the high end skin care company I applied to is offering the position to someone else. How do I describe how I'm feeling right now? Angry, hurt, frustrated, rejected. All those bad, negative emotions we try to avoid. I think what bothers me the most is that I jumped through a lot of figurative hoops to get this job and at each step of the way I was given the impression that the job was pretty much mine. I was more than once told that I would be a perfect fit for the company and the team with which I would be directly working. I had three interviews with this company, two in person and one over the phone. The district boss even had me come in and get a complimentary facial because this company gives facials and she wanted me to learn the process.

The reason that was given for me not being hired was that I "don't have enough sales experience." Since I do actually have a decent amount of sales experience, I'm taking this explanation to mean one of two things: a.) I don't have enough recent sales experience or b.) I don't have enough experience selling cosmetics. Both of those are fair assessments I suppose, but my irritation stems from the fact that my experience and work history was clearly stated on my application and resume. If it wasn't enough, and would never be enough, why waste my time? Why have me come in and learn how to do facials?

Another point of irritation for me was the personality test/phone interview that I did with the home office. This took place late Friday afternoon. Right off the bat the questions seemed odd with the answers unfamiliar to me. I felt my stomach knotting up and I tried to fumble my way through the questions but after about twenty minutes I spoke up and said, "You do realize I'm just applying for a sales position right?" She got real quiet and then said, "Oh no, I've been asking you the management questionnaire. I need to see if I can fix this in my computer. I'll call you back." Fifteen minutes later she calls me back and launches into the appropriate questions, but the damage had been done. I was completely flustered and to be honest, aggravated. I was told to schedule an hour for this interview, that hour was almost up, the interview wasn't even half over, and I wasn't given the option to reschedule it. Not only would Jay be back with the kids soon, but it was almost time for my facial training appointment. So, I honestly have no idea how I did on that interview or how much impact the results of it had on whether or not I got the job, but I hate that it's even slightly possible that the incompetence of someone else played a part in me not getting hired. Of course I don't know if that's the case, but because everything that was said during the first two interviews is so completely different than the end result of me not getting the job, I don't know what to think.

I'm trying to look on the bright side. Obviously this company has some kinks that need working out and somewhere along the line in my interview process it got unprofessional and kinda shoddy. Maybe by not getting hired I've been saved of future irritations and stresses. That's a valid way of looking at it, right? Plus, as I mentioned before, I do feel pretty good about a lot of the other potential employers I've met with. I'm going to spend the next few days working on my resume and then on Tuesday I'm heading back out.

(Deep breaths. Deep, relaxing breaths.)


Daphne said...

Oh my god. OK, so first, it sounds like you totally dodged a bullet. When the interview process is all wonky and over-the-top (three interviews plus a personality test for a part-time sales position? come on!), you know the company could be a pain to work for.

Second: that's baloney, and you should definitely take it as that you saved yourself some frustration, and head back out there.

Sorry about the job, but it's really good experience and I really think you are probably better off without that particular job.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it means shit now but you should feel good for as far as you did get, even though they did then reveal their flaws.....I too am job hunting and find everything about it just awful! Most of all right now I feel I need to hide just how desperate I am for a job. No one wants to hire someone that needy. The hunt goes on.

Tammie said...

daphne: yeah, initially i was just so shocked, i mean i had pretty much prepared myself to start working. but im looking on the bright side now. as much as i wanted that job, i think you're right in that i dodged a bullet.

anon: thank you and yeah, i do feel like i achieved something in getting as far as i did. good luck to you and happy jub hunting.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

having just been through this with of all places, Starbucks, I so get it. I have no words of comfort that others haven't already expressed that I so agree with.
Rick, Mr. HR used to tell me that a f-up interview is somethings a sign. But damn those signs you know?

I hope the next one goes much better!!!
And if you want to discuss some ways to change up the resume that Mr. HR showed me so there isn't much lapse in time I would be happy to go over it with you. let me know.

Carla said...

I'm sorry you didn't get the job! I agree with Daphne that 3 interviews plus a personality test sounds extreme. One of my two most difficult interview processes was when I was sixteen and applied for an arena concession job. It was also the most ridiculous job in terms of their rules.
Job hunting sucks, best of luck!

Hotch Potchery said...

That sounds horrible. Sorry it didn't work out.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I'm with Daphne -- that interview process sounds totally overboard. I'm not a believer in religion, but sometimes things turn out for a reason. You may be better off not working for that company. Onward and upward.....Something will come along.

Dani said...

I totally agree with Daphne. Three interviews?

You'll be ready for the next one. I send luck your way!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

I had a similar experience once at Shands; I applied for a job that would involve occupying children who were there for various reasons. I listed my many years of child care experience both in centers and in-home, as well as telling them about my own four children.
The response I got was that I didn't have enough experience with kids. Hellooo??
I so agree w/ dodged a bullet.