Friday, November 5, 2010

Highlights of the Week

This morning Jay said, "Hey, do you think you have a blog post in you anywhere? Because it's been a while."

Yeah, yeah. What can I say? I have a bit more of a life here than I did in Florida and lately I'm finding it hard to fit it all in and still have time for my reading, sub par crafting, and copious TV watching. So here's a short rundown of what I've been up to:

*Wednesday after school the girl and I had company in the form of a classmate, her younger sister, and her mom. We walk to school with them and have been over to their house, but this was the first time having them over. This is a big step for me because it's hard for me to invite people into my little world. Which I know seems weird because I have no problem talking about seriously private stuff here on the old blog, but to actually have people physically in my space is another story. Anyway, the day before the visit was spent cleaning and disinfecting and just all around making the place presentable. I don't know why I bother because something disgusting is bound to happen once guests arrive: the cat will do a giant, smelly turd in the cat box or the chihuahua will come out and drag her ass on the carpet. You know, the usual. Fortunately our play date went well and the pets were mostly behaved. The only true glitch was when the girl announced over lunch that the reason the chihuahua is locked in the bathroom is because she "has her period." Note to self: Get chihuahua fixed.

*That night Jay and I watched THE.WORST.MOVIE we'd ever seen. It was called Emmanuelle. We were intrigued by this flick because it was supposed to be really groundbreaking in the seventies for it's graphic sexual nature. Now going in, we knew it was from the seventies so we weren't expecting a lot, but it was just awful. The sex wasn't sexy and the storyline was non existent, which I guess is to be expected but there was also this weird rape thing going on at the end that I wasn't into at all, to say the least. The next day I did some research and apparently this movie was only the beginning in a loooooong line of soft core porn movies. Which is good to know because now I know to steer clear of them. I'm all for a sexy movie but I'm making a vow to avoid all genres of movies with the word 'core' in front of them. It just makes me feel like a degenerate and a waster of time. Like, "Well, I could have been blogging or reading a book but instead I spent an hour and a half watching soft core porn." Yeah, it just makes me feel like a loser.

*Today I volunteered at the girl's school. (How's that for a segue?) The school district here has an Art Literacy program where parent volunteers help out in teaching art to the kids, usually in a way that goes above and beyond what they may learn in a typical weekly art class. My mommy friend (the one privy to the inner workings of Sadie's menstrual cycle) is actual the head volunteer for the kids' class but she needed an extra pair of hands so I helped out. Today's lesson was all about symmetry and the kids did chalk drawings on sandpaper of King Tut and there was a lot of focus on getting the eyes and the ears in the right place so that the face was symmetrical. It really was a lot of fun and went so smoothly. Even though the girl doesn't really give a hoot about art, I love that she's being exposed to this sort of thing. Art class had long been cut out of the budget in Gainesville and there really wasn't a lot of parental support in the form of volunteers. (As a side note: One thing I have noticed is that Oregon makes it much easier for parents to volunteer and be present in their kid's education. For instance, if you want to volunteer in your kid's class but you also have a four year old, the four year old can come with you provided they aren't a disruption. A lot of the volunteers bring the siblings into the class and there are no problems. This was not allowed in Florida and it was pretty vehemently enforced. It's sad really because that ruled out a large chunk of the parental community.)

*The boy has been kind of a butthole on and off lately. Nothing serious. I guess he's just at that age where he still wants to be around us, but yet is conditioned to believe that we're uncool so there is an inner struggle. He wants us around, but quietly and in a way so that others don't know we are related. Twelve is a blast.

Other than that, not much going on here. Reading a lot, giving serious thought to holiday gifts, etc. More than anything, I'm ready for the weekend so that I can sleep in past 6:45.


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Stay away from the porn. I've been watching quality tv like "Bewitched." Loving the house decor -- but I feel like I have to sneak around and watch such trash because surely the family will think I've lost a screw or something.

Cat said...

As far as the porn. Now you know. 'Nuff said.

I am sure glad to hear you are able to bring the wee one to class with you. I didn't realize the rules were different elsewhere (but somehow, I am not surprised...)


Daphne said...

Well, we inadvertently watched 70s softcore this weekend when we tried to watch Don't Look Now. It was, for softcore, not too bad. And only one scene, and it made sense within the movie. Hey! Donald Sutherland with an afro! And we watched his son in the kinda sexy Lost Boys. Not a bad combo, although I already knew the ending to Don't Look Now so we skipped it.

Love the art class experience. Good stuff. If I were a mom I'd be all over that.

I guess I should think about holiday gifts too. I know what I'm making as my general crafty item, but other than that, nope, no idea. Trying to keep it low key and just focus on having a pretty house for the holidays. Usually I don't care but hey, it's our first house. Might as well.

Tammie said...

daphne: you know ive never seen the lost boys. i need to. i love kiefer. his dad though, totally creeps me out. but now im sort of intrigued by this movie you mention, in a train wreck kind of way.

but yeah, the sex made no sense with the movie. it was just kind of gross and there. and wrong.

Dani said...

You'd think that in today's sex-crazed society there would be a little bit of decent porn.

I wish I could volunteer at The Offspring's school. But seeing as how I teach there, I'm sick to death of it come 3:30pm. So, I give the kids' teachers real good gift cards and call it a day.

Pets. The downfall of civilized visits. Our dog always lets a silent-but-deadly fart that sets the mood.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I love the 70's reference. I saw Emmanuelle at the drive-in in the 70's. I have no recollection of it except there was sex. Either I wasn't watching the movie or I smoked something that made me lose my memory. :-) Note to self: do not rent this movie!

I also love that this school system encourages volunteering, no matter if a smaller tyke has to come along. Isn't it great to live in a progressive and open minded state as opposed to a close minded nanny state? I have seen the difference every time we move.

I blamed a dog fart on Rick when someone had stopped by. Rick wasn't even home. :-)

Carla said...

It is so good to hear that life is going so well for you in Oregon!

Your blog entertains me - I'd enjoy meeting you even if you are more private in person!

nevertravelled said...

You should def. watch The Lost Boys, classic 80s vampire movie. It holds up pretty well. Don't Look Now is kind of slow-moving but the end is shocking. We liked it. Have some crocheting nearby. It's not exactly riveting, until later on in the movie. But I'd watch it again.

Tammie said...

peggy: so the fart is less embarrassing if the husband does it? interesting.

maybe if i had smoked something before watcing emmanuelle it would have been better.

dani: all that matters is that you are actually at the school. i think the fact that your kids know you are there, under the same roof, matters.

carla: you know, i dont think we are that far from each other. :)

daphne:ok, im adding both to the netflix queue. i know jays seen the lost boys but i dont think he'd mind watching it again.

Carla said...

Tammi, we're a day's drive away - unless we're visiting Trevor's parents - than it's 6 hours.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

no, it wasn't better that it was blamed on the hubby vs. the just made everyone laugh because the hubby wasn't home and they knew that. So it made the awkward situation less awkward when they all laughed.

Mari said...

I cannot imagine not allowing younger sibs at schools! If we had that rule here, there would be no volunteers. That is so strange. Also sad that Florida cut out its art programs. They are so important. Good thing you moved!