Friday, August 6, 2010

List Five: Ten Clothing Items that Make Me Cringe

Yesterday was a long day and I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to devote to my list. I had hoped to end the week with something a bit more thought provoking, but by nine o'clock last night, I still didn't have anything that pleased me. I've kept a notebook though of all my lists-in-progress (including your suggestions from yesterday), so don't be surprised if a list pops up in this space from time to time.

1. Jorts (Don't know what jorts are? Go here. Or just move to Florida where jorts are part of the state uniform.)

2. Pleated pants or shorts. (pleated jorts? THE WORST.)

3. Jeggings. True Story: About a month ago I sort of casually mentioned to Jay that I wanted some leggings. Jay, being the awesome guy that he is, said he'd look around for some the next day when he went to work. (He works in an outlet mall.) I said, "Hey thanks. Just don't let anyone talk you into any jeggings." Then I had to explain to Jay that jeggings are the bastard child of jeans and leggings. Anyway, the next day Jay goes into one of the stores and asks the sales associate if they had any leggings, to which she said, "Oh yeah. Come look at the cute new jeggings we just got in." I was so glad he had been forewarned. (This may just be a me thing though because jeggings are everywhere right now. I don't know....I think they just look like ill fitting jeans. )

4. Mom jeans.(LOVE that video clip.) See also pleated pants and jorts.

5. White pants. So good in theory yet so very unflattering on me. Always. Plus, I'm sure if I did find a nice pair, I'd spill coffee on them or sit on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. What a stressful article of clothing! I'm going to continue to just avoid it.

6. Sweat pants with ass writing.!

7. Tee shirts with Disney characters on them. Often can be seen paired with jorts.

8. Gladiator sandals

9. Skirts or dresses made of sweat-pants material. I've actually owned a few of these and I never quite know what to do with them. I always feel both overdressed yet dumpy at the same time.

10. High waisted pants. See also mom jeans.

What articles of clothing make you cringe?


Carla said...

I concur!
Yeah, mom jeans, not much more needs to be said (the video is not available in Canada). Never seen jorts and now I never want to.

Karen said...

I wholeheartedly agree, especially about the denim shorts. HATE. I also have misgivings about shorts in general, except on children.

My least favorite article of clothing is the "souvenir t-shirt," the kind that's generally a unisex XL, and is ALWAYS paired with shorts or ill-fitting jeans. I used to think this was exclusively midwestern tourist attire, but now that I live in Florida I realize it's the state uniform.

Tammie said...

carla: oh poop. its a funny video too!

karen: oh the souvenir tee is bad too! i wholeheartedly feel they should only be used as night attire, not for day clothes.

i feel the same as you do about shorts. when i wear them i feel very underdressed.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh how this made me giggle!

love that mommy video.

I agree with all of them and especially number 6 & 8. The person wearing 6 will be caught in 8 trust me.

D'Arcy said...

Well, I agree with you on most of those, except gladiator sandals - I LOVE them. Mom jeans and jeggings should just not exist, and I say that as a mom. None of my jeans are mom jeans! I'm starting to wonder if I'm too old for shorts in general, as most women my age seem to wear capris or skirts when it gets warm (I'm mid-30s)

I have to admit, as I write this, I'm wearing denim shorts. But I don't think they're as bad as the ones on that website.

D'Arcy said...

Oh, and what makes me cringe - boxer shorts that are visible above the pants/shorts waistline. I teach middle school and an alarming number of boys are showing up like this. Also not a fan of visible bra straps.

daphne said...

#6: I hate this one too. Especially the ones with "Juicy" written on them. Um, hello, gross?

I also hate: black socks with brown shoes (or worse: socks with sandals. unfortunately you will see a lot of this in Oregon, people wear sandals all year round), jumpsuits, and women fully made up with styled hair, wearing sweatsuits. Especially sweatpants worn with heels. (yes, I do see this, especially here in the east bay)

Tammie said...

d'arcy: yeah, there are definitely different levels of bad when it comes to the jorts. especially when it comes to womens denim shorts. some are more fashionable than others.
regarding visible bra straps: i get that it sometimes happens by accident, you wear the wrong bra with a certain shirt or whatever, but what is up with women who do this purposely? especially if its an old beige one. ugh. no one wants to see that.

daphne: i know!!! why do we want to think of that area as juicy? ick.

i firmly believe most sweatpants/sweatsuits should be used only for at home or working out purposes. maybe a quick trip to the grocery store. but if you have time to do your hair and makeup, then you have time to put on real clothes.

Lia said...

I so love that the term jorts even exists. And I hate them, usually. But I've been noticing cute little skater boys riding around in their skinny jorts and I have to say that it's working for them. Never on me, however.

I just last week realized that jeggings were now in existence and I can't say that it pleased me.

I hate butt writing on any clothing, especially little girls. It's horrid.

I do have some mustard yellow gladiator sandals , that I love, though.

I hate shoes with any kind of cartoon character or lights. My kids never had any and were always so dejected when I'd quickly answer with a harsh, "NO WAY." But now they get it.

Veronica said...

I can't stand it when guys wear tight pants--the super tight skinny jeans. Ew. It is not flattering.

And lately, i feel as if I've been transported back to the '80's whenever i go looking at clothes at the mall or what not. WHY???! That is an era of fashion that should never return.

Theresa said...

I love this whole list. Right on!

Dani said...

I didn't even realize that some of these things existed. I think the world would be a better place if they didn't.

I can't stand things that fit poorly. Some women insist on squeezing their body into very tight and too short shorts or skinny jeans. Why? Lots of these girls have an OK body but make it look so sausage-like by wearing these garments.

I also don't like a head to toe color coordination. Break it up people! You don't need red earrings, necklace, red floral print shirt, red Capri pants and red sandals. With red nail polish. I get it. You dig red.

D'Arcy said...

Oh, I can so picture my mom in the exact outfit Dani described!

tammiemarie said...

#6 - tramp stamps is what we call them

I have to say, I love tee shirts. We play in softball tournies and so have quite a collection of "souvenier" tee shirts. and we also print them for our family reunion every summer. i know i'm already hopelessly uncool, so i don't sweat it too much.

i hate tee shirt dresses though. the kind where it's a tee or tank chopped off and has an actual skirt sewed to it?

and sleeveless turtlenecks. either you're cold or hot. decide.

Debbie said...

Hi Tammie - thanks for coming by my blog. Oh my - this list has me in stitches. I concur 100%.

I had to look up what gladiator sandals were...I'm not trendy, in the least - and as soon as I saw them I thought, "Yes...those. Hate those."

Can not for the life of me understand the ass writing pants. Makes me crazy. I have NEVER worn shorts - eww! I don't some men in skinny jeans (someone mentioned they didn't like them.) I think they work fine fore certain body types.

I really hate it when girls where their UGGS in the summer with shorts...or a dress. Please!

I guess I just dislike trends in general. Once everyone starts wearing it - it's over for me. :)

Happy to have found you. -Debbie

victoria said...

This is so F*ing funny!

Mom/high wasted jeans for sure. jean shorts are horrible... Disney anything, unless it's on a two year old.

Socks. Socks are a big one for me. When hubby and I married, I got rid of the white long socks that he would "push down" to the top of his hiking boots. He likes his new ankle socks.

Another FL must - white WHITE sneakers with those white socks. Um, no no no!

CT said...

LOL! you had me laughing with the list!

I like long, NOT BAGGY jean shorts that reach at least to your knee, and I really am a fan of Disney (I know, you are going to kill me for it!) animation, and I love my Pirates of the Caribbean sweater to death, and I am guilty of wearing Tinkerbell and POTC Tees. Also love when Hubby wears his Grumpy football jersey (his nickname is Grumpy)

That said....
Other that those two points, I wholeheartedly agree with you! specially the "Juicy" printed bottoms. And I HATE IT when they put those clothes on kids!!! come on! what are they going to grow up to be???? pimps and ho's?

My own two girls wear mostly dresses, and often those I made them so there's not much chance of such fugly fads to reach them. And hubs would not be caught dead in shorts unless at the gym or the beach (and even then they are LONG, kinda loose ones) and trust me, he has the body to wear ANYTHING and look good

I'd like to add... Knee high socks with shorts... on men... it really makes me cringe!

michelle said...

bwahahahaha! my list would be the same + too-low fitting jeans that pinch the butt and show the asscrack without bending over. i'm old fashioned like that.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Jorts and jeggings? Never heard of them....Yikes.