Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random Thoughts

*First off, thank you all so much for the anniversary wishes and the birthday wishes for Monty. We had a busy, cake-filled week.

*Last Friday Jay and I went out for dinner on our own. We went to Claim Jumper, which is surprisingly good for a chain restaurant. I feel sorta guilty going to the chains when I have such a huge selection of awesome, locally owned restaurants at my disposal, but Claim Jumper is close to home and we didn't want to wander too far from the kiddos. But the food was really good and our waitress was super sweet. She took our picture and and gave us a complimentary anniversary cupcake:
*Although I love it here, and am the happiest I've ever been in my life, something is going nuts inside my body. I've had hives almost daily since moving here, my allergies are out of control, my eyes are red and my face is puffy. To try and get to the root of the problem, I decided to do the Master Cleanse, and Jay played along with me because he's a great guy.
We lasted a bit longer than a day. How do people do this and still function in their normal lives? Jay and I were tired, weak, and had no energy. But I was allergy free for that day and a half so I'm going to limit my food a lot, eat lots of fruits and veggies, and see if I can rectify this without a trip to the doctor.

*This weekend Jay is volunteering at the Oregon Brewers Festival. He's very excited about this and has been talking about "Beer Weekend" for weeks. He's off all weekend and will be spending it with his mistress, Beer. We all have our own ways of giving back to the community.

*The other day I received a catalog for Tea and I must say they have some of the cutest kids clothes I've seen in a long time. I get a bit choked paying more than $20 for clothing for a person weighing less than 50 pounds, so a lot of it is out of my price range. I did break down and buy this shirt though, since I live with a little gal who has a thing for Russian Nesting Dolls. I may find myself splurging on one of these dresses come back-to-school time.

*I'm ready for fall and winter mainly because I have a weaselly looking neighbor who is way too comfortable being shirtless when the temperatures go above 55. Dude, cover up.

*I've begun reading Her Fearful Symmetry and am totally pulled in and loving it. I'm still working on my review for Good Grief but it seems like every time I write about it, it ends up sounding like chick lit, and I think the story is so much more than that, so it's taking me a while. Hopefully soon though.

*As I mentioned before, on and off this month I've been submitting photos and words to the habit flickr group. So far, only the one photo has been picked for the blog, but I'm okay with that. Some days I just like the idea of taking a picture and saying only a few words. Below is my submission from yesterday:A shady spot between the apartment buildings; a backyard is where you make it.

I really like it because I think it's an example of one of the many changes my family has gotten used to since moving here (plus, I think my daughter looks really cute in the Fairy accessories my mom sent her.) My kids (and my pets) were used to having a big, fenced in backyard they could run around in anytime, night or day. But they've all adapted. Change is scary, but it can also be so very, very good.

(Edited to add: My photo made it on habit today. Yay!)


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh Tammie I'm so sorry about the allergies/or whatever it may be.
Have you considered being tested for food and environmental allergies?

Jay's weekend sounds right up most husbands alley. I know Rick would love that. All those great brew pub beers!

Love your photo's! I did go to habit/flickr group. You continue to show me all your talents. The list seems to get longer daily.
I am getting quite depressed with myself. I am old and have yet to find anything I'm good at. wish you could lend me one!

Not Hannah said...

I occasionally think I'll do the Master Cleanse thing to drop a few pounds, but then I realize that I don't have the fortitude for it. Kudos to you for trying, lady. Hope the itchy twitchy thing gets figured out.

Maria Rose said...

Oh man, why did you just introduce me to all of those cute clothes. I can't, I musn't.

Happy anniversary!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Besides the allergy-thing, I think you and yours are thriving in your new home.

Lia said...

Wow. I'm in complete awe of your ability to do that cleanse. Did you ease in or just jump right into the lemonade thing? I truly don't know if I could do it. Maybe, I should give it whirl.

And look at you posing for a picture- smiling and everything! Cute!

kraftykash said...

Im glad that you and Jay got to go out and celebrate. :) I love your random thoughts blogs, they are my favorite.

Tammie said...

peggy: i may end up getting tested if i cant figure out what the problem is. and thank you! but i really dont feel like im good at any of my little hobbies. but they keep me busy and im trying to get better.

maria rose: i know! isnt it all too cute?!? i want to get a lot of it for the girl.

lia: we just jumped right in. the lemonade drink was honestly not that bad. we just had no energy. i felt like i had to nap in the middle of the day. i guess celebs do this cleanse a lot, but i imagine they can take a few days off of life and someone will do all their stuff for them. the average person doesnt have that luxury.

kash: thank you. :)

Daphne said...

What a great post (allergies notwithstanding). I hope you figure out what it is soon... people can have CRAZY allergies in Oregon.

Look how cute you guys are. I'm so glad Jay is going to have a nice time with his other relationship, she of the curvy bottle and intoxicating.. uh.., well, she's just intoxicating.

That cleanse sounds icky, although kudos for giving it a try. I think just doing rice, veggies and fruit is plenty cleansing and healthier.

Tammie said...

daphne: i agree with you. jay and i both felt like the cleanse just wasnt healthy.

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

This is fun... we kind of have the same taste in literature. I asked for a copy of Her Fearful Symmetry for Christmas and my husband delivered.

I enjoyed it almost as much as The Time Traveler's Wife. I'm looking forward to your review on Good Grief, too. Haven't read that one.

Hope your itchies and swellies go away. Save your maple syrup for pancakes!

Dani said...

Rock that date night! Good for you two getting out and about.

I've thought of doing The Master Cleanse. But it's not possible during the school year. And sadly, that's soon approaching.

I hope you can figure out what's giving your system fits. My stomach has been non-cooperative for the past couple of months. It sucks to not be sick but not be entirely well either.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammie, it's Shannon (I suggested "Good Grief" to you). I am so glad that you found it as more than chick-lit like I did. Looking forward to your review.

Sorry to hear of your sniffles and such. That master cleanse sh** is crazy...isn't that "the Beyonce diet"? lol. i also wonder if you are having a reaction to something in your food, lactose? Glucose?