Friday, October 1, 2010

Fruit Loop:: The Finale

Our last stop while on The Fruit Loop was at Hood River Lavender Farms. I was glad that this was included in the actual loop, because I had been wanting to come here since moving to Oregon but wasn't confident enough in my navigational skills to make the trip on my own, and I didn't want to ask Jay to take a drive out in the country just so I can smell the lavender.

Hood River Lavender Farms has one of the tiniest, cutest, most aromatic gift shops I've ever gone into. At this point I was really wishing my bff Dawn was with me because she loves lavender and would be all over this place.

The whole farm was really very pretty but I'm glad we didn't make a special trip for it, because after I bought my lavender, the place didn't hold my interest that long.

There's an area set aside for those wishing to get married amongst the lavender, if that's your thing:On the way home we stopped and admired the gorgeous Horsetail Falls.
Horsetail Falls holds a lot of meaning for our little family, as it's one of the places we stopped on our journey from Florida to Oregon. It's right along the main highway and I remember Jay pulling off and all of us piling out of the car, standing in the rain, and staring at the Falls while the pets peered at us from the car. I think that collectively we were all having our first, true, Wow, we really aren't in Florida anymore moment. (I still have those moments almost weekly.)I had taken pictures then as well, but lost them shortly after moving here when I had to reformat my laptop. I was so glad to get some shots again.

Just up the street is the bigger, better Multnomah Falls, which we haven't been to yet but are anxious to check out. Once the weather cools down and the rains start, we plan on taking the kids and making a day of it. The boy can be easily lured into nature when a restaurant is involved.

(Back in January Daphne posted some pictures of Multnomah Falls on her old blog and at that time I left a comment saying how I can't wait to see it in person. And now, here I am. It's been a wild year.)


Daphne said...

Go when all the leaves are colored, on a light gray drizzly day. The beauty is astounding.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

My kids would love that waterfall....Other than Niagara Falls (which is pretty big, but way too commercialized!), we don't have falls like that around here -- just puny, little ones.

Jem at Luna Pacifica said...

Oooo! Lavender fields! Good times.

Dani said...

That waterfall is beautiful.

All good things must come to an end. I enjoyed your journey...even if it's vicariously.