Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random Thoughts

*I've been a shitty blogger/blog friend lately. I'm behind on reading everyones blogs and even though I'm catching up, I haven't been commenting as much and that makes me feel bad. As for my own blog, I've been here, but my heart really hasn't been in it. In fact, posting has been harder than it ever has for me. It's felt like a job. Granted, a job I don't get paid for. So, it's felt like slave labor. But I feel like things are taking a turn. My life is truly settling down and I think things will be "normal" soon. Yay for normal. (As a side note to this: a lot of my blog people have had more serious and pressing matters in their lives as well and blogging and commenting has been hit and miss. Is it something in the air lately or what?)

*Our house in Florida still hasn't sold. I try not to think about it because I know that ultimately there is nothing I can do. There are a few people that want it, but getting financing is hard. The fact of the matter is, right now you have to have near perfect credit to get financing and that just isn't most people.

*I've thought long and hard about whether or not to blog about how our move was possible, in regards to the financial aspect. At one point I decided not to, but really, it seems like I'm leaving a huge chunk out of the story by not mentioning it and I'm sure some of you were wondering. So here is the abbreviated version in a loose list form for your reading ease and pleasure:

When my mom moved out, we knew we needed to act fast. Long term, we couldn't pay the mortgage on our own. We put the house on the market literally the next business day.

Jay's company has had openings throughout Oregon for sometime now. We always knew this was where we wanted to be, we just didn't know how to do it and to be frank, I was really scared about the whole thing. But because of our situation, we had to do something so Jay put in for a transfer and applied for a job in Oregon. (He got it, obviously. And he got a raise.)

To cover all of our immediate financial needs and expenses, Jay quit his job so that he could cash out his 401k, and then got re-hired when we got to Oregon. This was very stressful for me. Not so much for Jay, who tends not to be a worrier. But my worst fear was getting up here and Jay not getting re-hired.

With our 'extra' money, we paid down/off some credit cards and we paid off our car. So now, other than the fact that we have both rent AND a mortgage to pay, we're doing pretty okay financially (i.e. not so in debt). This probably goes without saying, but I need my house to sell real soon. Like, yesterday. So yeah, if anyone wants a 4 bedroom 3 1/2 bath in Gainesville, Florida.....I know a couple of very motivated sellers.

I had hoped to be get a job when the girl starts school in the fall, but they have half day kindergarten here so I don't know if that will be possible.

So that's the long and short of it. It had never been in our plan to move that way. We had hoped to have all of our ducks in a row and not have every little step be so up in the air. There were times it was so very, very stressful, and I have to credit Jay for really keeping all the balls in the air while I tried to not have a nervous breakdown. Also, I hated having to rape and pillage the 401k the way that we did (let's not even discuss the tax aspect of it all), but ultimately I'm glad it was there. Plus, we're young enough to be able to start over. Which we have. And, we're happy.

Moving on to more randomness......

*Yesterday, I bought a clothes drying rack. I'm very excited about this. I miss my clothesline and hate having to use the dryer for everything. And even though our electric bill is about $300 less than it was in Florida, I want to see how low I can get it.

*Right now I'm reading The Kite Runner. It's depressing and isn't doing a lot for my mood, but it's a good book. I'm definitely going to have to read something lighthearted afterwards. I don't know if I'll be reviewing it here. I may just want to be done with it and not think about it anymore.

*The boy just got back from outdoor school and he had a blast. I, of course, was a nervous wreck the whole time but I'm glad he went. He said the food sucked but he was excited to tell me that one of his camp counselors was a stunt double in Twilight.

I think that's all the randomness I have for you today. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with a proper post.


Jessie at The R/evolution of J said...

This is a proper post.

Tammie said...

ha ha..maybe yeah. i feel like i rambled. my minds been on overdrive lately. i need to decompress.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Hey I see Jess beat me to my comment!

And why do people look at houses when they aren't approved? I never understood that. Get approved first they tell you what you can spend and then look at houses. I went through this before and I know how frustrating that can be on your end.

I think you need a massage - hey Jess going to Oregon?

R.H. Ducky said...

i have been a shitty blogger/blog friend lately might be right about something being in the air.
i have been thinking about cashing out my 401(k) from my old job. things here aren't exactly as financially secure as i thought they would be.
i thought this was a proper post. mine for the past few days/weeks/whatever certainly have not. also, you get about a million cool points for using the phrase "ducks in a row"

*ducky hugs*

kraftykash said...

Tammie, I am so proud of you and all the things that you and Jay are doing for your family. Dont ever apologize for being random. That is one of the things that I love about you and your blog. :)

Theresa said...

Seriously? A stunt double in Twilight? That IS exciting! LOL

Hope things continue to settle down for you guys.

Shalet said...

Fingers crossed for a quick sale of your house! Home ownership isn't always all it's cracked up to be is it?


Tammie said...

you guys are the best. sometimes i feel like i just babble incoherently. im glad that appeals to all of you.

peggy: i know!!! there is one family thats looked at our house 3 or 4 times, but they have all these kinks in their credit that are keeping things from moving forward. its very frustrating.

alicia: its a tough decision to have to make. it sucks when ou have to do it, but be thankful you have the option. full frontal ducky hugs right back atcha!

kashoan: thank you so much! ive really loved and appreciated your support throughout all this.

theresa: i know! isnt it cool?

Daphne said...

There's totally something in the air. I have been doing a bad job of reading blogs/commenting lately too. Oh well.

Enjoy having some time to decompress! So glad the boy enjoyed outdoor school.

Did you get one of those big huge racks? I have a small one but when I was growing up we had two huge ones (and no dryer).

Tammie said...

i know! it seems like everyone all at once said "eh, i just dont have the time to blog." its very weird.

its not a huge one. it can only hold about 5-7 items at a time. i may invest in a larger one if i feel i can get enough use out of it though.

Maria Rose said...

I've had a lot of trouble being a good commenter of late, mostly because my daughter is mobile and I have about 10 seconds of time. Also, I've found that most moves I've made (20+) that they never are as neat as I would hope. I also find that I am happier when I just do it!

Tammie said...

maria rose: i think you're onto something. i think moving is like having a child: no matter how hard you try, you're never totally prepared for it all.

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

I cashed out a 401(k) when I moved once and it was the best thing I could have done. Maybe taxes won't be as bad as you think since the move was for a job...right? Glad you're getting settled in.

My blogging/commenting has been very sporadic lately. No reason for just is.

I hope your house sells soon...

Dani said...

Sometimes blogging is a chore...and can be stressful.

No worries. We are here, rain or shine. I consider myself a low-maintenance Blog Land friend.

I *HATED* The Kite Runner. Hated it. It was depressing and I found myself regretting the time I put into it. I still wonder how some folk consider it their favorite.

Thanks for the update. :)

Tammie said...

mag:hmmm...i never thought about it that way. i guess ill know more cmoe tax time.

dani: i know exactly what you mean. i sorta like the story, but at this point im forcing myself to get through it.

Daphne said...

PS: although The Kite Runner was a really powerful book, and I'm glad I read it, I can't say it will make a list of favorites because I bawled my eyes out just about the entire last half of the book. It's not one that you read for pleasure.

Lia said...

I love random posts.

I've felt like a shitty blogger/ bloggy friend lately, too.

And I also feel the need to update my few peeps, but don't really know if I want to.

I know that was just sort of vague, but that's the way it is for right now.

Tammie said...

daphne: i just finished it about five minutes ago. im definitely glad i read it, but i didnt like a single minute of it.

michelle said...

Sounds about right... I have been too scared to pick up The Kite Runner since reading A Thousand Splendid Suns. Fantastic writing, amazing story. Tore me up emotionally!

Visty said...

Ha! G said all the kids at school complained about the food at Outdoor School, too!

Not Your Aunt B said...

You gotta do, what you gotta do. I wouldn't worry too much about the 401k. The money you are spending on the kids now will go to that when they leave (please, let them leave, right?) so it will build up faster then than now. Keeping my fingers crossed that your house sells soon!

beki said...

Eh, blogging goes in cycles - you're not alone. I think things in blog land are slow all around, but it tends to get like this at this time of year. And I definitely think this is a proper post. Give yourself some slack!
P.S. I still think you're a Rock Star :) (and i FINALLY put your feed on my reader, geesh! i could have sworn you were there. please forgive me)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammie, I'm Shannon. I read your blog often (just found it by accident one day) and I really appreciate your honesty about your life. It's funny you posted the info about how you managed to move because I kept wondering how you did it. I read a great book by Lolly Winston titled Good Grief a couple years ago. You might like it, just a suggestion. Easy quick read and funny/sarcastic main character. Thought it may be a good one after a heavy read like The Kite Runner. Cheers, keep on-a-bloggin'

Anonymous said...

P.S. from Shannon: total coincidence that the main character in Good Grief moves to Oregon...I went back and reread some reviews and realized that little tidbit.

Tammie said...

thanks shannon! and im glad you de-lurked to comment.

i figured a few people would be wondering how we could afford to move since i never made it a secret that i didnt have thousands of dollars laying around.

and im definitely going to try to find that book. i need a lighthearted read.

hester said...

Can I join the chorus of slack bloggers (she writes at the end of a long list of comments some time after the post). Posting can feel like a chore but reading my favourite blogs is always a joy.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

1 - good luck selling the house. If I hear of anyone looking, I'll send them your way.
2 - tell me more about this drying rack.
3 - I loved the Kite Runner, I think I already told you that though.