Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Grumbles

It's been one of those weekends. Nothing has really gone wrong and honestly I have nothing to complain about. But I've just been kinda pissy. Plus, because I know I have no real reason to be pissy, I've been trying to mask my mood which is making me even more irritated. Fortunately, blog land is an excellent place to air your petty grumbles since someone is always willing to listen.

Random Things Putting Me in a Bad Mood
*Jay's been working so much lately, which I should be used to by now because this always happens when we move somewhere new, but it's been extra frustrating here because we live in this cool town that has so much fun stuff to do, and my husband's never around to enjoy it with me. I know this is only a temporary problem and he's already hired some new people so his schedule will loosen up soon, but I'm just kind of wallowing at the moment because he was supposed to be off today, I had made loose plans for us to do something as a family, but he ended up having to work.

*Last night I couldn't sleep so I watched some of Showgirls. Why did I do this? This movie was comically bad. Seriously, boobs everywhere. Constant, gratuitous boob shots. How do people have everyday conversations with their breasts hanging out?

*I'm on the hunt for new jeans. Most of you remember that I bought no new clothes last year. This year I've only bought a few things here and there. I need jeans. (Well, as much as someone can need jeans.)Specifically, I've been on the lookout for a new pair to wear for dressier times (i.e. not the grocery store.) Um, jeans are really scary looking right now. Skinny jeans with tapered legs? High waists? No thank you. Strange washes and colors? When did acid wash come back? Ugh. The whole process has left me overwhelmed and feeling older than I am.

*I haven't gotten used to my oven. It's electric, I'm used to gas. Most everything I've baked since moving here has come out just a bit off in one way or another. Very frustrating.

*My son has a new obsession with Beavis and Butthead. He's watched hours of it this weekend.

*I've been craving bagels. Good, chewy bagels. This morning we went to the bagel chain nearest our apartment. I was not impressed. I need to find a Jewish deli. Do you think I'm asking too much?

Again, I know all this sounds totally whiny and I really have so little to complain about and I'm otherwise quite happy with my life right now. It's just been one of those days. Honestly, it felt really good to get it all out. Maybe now I can focus on the positive.


Dani said...

Grumble away...

That was me last weekend. And I kept doing things that made it worse...I could not stop myself.

So I self medicated with a couple glasses of wine and good music and my mood suddenly changed.

There is a time and place for alcohol, that's for sure.

Tammie said...

thanks dani. :) sometimes i feel bad about whiny posts. but i also think they're needed from time to time to keep things in perspective. and i will definitely be hitting the wine later on.

Carla said...

We all have our days and I've realized that as women we need to get it out to get over it. Life just gets to us sometimes no matter how good it is overall. As I think you once told me, it's your blog where you can say whatever you want and express however you feel so don't feel bad.
Enjoy your wine - I'll be having some later myself!

Tammie said...

carla: you are so right! i really think we do need to get it out to get over it. i felt worlds better after writing this and nothing really changed other than i got it out. :)

R.H. Ducky said...

i'm glad you posted this. between the phone conversation i had with peggy earlier and this post, i realized that i have a right to feel what i feel and to write about it. i shut down for a day or so because i didn't want to whine...but really our blogs are our space and it's there to say what we think and feel.

also, i have no problems with showgirls and gratuitous boob shots...but that's a whole different story.

Theresa said...

Whoo! I'm just glad to see I'm not the only one who's been all grumbly lately. Just get it out!

beck said...

You have some good reasons to be feeling grumpy. That Beavis & Butthead obsession is enough to drive a girl to drink. Then the whole jeans dilemma, blahh...not fun. And as for boobs, and the whole sexualisation of women on tv and in the media, boring. Hope you are feeling better asap, maybe now you have aired your mood it will pass and you will have a faboulous week!! Love to you xo

Tammie said...

im so glad you all dont mind a whine now and then.

beck: thank you so much for your kind words. :)

alicia: i know! why is it that we feel guilty for our bad moods? its nuts.

as for showgirls, i dont know...have you seen it? even jay, who loooooooves boobies, got a bit tired of it after a while.

kat said...

So do you want a great recipe for bagels? there are only 4 ingrediants and one is water...You just gotta promise to make them Montreal style and its yours...(but maybe don't buy the jeans right away-you'll love these bagels so much you might have to go up a size!)

Daphne said...

Happy to listen to grumbles... if you want something else to complain about, read Valley of the Dolls. Lots of boobs there too. And drug-addicted divas. It wasn't very good.

Hope your week is better!

Oh, and I just got a cute pair of jeans on sale at the gap, of all places. I think the fit was called Easy Straight? Gap jeans never fit me but these did, and they were on sale.

Tammie said...

kat: im not sure what 'montreal style' is but ill do whatever you say if you have a good bagel recipe. ive never even tried to make them before. is it easy?

Tammie said...

daphne: im definitely staying away from Valley of the Dolls.

im sure my week will get better. im just in a poo poo mood today.

i cant wait for your visit!!

R.H. Ducky said...

i must admit that i have never seen showgirls all the way through. BUT i also have not had sex since october, so yeah, the gratuitous boob thing would not bother me at the moment i'm sure. just sayin'

Dysfunctional Mom said...

You need to find the good thrift stores there. Then you'll find jeans.
I did great thrifting this weekend!!
Good luck with the bagels.

hester said...

Tammie - I found this such a comforting post. So good to know I am normal. And those all sound like legitimate reasons to be grumpy. "Pissy" is not part of the Australian lexicon, but it's about to be!

And I'm hoping you don't mind if I (and maybe lots of other people) borrow this idea for a post. If all the women of blogland did it, we'd all be so much happier and healthier. And it would save our husbands having to hear it. Oh maybe that's not a good thing.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Let it out! My husband works virtually every weekend and most holidays so I don't even bother making plans to include him. But, there are times I get mighty resentful.

Anyhow -- go find yourself a pair of jeans. It'll cheer you up (or make you evenmore frustrated).

And your whiny posts are refreshing from all that "happiness" out there.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Tammie, you are correct that is what blogs are for.
Jewish deli in Portland might be a stretch woman. :-)
How are Noah's Bagels?

OMG that line, "how do people have every day conversations with their breasts hanging out?" That made me howl. So true you know?

And I'm with you in that electric stove/oven thing. I have one at the lake and I either over cook or under cook so I get it.

kat said...

re: bagel recipe. Yep they are easy.
you can email me at redravencrafts(AT) and I will send you the details so you too can become a master(mistress?)at bagel making!

Alisha said...

I second Gap jeans. My favorite are their fit and flare...I only buy off the sales/clearance rack though. Surely though, there are some cool funky thrift stores near you?

And it's okay to whine. I feel like whining too :)

Tammie said...

man im glad i wrote this. i almost didnt. then when i did i almost deleted it. i thought for sure no one would want to hear my whining.

regarding thrift stores: believe me ive search high and low for jeans at them. that was my first line of attack. while the trifting here is awesome, it seems everyone has the same idea i have. damn them.

kat: you will be hearing from me sometime today.

alicia: jay read your comments last night and had quite a chuckle. i think he's slapping you a cyberspace high five. :)

jodi: yep thats how it is here. most of the time its not a problem-just the way it is-but sometimes i feel sorry for myself. ;)

peggy: im thinking you might be right about not finding a jewish deli. im going to be on the lookout. noahs was where we went. the bagels werent terrible and the place was clean, everyone was nice, etc...just wasnt what i was looking for. after living amongst the jews of boca raton for a year, i think im a bit spoiled. :)

R.H. Ducky said...

lol, there was a very tiny sober part of brain that said my comment might be inappropriate. but the drunk part of my brain obviously kicked the sober parts ass. *cyber high-five to jay*

Penny said...

Jeans. I have a pear of "trouser" jeans from Old Navy that I think are very cute, sorta dressy, and extremely flattering. Maybe you could try those...

Bagels. We used to be in the land of delicious bagels and now the best we can do is Dunkin Donuts and we don't even have one of those in our town!

I'm sorry you have the grumbles...I've seem to have had them for MONTHS....ugh.