Saturday, July 3, 2010


I hadn't done anything creative lately. Really, nothing. I blame it on a sort of creativity overload that I seem to have gotten myself into. For example:

*Shortly after moving here I decided to make a lap quilt to throw over the back of the couch. The design phase went well. I chose a color scheme (citrus: oranges, yellows, greens), bought and cut the fabric, and started making log cabin squares with the goal of completing one a day. I have about fifteen done. I've had about fifteen done for the last two months. The project has been temporarily shelved and I don't know when I'll get to it.

*I want to also make a picnic quilt out of vintage sheets. Again, the design phase went well. I have the sheets, I've begun to cut the squares. But then I hit a wall and stopped. My squares sit patiently on my sewing desk, which has begun to look like the place where sewing projects go to die.

*Crochet. I actually want to crochet more. Dani was kind enough to send me a box of supplies and a copy of a book that's helped her over the years and I'm anxious to dig into it all and get started. But I really want to have some quiet time to study through the book and make sure that I'm doing everything correctly. With both kids being home, I just haven't had the time to devote to it. And, if I'm being totally honest, when I do have the time, I usually spend it doing something mindless like watching Ricky Gervais reruns on OnDemand while Jay reads about football on the internet. (My god we are boring!)

*Patterns. I bought them. I'm thisclose to making a shirt. I'm scared.

*Photography. I've declared this the summer when I really learn how to use my camera. I have a very cool camera given to me by my very cool husband and I feel like I'm wasting a large portion of it by always shooting in 'auto'. I've taken out the owners manual and I carry it throughout the house, leaving it places near where I may later be standing around doing nothing in hopes that I pick it up and start reading. I'm on page 4. (I may actually need to take a class for this one......)

*Holiday gifts. I know it's only July, but obviously if I want anyone on my list to have a handmade holiday that does not include wonky dish cloths, I need to start now. I have a lot of ideas floating around in my brain. A bit of crochet. A bit of embroidery. But no one idea is really manifesting itself in any sort of tangible way. Which means I've done nothing.

So....all of this had left me completely overwhelmed and not wanting to do anything. Which leads to crafter's guilt. You know, when you own all these supplies but days/weeks/months pass and you really haven't done anything with it all. And you start to feel like all the money you've spent was totally wasted.

Anyway, yesterday it rained most of the day, Jay had to work past midnight. The perfect crafting day. Although apparently not perfect enough to tackle anything on my (massively long) list, because instead I made myself a new bag! (Which may not be a bad thing since my son told me the purse I had been carrying looked like "poop.")
It's of course the Tiny Happy tutorial. I love this tutorial for it's simplicity, clear directions, and just the way it comes out perfect every damn time I've made one.

The fabric was bought at Goodwill and I always knew it would be made into a bag for myself, but I knew the bag would have to have a little something else, so I refrained from making it until I felt the proper inspiration.

The bird was cut from some IKEA fabric that I have and then just embroidered onto the outside of the bag before adding the lining.You'll notice he is legless. The bird and I had a discussion and together we made the executive decision to cut off his legs. They just looked too messy against the loud and busy fabric. (Although, now sometimes when I look at it, I feel like something is missing. Oh well, executive decisions can be tough.)

The bag is lined with more of the same fabric that our legless friend was cut from:
I had the most fun making this bag. When I began, I had this vision in my head of how I wanted it to look, and the end result matches my vision perfectly. Which is a rarity. Normally, my ideas and skill level aren't quite in synch.
I love it when a plan comes together.

Now to tackle the list.


Theresa said...

I love that you made that bag! I do this to myself all the time. I still have hundreds of squares I cut out for a halloween quilt two years ago that I haven't touched. And the bag is fabulous!!

Veronica said...

The bag is beautiful Tammie! The colors are so bold!

nevertravelled said...

That bag is so darn cute!! I love the fabric. I recognize the bird fabric! I have a cute little fold-over bag someone made me from that same fabric...

You could embroider two little yellow or orange legs on him if you wanted.

I totally know the crafter's guilt. So close to crafter's *guild* but yet, so, so very far.

Dani said...

Too cute for words...that is how I would describe that bag. Love the legless bird. Perfect.

You are singing my crafty song. My list sounds very similar to yours. I have so many projects I wanted to get a start on...

*crochet a sweater for me and for The Girl

*quilt a Xmas tree skirt

*finish That Damn Afghan (still not done after 8 years)

*make me a shit-load of simple shirts and tanks

*make The Girl a shit-load of dresses, skirts, and nightgowns

*crochet Xmas stockings

I still want to open an Etsy shop. But I need shit to put in it.

I too have Xmas gifts to make. Not that I know what those might be.

AND...I've had the crazy thought to quilt us a new bedspread for our bed. A freakin' queen size quilt.

I end up saying "screw it" and just lay out in the sun giving myself skin cancer.

Another confession: I can sew with a pattern...I can do it. But I don't really enjoy it. It's not "fun"'s a more of a mental challenge. And there are times I like a mental challenge...but this summer is not one of those times. So I don't think there will be many clothes being made by me.

Tammie said...

theresa: thank you! its really a great tutorial isnt it?!

veronica: thank you! thats what i was hoping for, bold and fun.

daphne: yep, same fabric!
i actually kept his legs after chopping them off, with the plan of embroidering a set exactly like his previous ones. i got out the thread and everything but it all just got lost amidst the pattern of the fabric and i decided it wasnt worth it.

dani: yes! we are definitely in the same boat. in fact, i actually needed a lightweight quilt for my bed because its been warmer and we dont have ac here. i thought, oh ill just make one, and then i thought What am i thinking?!?!

and i totally get the pattern thing. part of the appeal of this project was that ive made so many of these that it was virtually mindless. just plain fun.

Dani said...

A lightweight quilt isn't really that's the size that makes it an ordeal.

I made the quilt that's currently on our bed...and it was a bitch.

Why, oh why am I considering making another when the one there now is less than 3 years old?

Dysfunctional Mom said...

LOVE the bag. And hey, as long as the bird was ok with the amputation, it's really none of anyone's business.

Maria Rose said...

I love legless birds. I have a plastic pink flamingo, legless as well, and that's how I like him.

Penny said...

I absolutely love that bag! I have a thing for little birds that are that style and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I consider myself a decently smart person and yet sewing machines totally allude me! I may have to put that on my resolution list for next year.