Thursday, September 2, 2010

What I'm Reading Right Now

For the first time in quite a while, I'm reading numerous books at the same time. My brain is all over the place and I don't have the attention span for just one book. I'm not sure why this is, it just is.

Because I doubt very seriously that I'll be feeling less scatterbrained enough to actually review these books, I thought I'd just share a bit of my thoughts so far.

First we have The Thorn Birds.I started reading this one about three weeks ago thinking that it would be the perfect summer book. And for the most part, it is. I'm engrossed in the story and can't wait to read more. But I had to shelve it because the descriptions of the heat in the Australian outback were making me ill. Especially on days when the temperatures here were in the nineties, it was just too much for me to handle. Honestly, just looking at that dry and dusty cover makes me need a glass of water. I want to read more, but I'll be waiting until I can snuggle up with some blankets to do so.

Next up is Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner.Right after we moved I read another of Weiner's books, Good in Bed. For lack of time, I never reviewed it here but it was a good book, a fun read, and on the NPR book list that I'm working my way through. So when I saw this one at the library I snatched it up. I'm about half way through it and it's......just okay. I don't know. In the last few years I've learned to see the appeal of chick lit, but mostly I find the characters to be more like stereotypes of people than actual people and that seems to be the case for this book. It's not awful, and I'll probably finish it, but I'm not going to be shouting its name from the roof tops anytime soon.

Also on the nightstand is Waiting by Debra Ginsberg.
This one was suggested to me by Shannon, who doesn't have a blog but pops in from time to time to tell me what to read and I'm so glad she does because she and I seem to love all the same books. (You may remember she suggested Good Grief.)

This book is a total winner and I'm loving it, even though I've never been a waitress in my life. (I know this may come as a shock to you, seeing that I have such an outgoing and eager to please personality.) What I have had though, is crappy jobs, crappy co-workers, and crappy customers. So reading about this gal's crappy experiences is right up my alley. (As a side note: This book somewhat reminds me of Ayun Halliday's Job Hopper: The Checkered Career of a Down-Market Dilettante, also a great book.)

Lastly on the nightstand is this book of Bawdy Bedtime Stories.Sigh. Here's the thing: I want to say a lot about this book but I don't want to use words that will cause my mostly family friendly blog to pop up in Google searches done by pervs so I'm just gonna say that this is the most boring book of smut stories I've ever laid eyes on. A large portion of the stories are about women having sex with their husbands. Seriously?! I don't need to fantasize about having sex with my husband because I can have sex with my husband. The stories that aren't about dull married people doing it in their backyard (Oooh, so scandalous. Whatever.) are equally tame. I just wanted.......more. I wanted NC-17 but got PG13. Maybe I'm skanky but I like my smut a little smuttier, kinda like the One Handed Read in the back of Bust Magazine.

Moving on.......

Up next on the to-be-read list is My Custom Van by Michael Ian Black.If you've watched any of those I Love the '70's/'80's/'90's type shows on VH1, then you've probably seen this guy. We love him around here and I'd probably be reading this book right now if Jay weren't hogging it.

What are you reading right now? And do you have any suggestions for a good smut book? (Feel free to email me with your answers to that second question.)


Daphne said...

So glad you are liking the Thorn Birds!!

And there is nothing worse than boring smut. Come on, people!! One of my faves for sheer fun is The Leather Daddy and The Femme. It's all over the place with funny, sexy stories, but I guarantee you, nobody is having sex with husbands in that book. :)

Not Hannah said...

I'm not reading anything right now, but I just got finished with...wait for it Eat, Pray, Love. Despite myself, I really enjoyed it. Will blog about it today.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Ah, another reason to love you - "I like my smut smuttier"


Tammie said...

daphne: thank you for the suggestions!!!!

not hannah: interesting. i so hated that woman. but im really excited to hear your thoughts on it.

peggy: hee hee. (i owe you an email. hopefully today.)

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

I'm now reading The Irresistible Henry House. After the Workshop (I think that's the right title) is next on my list. I heard the new Jennifer Weiner is good but haven't read it.

I'm adding Waiting to my list...and think I'll pass on Bawdy. I don't want to read boring smut before going to bed.

hester said...

I find Anais Nin does quite a good job of smutty smut in a classy sort of way. (Not that I'm a connoisseur of smut but I got one of those little Penguin books of Anais Nin fre once with a Cosmopolitan magazine).

Dani said...

I like my smut pretty smutty myself. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one.

The fact that you openly admitted this to all in Blog Land makes me love you even more.

I wish that there weren't so many ladies that I used to go to church with who read my blog. I think I'd be a little more...blunt. Ah well. I leave most of that to your comments section.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I'm so over chic lit....I read a bunch of Jennifer Weiner's books a few years back. No more. But, that waitress book sounds good (I read Good Grief thanks to your suggestions too). So, I'll see if my library has a copy.

Lia said...

I'm not reading anything. I've been popping two Benadryls every night around eight o'clock and barely making it to my bed in time to pass out on it.

I started Beloved a month or so ago, but only made it a few pages in and never picked it up again.

As for the smut, I have no idea. Not that I wouldn't enjoy it, I'm just too damned tired to mess with it.

mandy said...

dude, you are reading alot at once. I do that every once in a while. maybe it's the cooler days?

love your thoughts on smut.

that waitress book looks interesting.

i just got done reading Zeitoun, which was absolutely hands down amazing.

Run Lori Run said...

Oh God I hated Eat Pray Love, couldn't get thru it. I have Good In Bed but haven't read it yet...I might give it a shot. Right now I'm reading Will In The World about William Shakespeare and I like it but it's obviously not that juicy summer read...

Tammie said...

i get so excited when i find another Eat Pray Love hater. :)

Dani said...

I am not a huge EPL fan either. Well, not 2/3 of it. I loved the "eat" section. Mainly I loved her descriptions of the food. Lordy, I think I gained 10 pounds just reading about it.

But the rest? Meh. HATED the "pray". I almost put the damn thing down.

And the "love" kind of gave me the creeps. Not sure why, but her love interest seemed smarmy. When she wrote about their sex marathons, it really really really turned me off. The Mr. was glad when I was done with that book.

D'Arcy said...

I love most of Jennifer Weiner's books, but I wasn't big on Goodnight Nobody. I recommend Good in Bed and Certain Girls, and Little Earthquakes. I also like Melissa Nathan for chick lit.

I just finished The Time Traveller's Wife, and my sister gave me Eat Pray Love for my birthday, so I guess I'm on a streak of Books People Say I Should Read. After that I've got a Charles de Lint, Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda (another bday present), Let the Right One In, and An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon. I won't be at the library for a while with all those piled up!

Shannon from TN said...

Hi Tammie, doing another pop-by (I guess that is equivalent to a "drive-by", sans gun, in the real world). I am so glad you picked up "Waiting"...I strongly believe anyone who has worked or eaten in a restaurant should read it. I like Ginsberg's writing. She also wrote a decent fiction book, "Blind Submission" which I found to be a quick, easy read. I wanted to tell you too, I just finished "Don't You Forget About Me" by Jancee Dunn. Another chic-lit book I suppose but worth a read since it's about her 20 year HS reunion, and mine is next summer (gulp) so I could relate. I also agree with the above poster who mentioned Anais Nin for "smut". Glad you are doing well, I like to stop by and check on you from time to time. I'm a southerner, that's what we do : ) (Bless our hearts)

Zoe said...

Thanks! I'm glad I've finally found a blog that doesn't only do reviews for those irritating kinds of books that have models in stilettos and coral colored lipsticks on the cover. Who even shot the picture for that cover? "Oh, boy. Let's put her in the rain! This is so original! We're really making art!" Lame.
You seem to have good taste in books, so I guess I'll check some of the books you recommended out. Thanks.