Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goats in the City

Sunday morning Jay and I decided that we didn't want to hang out in the house long enough to hear the kids start their daily argument over who gets to play with the PS3 first, so we threw on some clothes and ditched them for a drive into the city in search of something fun to eat. (I guess the good parent thing to do would have been to take the kids with us, but, we really didn't want to be with them. And not everything has to be about the kids.)

We were driving along, not really headed in any direction, when I spotted this:Goats, right in the middle of the city. (I wish I could have gotten better pictures but they were pretty well fenced in. Which I imagine is how you'd want your city goats.)

When we came home I tried to find out some information about these goats. Like, um why are they there in the middle of Portland? I couldn't find anything out about these specific goats, but it turns out that it's not that uncommon. As long as you have the space and they're properly fenced in, you can have livestock in the city. Which of course I'm fine with. The goats aren't hurting anyone. It was just an odd sight to see goats in amongst the cars, tall buildings, and businesses.

Oh, and for those wondering, we ended up eating at Best Baguette, where I had a sandwich made on the biggest, butteriest croissant I've ever laid my hands on. I will be going back.


Daphne said...

So cute!! Looks like they might have been brush-clearing goats, which we have in the Oakland Hills. So adorable. I love goats.

(PS: you and Jay are awesome. Kids need time without parents, too!)

You need to go to Pine State Biscuits. And then be prepared to eat nothing else all day.

Tammie said...

we actually just went by pine state biscuits this morning but didnt stop. there are too many yummy places to eat here.

daphne said...

It's the sort of place you don't want to go unless you are going to go for a big hike or something afterwards. But hello... YUM. My brother also likes The Waffle Window, in that same neighborhood.

Maria Rose said...

When we lived in Denver there was a couple who would let their goats roam in different areas for days at a time to eat up weeds. I love them but their evil eyes freak me out!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Why do I let guilt consume me? I can't think of the last time my husband and I went out to dinner without our kids....I could learn so much from you. Really, you have the right idea.

Carla said...

Ooh, time away from kids - I'm jealous. Some days I can't way until we can just ditch our kids for a couple of hours. Social Services would be sent out if we tried that now!

Danette said...

A neighbor not too far from me in Denver had a pet goat and I live well in the city. Come to think of it there were some horses in a pasture not too far away too. In Key West chickens and roosters roam freely. It's actually a trademark for them although they try to pretend they don't want them there.

Another month of NaBloWriMo! WooHoo!

Tammie said...

jodi: you do so much for and with your kids. i think they'd be fine if you ditched them once in a while. ;)

carla: ha! yeah, yours are a bit too young yet.

maria rose and danette: interesting that denver seems to be the city of animals.

Dani said...


I can't wait until The Boy is old enough to keep The Girl so we can ditch them too.

Kids. Such a kill-joy.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

that sandwich sounded great. I watched the great food truck race on the food network and there was this asian food truck with these awesome sandwiches which read like the menu here.
okay I'm hungry now gotta hit the kitchen.