Monday, August 9, 2010

Self Portrait:: August

This month's portrait was taken not by me, but by Jay at The Bite yesterday.I had just sat down to eat this:
And then....going in for that first bite:I don't love any of these pictures. For various reasons I just didn't feel like I was looking my best this day. But they do show me being me, which is the point of this little exercise. Plus, I was having a good time. As Jay said, "Look at you smiling at that cheesecake!" Had I been alone with the cheesecake, I may have started talking dirty to it. But really, who doesn't want cheesecake and wine at 10 AM on a Sunday morning? Can you think of a better breakfast?

Interesting tidbit: After I finished the breakfast of champions, we sat at the table while the boy ate something meat related. A few moments later a woman came up to me and asked if she could take a picture of my hair. She'd been trying to get a pixie cut but has had trouble communicating what she wanted to her hairdresser. I found this very cool. It wasn't that long ago that I lived in a town where people made fun of my hair. I know it's kinda silly and trivial, but this was just one more instance in which I was reminded how comfortable I am here and how I feel as if we're with our people.

More of me and my walking around wine:(Is it just me, or does that chick standing behind me in the above picture sorta look like Crystal from Elsewhere Living? Crystal, if you read this, are you stalking me? If not, someone in Oregon stole your face.)

There were a lot of runners in the city that morning and there was also a bike-a-thon about to begin. In fact, we had to cross in front of hundreds of bikers to enter the park, which made me feel momentarily guilty. You know, Back it up athletically minded people, make way so the fatties can get to their food.

Other photos:

The girl and her first of probably many fruity, umbrella-topped drinks:Of course the boy had to visit the Voodoo Donut van.
This would be the Old Dirty Bastard. It's crushed Oreos and peanut butter. I didn't taste it but I'm guessing from the moans at the table, it was pretty good.

I have a few more pictures but they are mainly of the men folk eating various meat. Meat on a bun, meat on a stick, etc. We went home very full.

Note: Just as a reminder, tomorrow is Ten on Ten. I was lazy last month but I hope to participate this time around.


Daphne said...

These are great, and you guys look like you had a fantastic time! how could you not? wine, cheesecake, and a sweater in August! :) (you look adorable as always)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Great pictures.
And for the life of me can't understand why anyone would want to make fun of your hair? Your hair is in style my dear. What is wrong with THEM?

I loved your breakfast.
The donut would have made hubby happy but I would have preferred the cheesecake. God that looked good and I think cheesecake and wine go well together.

Did you get any creme brule?

michelle said...

oh i would be all smiles too at the sight of that cheesecake before putting it into my mouth! looks like a fun day. looks like there is so. much. to. do. in portland!

ps: i shut down my facebook account which leaves me more time to read read read blogs i enjoy. :) and to comment on them

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

I would've smiled if I were looking at that cheesecake, too! Wow!! And, for the record, I think you look TERRIFIC!!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Your hair is great -- it's a wonderful cut (I've had short hair for the last 20 years, so I know short hair!). Bask in the compliment. And I would so indulge in that cheesecake. Yum.

Lia said...

I hate cheesecake and that donut looks pretty icky to me. The meat sounds pretty good, though. And I love drinking wine outside, especially at festivals.

I also love that first pic of you with your totally natural smile. Very cute!

Dani said...

Your hair is damn cute. I had a pixie cut for the first 6-7 years of my marriage and then grew it out to the bob. And now it's something in-between. I'd take a picture too, because it is the classic pixie. And it's hard to find a good pic of such a cut, believe it or not.

You are cute. For reals.

And I want to go to The Bite. I'd skip the cheesecake and donut but I'm sure there are other goodies to be had. And the wine, of course.

Tammie said...

there is something very untrustworthy about all you people that dont like cheesecake.

im keeping my eye on you.

kraftykash said...

You look adorable! For the record, I took a pic of you to my hairdresser when Korby wanted a short haircut. :)
That donut looks awesome! What a fun day!

Crystal Trosper said...

Oh shit. You caught me.

Baahaa! Just kidding. It wasn't me, although I sure would rather be up there than down here in the sauna (AKA Mississippi).

I adore you hair. It is super cute and very modern I think. Anyone who made fun is a turd brain.

Please send one of those doughnuts. Pronto.

alisha said...

I love the pictures. And how awesome someone wanted to take a picture of you and your cut. Your hair is adorable.

victoria said...

Since marriage and pregnancy I've been looking for a good short hair cut. But, since returning to the south, I haven't found anyone I trust with cutting all of my hair off. The second I return to CA though -- it's all coming off. A short bob at the very least.

I first read this post several days ago but thought I had too much to say. I figured I'd have to return when I had more time.

Bottom line? I love, love this post. You are glowing. You look beautiful and I continue to be so happy for you. And for me because I get to read about all of your new experiences out there! :-)