Friday, August 13, 2010

Flashback Friday:: School Photo

So, the last time I did Flashback Friday I mentioned that I've had many fe-mullets throughout my life. Today, I thought I'd share the queen of all fe-mullets:

Okay, are you done staring now? Eyes back in your head people. (How fitting is it that I chose to post this on Friday the 13th?)

The details:

*I'm guessing this was my fifth grade photo and that I was about 12. I'm assuming that because of the fact that my teeth are too big for my mouth and my nose has yet to grow into my face, which is the typical look of most twelve year olds. Tweens are easy to spot that way, kinda like guessing the age of a tree by counting the rings.

*The hair: permed on top, straight and halfway to my butt in the back. Nice, huh? The reason it looked this way (other than the fact that this was 1986 and hairstyles such as this were totally bangin') was because my dad wouldn't let me cut it. He was of the opinion that women should have long hair, that it was more feminine. Today, of course I look at this photo and feminine is not the first word to come to mind.

*If you look closely, you can see that my shirt has shoulder pads. Awesome. I remember I used to wear this with shorts. Also, awesome.

*I'm wearing a tank top under my shirt (blouse?) because I was starting to develop boobies and I was scared to get my first bra. I thought I could just get away with a tank top. This little theory though, was proven wrong when a boy told me I needed to wear a bra. Oddly enough, he didn't tell me I needed to do something about my hair.

*Entire outfit most likely purchased at Zayre.


lia said...

Holy crap! That is THE mullet of all mullets. I love all of it- from the pile of crinkled bangs to the shoulder pads to the earrings. There was nothing quite like 80s style. Almost makes me want to find one of myself to join in the fun. Almost.

Daphne said...

Terri just said, "That should get an award. Top 5 Mullets of All Time. It's not that it's just a true mullet, it's that there is a perm ADDED."

Bonus points!

Oh, this is so funny. I have one of me with my highly fashionable glasses with a UNICORN sticker on the bottom right corner of one lens. Classic. No mullet, though. You beat me there.

Tammie said...

lia: eighties style was in a league all its own. nothing kids wear now a days can even compare.

daphne: i worked to keep that thing permed too, going every six weeks or so for a refresher. i was so proud of my curls. who did i think i was fooling?!?!?

Tammie said...

also, what's weird is that i dont remember being made fun of for this hair, which i guess means i was surrounded by people with similar hairstyles. very disturbing.

hester said...

You were so cute, even with (or perhaps because of) that mullet! You have such a look of innocence. I, too, had a mullet with a perm in 1986 but only a shoulder length one!

Theresa said...

Yes. This is awesome. And also? I saw acid wash jeans 2 days ago in the store. You know. To like, be sold to be people. I really hope the 80's aren't going to make a huge comeback, but if they do, you can share this picture to your kids so they'll know how awesome you are!

Carla said...

A year later - I had basically the same do, not quite as long in the back!

alisha said...


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I loved this mullet. It would make Billy Ray Cyrus cry - you win!
I think it's the combo perm/mullet that puts you on top! how creative of you T.

The 80's are coming back. I just saw acid wash jeans, shoulder pads in a sweater and a young teen with her hair shaved on the sides with it long everywhere else. Then I saw an older teen with similiar style of shaved on one side / bob on the other at Starbucks. I had that ugly shaved side thing in the 80's.

let's hope it's not back. Good thing is the rule is if we wore it the first time we're too old to wear it the 2nd time. This is one time I'm thankful to be older!

Dani said...

Oh. My. Lord.

I have no words.

If there was *ever* a time to use LMAO, it would be now. This should be *the only* time one can use the cryptic laugh.

Excellent analysis. Spot. On.

Crystal said...


I love this picture. Awesome doesn't even begin to touch it. As the Hubs says about the mullets round these parts...Buisness in the front, party in the back!

kraftykash said...

Awesome picture! I had a similar shirt in my 6th grade pic, with shoulder pads. I wore the collar up. My kids think its hysterical. :)

victoria said...

You were a cutie! Seriously.

And you wait. I'm going to steal this flashback idea and post my mullet. The only difference is mine was taken in 10th grade (I'm a little older than you). I was the popular type with my share of followers -- I swear to god I started the mullet in my highschool. I thought of myself as being "alternative" before "alternative" was cool. I stole the mullet look from british rock stars. Not that it wouldn't have filtered down to my redneck highschool eventually, but I'm quite certain that I was the very very first!

Hey!! I have to allow myself one major accomplishment in life! :-)

BTW, I have news on my blog. Not the depressing one, but gordoria.wordpress (the beloved one)

Love love, pretty lady,

victoria said...

Oh and the new header is cracking me up!! :-)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Save this picture for always and forever! Love that hair! I was so glad to say goodbye to shoulder pads.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

OMG, I'm dying! That is freaking awesome.
My dad wouldn't let me cut my hair either, but I didn't get as creative as you did. I did have some killer bangs, though.

michelle said...

that is seriously one of the most exciting party's in the front i have ever seen. and even though the picture doesn't reveal it, the way you describe this helluvah cut, you just know it's ALL BUSINESS in the back.

hahahahaha, papa didn't know any better. :)

TN Shannon said...

You know what they say about mullets....."business in the front, party in the back"! You wore it well.

Dawn said...

THIS WAS 6TH GRADE! i have and still love this picture of you.

Maria Rose said...

How did I miss this?! AHHHHHHHHHH I love it!