Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Things I'm Into Right Now

*I'm definitely 'into' the fact that things have slowed down and we're all getting back into our routines. I'm still excited by all the possibilities our new home offers, but I'm happy to take a deep breath and relax a bit. (Although, I'm decidedly not into the fact that I cannot get my newish laptop to work and am forced to write this on the slow and wheezy desk top.)

*I mentioned it last week, but the thrifting out here is amazing. Here's just a bit of our recent haul:

Vintage sheets and pillowcases I eventually want to make into a blanket:
Hanna Andersson dress for the girl ($3):
My new most favorite shoes ever:
I don't think I've ever discussed here my love of Swedish clogs. Actually, I love all clogs, but my preference leans toward the kind with the noisy wooden bottoms. You know, the kind most men find completely unattractive. If I happen upon a pair and they're anywhere near my size, I'll buy them. I paid $6.99 for these and they are a perfect fit. Honestly, I probably would have paid twice as much.

Gluten free and vegan baked goods. Have any of you made anything from this book yet? I'm itching to do some baking but can't decide which recipe to begin with.

*Meeting a blog friend (and her family) in person and not having it be weird or uncomfortable. Well, Jay and I didn't think it was weird. After we left, Melissa and her husband may have looked at each other and said, "Let's NEVER do that again." But I hope not.

*The big news (to me) that Alec Baldwin will be hosting Saturday Night Live on May 15. Yay! I love having some type of television event to look forward to. Totally dorky, I know.

*This candle holder that the boy bought for me at the Renaissance Faire.Upon arrival at the Faire, he wandered off on his own. About 20 minutes later he appeared, chucked this at me and said, "This is for you." And then ran off again waving his wooden sword. I suppose that's how eleven year old boys show affection.

*The mirrored closet doors in my apartment. Normally, I would hate something like this, because I make it a point to avoid all mirrors-especially full length ones-but then I realized that these particular mirrors are magically slimming. I may never move out of this apartment.

*Finally, this post about disposable hand towels over on enviro mom.


kraftykash said...

Thse clogs are fun! I can remember having clogs as a kid, they were awesome. That was so nice of the boy to think of you. :) The view from your table looks great and I want to come thrift with you! LOL

Sarah Parsons said...

Hi Tammy!! I've actually checked your blog something like 5 times today, hoping for an update. And, lo and behold, here it is! I'm so glad your move is going well. I'm so happy that Oregon is agreeing with you. Also, that your new apartment has slimming mirrors. Whenever I find some of those, I'm covering all my walls with them. Wait, I take that back. After my kids are grown and moved out, I'm covering all my walls with them. Regardless of my slimming mirror fantasies, I hope your settling in continues to go well, and look forward to more updates from you. :)

Theresa said...

I love the sheets and pillowcases you got! And all the pics of your new place! It's starting to shape up. Isn't meeting internet friends the greatest?

My now best friend in the entire world, and I met online on a myspace group. Even though myspace is a thing of the past and she lives in MI while I live in South Alabama: we call each other 2-3 times a week, she's visited here, and I've braved the frozen north. It was never awkward for either of us. So awesome that you got to meet Melissa and her fam!

Daphne said...

Super fun stuff. Love the sheets, love the clogs (LOVE the clogs) and yay for meeting online friends in real life! Sounds like things are settling down (thank goodness, right?)

Theresa said...

oh coooool! you made the clogs your new header photo! That looks great!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I'm totally jealous of those sheets. That's quite the haul. Lucky you.

Dani said...

LOVE the header. Excellent.

Jealous of your thrifty finds. I really need to start praying to the Thrift Gods to show me some love this summer.

We have mirrored closet doors throughout our house. I really thought I would hate them. But now...I don't adore them but I don't hate them either. They open up the small rooms (our house was built in '53). And I've found there's a skinny side and a fat side. I have to be careful which door I choose.

I like what you like. Great stuff.

hester said...

Such a happy post....and your table looks so inviting. (I love those hamas beads - they entertain my children for at least 15 minutes).

The clogs are great. I bought a pair on my honeymoon and literally wore them out wearing them day after day after day.

Mari said...

Beautiful shoes! I am so glad everyone in the fam is settling in so nicely.

Maria Rose said...

I haven't tried Babycakes yet, but it's on my to buy list. Also, I have a couple of those same sheets and I am making pj's out of them.

Lia said...

Love those shoes!

Just this week, I have been dreaming up a duvet cover out of thrifted vintage sheets. I'm envisioning long, thick, wonky strips, but I can't decide on horizontal or vertical.

That candle holder story is just about the cutest thing ever! So sweet!

The disposable hand towels, however, is infuriating. Freaking morons.

victoria said...

the shoes rock for sure. love all of it. when I was little, my mom had the sheets with the pink tulips. I love thrifting and running into stuff that we had around when I was a kid.

Still SO thrilled for you! :-)

R.H. Ducky said...

you sound so happy, and that makes me smile :D
loving the new header! i really really really want a new header, but i just haven't felt even remotely creative enough to tackle that.
i was riding through town with my brother the other day and i spied what appeared to a super cool thrift store. the idea of going to a thrift store did not appeal to him, at all...so he refused to shop. i hope i can find it the next time i'm out and about.

melissa s. said...

The only thing we said when you guys left was, "wow, I didn't know floridians could be so COOL!!!" ;-)

We had a lovely time and are so glad you guys found your way to the PacNW!