Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Day

For the last week or so the weather man had been threatening us with snow and rain, but all we ever saw in our neck of the woods was the rain part. That all changed last night. I looked out on the back balcony and there was a thin layer of snow covering everything. Just enough to make a few small but well packed snow balls. This morning I woke up, checked the school district's website and sure enough....snow day. I didn't realize school would be cancelled over such a small dusting of snow, but the roads are quite slick, which I guess is the main concern. Not only is this the kids' first snow day, but mine as well. The last time I saw snow I was just a little girl, not even in school yet. (I've had my share of hurricane days though.)

The kids and I walked over to the park to check it all out. So far my morning has been filled with lots of coffee (for me) and hot cocoa (for the kids), warm foods, and saying new-to-me phrases like "Please take off your muddy, slush covered boots before walking on the carpet" or "Where is your other mitten?"

I hope wherever you are, you're enjoying the weather you have.


daphne said...

The girl looks like an adorable little elf in that last photo! Enjoy the snow day. We are supposed to get frost tonight as that storm moves down here... probably snow in the hills!

alisha said...

yay!!!! enjoy your winter :)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Hurray for snow days! Your children have got to be in awe. I used to live for snow days, as do my kids.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Yea for snow days and no school.
I know that isn't a lot of snow for northeasters but that's a lot for Portland and that is all that matters when it comes to a snow day right?!!

I have rugs for my front door/foyer for different seasons. I think you will find that useful.
This time of year it is not a rug as much as a wet soaker upper thingy. Yes, that is the professional term.

I bet the kids enjoyed the hell out of this much more than mom!
Next time try hot cocoa with a spash of peppermint schapps. Makes for a special snow day for mom. :-)

Tammie said...

daphne: stay warm!!

alisha: thank you. :)

jodi: they really are loving it. the girl keeps wanting to go back outside but its kinda just muddly slush right now.

peggy: you have no idea. ive been with them A LOT lately since jay worked overnights last week and then slept all day, plus im already gearing up for a four day weekend with these turds. :) i may need to make a pre thanksgiving trip to the liquor store.

Carla said...

Enjoying our weather - hmmm, the foot of snow is beautiful but it is COLD!!!! -25C A lot of comfort food, comfy clothes and cozy blankets being used these days!

Hot Chocolate or Coffee with Bailey's is also delicious!

Haleine said...

We had snow in my area three times in October but not once so far this month. That's supposed to change on Saturday though.

Enjoy your snow day...

kraftykash said...

How exciting! I had to tell my entire family this story, I was so happy for you guys. Building all kinds of good memories for those kiddos.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

I get cold just looking at the girl's red face!
I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Mandy said...

Totally Aweseome Tammie!

So happy they get to have hot chocolate and snow, true joys of childhood!

Dani said...

Man I miss that elusive snow day. I lived in Minneapolis from the time I was in 5th grade through my sophomore year in college.

I missed 2 days of school. 2. And they were THE BOMB!

I am not really enjoying the weather here in Houston. It was 85* today. And very humid. I wore a tank top and flip flops. The Boy ran around without a shirt.

Things should become more seasonal by Friday when it dips waaaaay down into the...60's?!?! Brrr. Let me grab my scarf.

Happy snow day...and Thanksgiving!

michelle said...

I love the picture of your daughter with her rosey cheeks and pink nose! She looks gorgeous :)

Maria Rose said...

Ha ha! I can't believe they closed school for that. When we lived in NM they did the same thing. Now that we're in WY they make kids go to school under heaps of snow and sub zero temps.

Tammie said...

maria rose; i know! when i think of snow days i think of ten feet of snow blocking driveways and doors, etc. but i guess they dont really get a lot of snow here, so every bit is a big deal.