Tuesday, August 3, 2010

List Two: Things I Want To Do In the Next Five Years

I had no idea how to set the time frame for this list. Obviously a lot of the following things I could begin to do immediately. But others are larger and involve more work, planning, or saving. I finally decided on five years because I'm very low stress these days.

1. Take a dance class. Nothing real intense-just a casual, fun dance class. And nothing stripper-y. (So Jay if you're reading this and thinking of gifting me with pole dancing lessons, scrap that idea.)

2. Sew one garment (from a pattern) for myself. And wear it.

3. Eat in a restaurant by myself. I'm definitely a solitary individual and I don't mind being alone, but I've never eaten in a restaurant-other than a coffee shop-by myself. Have any of you ever done this? If so, did you bring along paperwork or a book or did you just sit there and focus on your meal? Did you have to work to avoid making eye contact with other diners? What did you do while you were waiting for your meal to arrive?

4. Buy a fancy dress (Loving the ones from here.) and wear it while out on a date with Jay. We have date night all too rarely around here. And when we do, our dates are usually pretty quick, casual, and over before the sun goes down. I want to get dressed up, put on some high heels and go somewhere nice after dark.

5. Have a picnic in Washington Park.

6. Walk the streets of Portland by myself.

7. Take the family to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

8. Take a baking/cooking class. It's strange, but when I think about the me of the future, I'm usually baking. I wonder if this is the me of now trying to tell myself something?

9. Walk more. Realistically, I could walk to the grocery store, the park, possibly even the library or the fountain the girl loves to splash in. But I usually take the car. When did a mile or two start seeming like such a long distance?

10. Learn more about my camera.

11. Make creme brulee. This will involve buying and skillfully using a chef's torch. (I actually can't stop thinking about this one and it may be the first to get crossed off the list.)

12. See an Improv show at The Brody Theater. Yay improv.

13. Get better at crochet. (I want to make a table runner like Jodi's and pot holders like Dani's.)

14. Bake cookies and share them with all the people living in my building.

15. Make sushi at home.

16. Get a job outside of taking care of the children. Most days, I love being with them. But I've been doing this gig for a while now and am definitely wanting more for myself. I don't even care what kind of job it is, I just miss interacting with other adults-even the ones that are assholes.

17. Have something I've written published somewhere other than this blog. There are a lot of really good zines and small publications out there that are always asking for submissions. (I'm thinking I could do a book review. Maybe?) This is sometimes in the back of my mind as I sit here and pound out my silly thoughts. I have no idea if I'm cut out for it though. Of all the things on the list, this is probably the one I'm most terrified of because it will involve putting myself out there in a way I'm not entirely comfortable with.

18. Visit the San Francisco area.

19. Visit Seattle.

20. Own an English bulldog.


Maria Rose said...

I have eaten in a restaurant by myself. Usually I bring a book or journal, otherwise I end up staring at other people and creeping them out.

I want an English bulldog so badly!

Daphne said...

I love this so much! I will have think about mine.

I love eating alone in restaurants. I usually take a book, or I choose somewhere that will have good people-watching (either in the restaurant or from a window). I love it. I order whatever I want, coffee, the whole shebang, and take my time. I usually do this while travelling for business, however, so I have the time to spend. I just smile at people and it's totally fun. Journals are good for making oneself look busy. :)

Love your fancy dresses... Boden has some (and some amazing coats) that I am currently coveting.

You know you'll have a place to stay in the SF Area! Can't wait to play tour guide for you! Fun stuff. (and Scrabble, of course. And baking. And thrifting)

I think you should totally look into this baking gig thing. Why not? You've got a whole world of opportunities in front of you. You should definitely look into it. You could combine #8, #11 and #16 here. :)

Tammie said...

maria rose: yeah i have a feeling id start staring at people too.

Jessica said...

That is an awesome list. I feel very strongly that putting lists like those out in the universe makes them come true. Here's to the adventures you will go on in the next five years!

Lia said...

Last year, I took a tap class and a ballet class. I loved the tap class, but the ballet was way too hard on my knees.

I don't mind eating in restaurants by myself. Actually, I don't mind doing anything by myself. I usually take a book or do something on my phone.

I love the Jitterbug/ Lindy Hop dress on that site of yours.

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Here's my advice for eating alone in a restaurant (based on previous experience): don't read a David Sedaris book while waiting for your food to be delivered. I had a few sudden outbursts of laughter at my table for one.

A fancy dress date sounds lovely...sigh.

Oh, I love English bulldogs. We have a Frenchie but our first hope was for an English.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Go Tammie Go! This is such an awesome list. I wish I didn't have two left feet or I'd add dancing to my list too.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I loved this list!!

I am scared of a few of those on your list but would like to do them as well. But the fear is what should make me do it but....

I used to eat alone all the time when I traveled for work. I got tired of room service and would go to very nice restaurants alone. Normally i brought something. Sometimes I never used it but it was like my security blanket. If it was dinner in very nice place in Manhattan I didn't bring anything. The most fun experiences have come from that. Remember my broadway event post? Also love dining alone al fresca because you can do some serious people watching.

Creme Brulee is easier than you would think!

Dani said...

This is full of goodness, much of which we have in common:

*taking a dance class
*eating in a restaurant solo (nope, never done it)
*walk more
*make sushi
*being published

I'm loving these list posts.

hester said...

What a great list! You'll have a lovely time ticking them off whenever they happen to happen. I LOVE eating by myself but I go nuts without something to read in between people watching and chatting to the old stranger (or maybe just the waiter/waitres).

I love creme brulee but the whole blow torch thing sounds like a bit of an effort (and a trip to a hardware store). There's a Swiss icecream shop here that has creme brulee icecream- it's divine.

I hope you get a night time date with Jay in a pretty dress (you not him) very soon.

Alisha said...

Funny. I wrote a list like this yesterday in my journal. I love this list and I think you should do every single thing on it--especially get published :)

I've eaten alone in a restaurant a few times. I actually enjoyed it. I read, write, do a crossword puzzle.

michelle said...

#9, 16, & 17...

9 - me too. it is so boring and too hot to walk everywhere in florida. i miss like crazy walking and public transportation in chicago!

16 - looking forward to this as well.

17 - just do it! send shit out and see what happens. i have the same kind of fear, though, about doing the same exact thing!