Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Thoughts

*Wow! First off, I really want to thank you guys for all your comments over the past few days. I really wasn't fishing for comments with yesterday's post, but it's nice to know you all are out there. For now, I think I'm going to keep the blog a secret from my new friends, and then maybe casually mention it in passing. No big reveal or anything. And whatever happens, happens.

*All three of our cell phones died earlier in the week so we had to run out to AT&T that night to see what was up (we don't have a land line). Anyway, the problem was caused by some digital card inside them (or something like that-really, cell phone technology is way over my head) and the fact that since we still had Florida numbers, all of our calls were being routed down south. So, we had to get new numbers. Oregon numbers. It was kind of exciting. When I spoke to Dawn the next day about this, she said, "I'm kinda sad to see the 352 number gone. It's definitely final now." Yes, it is.

*Today at the grocery store I bought some pie pumpkins. This weekend I plan on trying my hand at a totally from scratch pumpkin pie. I'll keep you posted.

*My children are having cheap Totino's pizza for dinner tonight. They're lucky they're getting even that. Right now I have no desire to be in the kitchen for any reason other than standing here at the counter writing this and drinking my hot apple cider.

*The girl lost a tooth at school today. She's practically toothless. She keeps the local tooth fairy very busy.

*I'm about to start reading Sharp Objects, which I'm very excited about because I've heard from a couple of you that it's a dark, creepy book. Now seems like the perfect time of year for it.

*Jay's latest copy of Esquire Magazine is sitting here on the counter and Minka Kelly's incredibly narrow and tan waistline is staring back at me, making me feel bad about eating all that candy corn earlier in the day. Jay may soon have a coverless issue of Esquire.

*Speaking of Jay, the other day he and I were discussing Teddy Thompson. Jay was quiet for a while and then he blurted out this gem: "If I was named Theodore, I wouldn't go by Teddy, or Ted, or Theo. I'd go by The. The Wilson." My response: "Thank you Jay, you just gave me something to blog about on a slow day".

Today is that day.


Cat said...

ROFL- So I am not the only one that wants to denude the front covers of magazines when they have impossibly annoying chickies on them? Hooray!


Tammie said...

cat: youre definitely not the only one. i ended up not ripping it off, but turning it over. i wanted to eat more candy corn and that skinny chick was pissing me off.

Daphne said...

Oh, I am *really* curious about what you'll think of that book. You'll have to email me. I actually wrote the author because I liked it so much (and she wrote me back!). Very different from how women characters are usually portrayed.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

THE Wilson is a hoot1

As foe the cover of Esquire my hubby stared at her for awhile and then said, "Must be nice to be Jeter huh..jeez!"
Thanks hon.

Theresa said...

I am still giggling at your comment about the candy corn, Tammie! LOL I've been munching the stuff like crazy lately. How exciting to have oregon numbers!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You must let us know how that pie goes....I have a huge hubbard squash waiting to be baked down to mush. I'm going to make a pumpkin cake, but it's so huge I could probably make 10 pies from it.

I'm glad I'm not the only one inhaling candy corn these days. I'm also hiding it from the kids while mumbling "it's mine, all mine."

Tammie said...

peggy: ha! jay said something like "I dont think derek jeters girlfriend is that hot." which in jay speak means "hot body/plain face."

theresa and jodi: i bought a GIANT bag of candy corn yesterday from the bulk bin at the grocery store. it's too much for a candy dish. im storing it in a pyrex casserole dish.

kraftykash said...

Candy corn is my current devil. I have avoided it so far. ugh

Dani said...

I saw that Esquire today.

All I could think was, "(young) Bitch". I then pictured you tearing off the cover.

Jay cracks my shit up. I'd love to go out for a beer with the two of you.