Thursday, October 7, 2010


It really is no secret how much I love the pumpkin. A few days ago I made my first pumpkin pie of the season. A day later I ate the last slice for breakfast.

A few thoughts on pumpkin:

*The last few times I've made a pumpkin pie, I've replaced the evaporated milk with sweetened condensed milk. It gives it a much richer flavor. But now that I write that, I kinda want a regular pumpkin pie. Plus, I think that Jay's a purist about that sort of thing.

*But I'm sure there will also be a chocolate bottom pumpkin pie sometime soon.

*I also want to make one with a graham cracker crust, the way Dani does. I tried this last year, making the crust myself by just eyeballing the ingredients and it came out okay. I need to find a good graham cracker crust recipe.

*Has anyone ever made a pumpkin pie using fresh pumpkin and not the canned variety? I'm wondering how this would work?

*Daphne keeps sending me links to delicious sounding pumpkin recipes, like Rigatoni with Pumpkin Cream Sauce. Um, yes please. Or this gluten free pumpkin pie bread.

*Of course there will be pumpkin pancakes and more pumpkin muffins.

What are your plans for the pumpkin this season? Has anyone ever tried making their own pumpkin ice cream?


The WoodLand School said...

I *love* pumpkin cookies (usually with a maple icing). My birthday is in October, so my mom makes the cookies for me instead of cake :-)

daphne said...

Apparently Terri is not a pumpkin fan. HOW CAN THIS BE?? Still, I'm going to try and make that sauce this weekend. I also have a pumpkin-patch outing lunch to plan. It would be criminal to not have some sort of pumpkin or maybe just butternut squash, in the lunch.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Thank you for the gluten free version!!

I use canned pumpkin but NOT canned pumpkin pie mix.(brand is lake shore) I do not care for the pumpkin pie mix like Libby's - ick!! But this canned pumpkin is my favorite. I made it one yr and the woman next door at the lake wouldn't eat it because it wasn't a light color like her pumpkin mix. (I followed recipe of can and added all my own spices) So with all the spices it was a bit darker. She wouldn't eat it. Her hubby thought it was so good and she gave him a look that could have killed him.
I no longer bring over my pumpkin pies.

Have you ever made a pumpkin roll? OH MY!

Tammie said...

woodland: my birthday is in october too and nobody makes me cookies!! now i want pumpkin cookies.

daphne: im shocked and amazed that someone doesnt like pumpkin. oh well, i wont hold it against her. ;) your pumpkin patch outing lunch sounds so cool. youre lucky i dont live closer because i would invite myself.

peggy: interesting. i dont know if ive ever seen anything other than libbys. i always thought libby had the monopoly on that sort of thing.
i NEED to make a pumpkin roll. i used to get a pretty good one at The Fresh Market down in gainesville but im sure i could make one just as tasty.

The Golden Eagle said...

I never really like the taste of pumpkin, although I love what it represents--autumn and the holidays. :)

Not Hannah said...

King Arthur Flour has a pumpkin whoopie pie (with ginger-studded cream) on the cover of the catalog this month and I am SO ON TOP OF THAT MESS.


I love pumpkins.

Tammie said...

ooh ive been wanting to make whoopie pies. and the thought of it being pumpkin really ups the ante.

Sarah (I can't figure out my password) Parsons said...

I made a couple pumpkin pies last year using pie pumpkins. It was almost just as easy as buying canned pumpkin, and so much more satisfying. Just slice up the pumpkin and clean out the seeds and whatnot, then cook it. It's squash, so... I steamed the pieces, let them cool enough to handle then scooped out the pumpkin. Super-duper easy. Plus, it was an excellent kid-friendly Fall recipe. Fun!

Tammie said...

sarah: ooh thank you! i always thought it would be much more complex than it is. glad to know its a fairly simple process.

Aleta said...

Ohhhhh I LOVE pumpkin pie and now I'm craving it!! I never have tried making it, but love it! Isn't the fall season so much fun?

Maybe I'll convince Greg to do a jack-o-lantern this season. :)

Aleta said...

I just read in your comments that your birthday is in October, mine too- the 28th :)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Yes, yes, yes -- I've made it with fresh pumpkin. First you need to bake the pumpkin and puree it. Then, use like you normally would. It's so good and the color is even better than canned. You're going to love it.

Dani said...

I have had pumpkin muffins on the "to bake" list for two weeks now. This weekend. For sure.

Oh, pumpkin pie. How I love thee. I just can't make one before Thanksgiving for some reason. I think I cheat myself.

I'll try to nail down the graham cracker recipe I use. I eyeball, but I'm sure I could be more precise.

Run Lori Run said...

I want to try this pumpkin fondue recipe. Looks completely indulgent and awesome.

I also make a pumpkin chocolate chip bread which is really good. Email me if you want the recipe... :)

Patricia said...

My daughter does way more cooking than I do currently, and besides a pumpkin pie, of course (she is planning to roast a pumpkin and then puree), she has mentioned making pumpkin bread and also giving pumpkin pie smoothies a try. Yum!