Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Thoughts

I hate doing two random-y posts in a row. It feels like I'm cheating. But, I'm still feeling quiet. Not sure what that's about. I'm not depressed by any means, just....mellow. Maybe a little private too. But I seem to be in good company as a lot of blog land is suffering the same affliction. Maybe we're all just too busy enjoying summer. I know I am. I think I'm in one of the few parts of the country that isn't suffering from oppressive heat. Plus, for the first time in my life, I don't have to worry about a hurricane coming my way.

*Probably the most exciting thing that's happened recently was Daphne's visit yesterday. We'd been planning it for weeks now and everything went perfectly. We walked the city, explored Powell's while discussing books, and then topped the evening off with heaping bowls of yummy pasta (from this gorgeous restaurant.) I'm already mentally formulating a way to get my crew down to the Bay area to hang out more with her and Terri.

Jay was kind enough to take this shot of me and Daphne:
Daphne looks lovely of course. I'm wearing the pained expression I usually don when there is a camera pointed at me. Judging by this picture alone, you'd have no idea how comfortable I was and that I was having such a good time.

I've also come to the realization that I'm one of those women who just always looks disheveled. Either my bra strap is hanging out (although in this picture it's pink so let's just all pretend it's part of my shirt, ok?), my zipper is sliding southward, my hair is doing something crazy, or I'm covered in food stains or pet hair. I don't think there is any way to change this about me, so I think the key will be to continue to surround myself with people who don't mind. Thank you to all of you who have stuck with me this long.

*There's a metal clip outside my apartment door that's mainly used by management for the purposes of leaving a community newsletter or whatever else can be communicated by paper. When I came home last night this had been clipped to the wall:It was quite nice to be greeted by my Baldwin. (Jay really does indulge me somewhat in this regard. Also, I think he just wanted to play around with the new printer/scanner that we had to buy when our geriatric printer finally slowly spat out it's last document.)

*I've been reading Le Divorce for what seems like a lifetime. It's a good enough book with romance and intrigue, but for some reason I just haven't been motivated to do a lot of reading lately. I'm laying down the law though and setting a goal to have it finished by the end of the week.

Other than that, not much going on around here, at least not of the noteworthy variety. Just games, kid friendly activities, and popsicles. And I've been loving it.


Aleta said...

Hmm, don't think I can say I'm enjoying the summer. The heat has sucked all of the energy out of the air. The computer is in the hottest room in the house, so that's my excuse. Lol. And SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. don't mention the "H" word. As it is, we're on pins and needles around here. At least Alex isn't heading our way!

Ok, from the sound of it, that's not a book I want to get if it's not inspiring you to read quickly :) I have so many "books to read" on my list that it's making my fingers twitch to decide what to read next! Lol

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I'm glad you and Daphne got to meet -- that's great! She seems like a wonderful person. And I completely understand your picture issues. I have so many of my own -- mainly, I look incredibly bloated in every picture. My only hope is that in "real life" I don't look that horrible, but I'm kinda resigned to the fact that I probably do.

Dani said...

What fun! And I can easily overlook all sorts of pet hair and undergarment straps. So when is our fun day?

I've been very mellow as well. Like...it's starting to weird me out a bit. But I sense my spark coming back.

Jay is quite the man. That cracked me up.

And Popsicles are getting me through my days lately.

nevertravelled said...

Yay! I had such fun meeting you! Was so comfortable and friendly -- one of those things where you just feel like you've been friends a long time already. :) And Jay and kids (and pets) were all so cute and friendly. Can't wait to do it again!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

You are so damn cute and yet you hate having your picture taken.

I hate to do that as well but I have good reason!

I love love love Alec taking the time to leave you a note.
Jay's a keeper! :-)

Have a great holiday Tam.

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Maybe we're all just too busy enjoying summer. What a nice way to be...happily busy!

I'm jealous that you went to Powell's...I've always wanted to go there.