Friday, July 23, 2010

Flashback Friday

Today I was in a very de-cluttering/throw-it-away mood. After I cleaned out the refrigerator I decided to sort through old photos. We have dozens of boxes and albums of photos, most of which are uninteresting or duplicates.

One giant trash bag later, I came across a photo that reminded me of Peggy's Flashback Friday posts. So Peggy, if you don't mind, I'm totally stealing your idea today.

The offending photo (sorry it's crooked, I have zero patience when it comes to fiddling with the scanner):

Let us discuss this photo, shall we?

*In it, I'm right about the age the girl is now. I think it was taken when we briefly lived in Spokane, Washington.

*Notice the hair. See how the bangs start all the way at the back of my head. This is the beginning of my first fe-mullet. I started young and there were many more to come.

*I have no idea what that rust colored dot is to the left of my head. I'm hoping not a bullet hole or blood splatter.

*Check out that couch! Really, check it out. Are those stalks of wheat? Knowing my dad controlled most of the spending, I'm betting it came from Sears. To this day my dad makes 99.9 % of his purchases at Sears. (Does Sears still sell furniture?)

*I'm totally digging what I was wearing and if I still had those shoes in my possession, you can bet I'd cram the girl's fat feet into them.

*The clowns. I think a family friend made these and I LOVED THEM. I used to swing them around by their arms and legs or throw them around the room and say they were doing gymnastics. Clearly in this picture, the clowns and I have just been caught sharing secrets of some sort.

*But what I love most about this picture is what's written on the back: "Tammie and her favorite friends." Ah yes, that explains a lot.


Lia said...

The "fe-mullet" made me snort my Coke Zero and I almost sprayed it on the laptop.

I love your tights and your shoes. I have always had such a thing for those patterned tights. Very Heidi-ish. I wish I could still wear them.

But your favorite friends are a bit creepy. I've never been afraid of live clowns, but I'm not a fan of clown things.

Tammie said...

lia: i completely agree. there would be no way id have those clowns in my house today. very creepy.

Dani said...

I want this on a t-shirt. Or an album cover.

It's *that* rock-and-roll.

Thank you for sharing all the details. It made it that much more awesome.

Visty said...

Those clowns are cute, though I normally hate them. Do you still have them?

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Love this post! You are making my sides hurt from laughing. I too have sported many a fe-mullet, though I didn't know this "do" had a name. I think I preferred to call mine the Dorothy Hammell. My father-in-law had a couch similar to this....He had trouble letting go of the seventies. We did not and promptly chucked it when he went into a nursing home.

Tammie said...

dani: when the mr.'s band cuts an album, you can have it for the cover.

visty: sadly i dont. i think i left them at my parents house when i moved out and they probably got sold at a garage sale when they (my parents, not the clowns) got divorced.

jodi: i think mine started out as a dorothy hammell but then was neglected.

Aleta said...

I love your expression in the picture. That's priceless. The clowns though, clowns in general tend to freak me out a little. But those are cool looking :)

victoria said...

I'm catching up over here. You make me laugh a lot. One thing I read is that you are more happier than ever. This makes me smile. I'm so glad you are enjoying yourself in OR.

I love the shoes, too. I'd shove my fat feet into them if you still had them. ;-)

Mari said...

I can really see your daughter in that picture, cute!

Daphne said...

I have been so busy and haven't had time to comment on this til now, but a few things occurred to me when I saw this photo:

1. Those clowns are scary.
2. Your daughter TOTALLY looks like you (adorable)
3. I think I had that couch in my first apartment. We bought it for $35 and it was overpriced.

Such a funny, cute photo. Love it.

victoria said...

more happier? why must I proof read after I hit send?

anyway, I came back to ask lots of questions about your move. we've had some interesting news so it may be happening for us soon. I will email you later this week! Hopefully, we'll know something by then. Looking forward to being more happier, too! :-))

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I just spent a weekend of going through albums and photo's with family. The hair do's alone!

I love this photo of you! But the couch creeps me out more than the clowns. :-)

Tammie said...

victoria: anxiously awaiting your email!!