Friday, February 5, 2010

Cheese Update

Do you remember at the beginning of January when Jay and I vowed to not eat cheese all month? Gosh, why does it seem like that was a billion years ago? Anyway, we did it. Mostly. We threw in the towel on January 30th. Being in the house was kind of a downer and we wanted to do something nice with the kids so we decided to take them out for pizza.

We went to a groovy little locally owned pizza joint called Satchels. In front of the restaurant is an old van converted into a seating area. (click the link to see the restaurant and van) We've never sat in the van before because it's always been way too hot for me. But the weather was cool (rainy actually), the boy wanted the van, and Jay and I wanted to be accommodating. What follows are probably way too many pictures of us and the van, but whatever:There aren't a lot of rules at Satchels and tagging the van is allowed. Apparently quite a few Twilight fans sat in this van before me:
My personal favorite: I think Edward Cullen is a "boo" to a lot of gals.

Anyway, back to cheese. Going cheese free for a month was easier than I thought it would be. The first five days were the hardest. I wanted grilled cheese sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, nachos and cheese, bagels and creme cheese, and so on and so forth. After I got over that hump, I didn't really crave cheese a whole lot and mostly didn't miss it. But then the hard part became the incidental noshing on cheese that I do throughout the day. Like being hungry in the middle of the day and just grabbing a piece of cheese. Or making the kids mac and cheese and "sampling" some. I really had to work to remember to not just randomly shove cheese in my face. That being said, by the end of the month I really wanted to put some fresh parmesan on my spaghetti and some blue cheese crumbles on my salad.

This challenge definitely made me see not only how much cheese I eat, but how much of it is crap cheese. Honestly, I don't really even like American cheese, why should I eat it? That realization has changed the way I view my eating habits and I've virtually stopped eating all cheese I don't truly love. Anymore, it's only the smelly stuff for me.

Jay and I had planned on doing similar food challenges all year, including going gluten free for part of February, but I just don't think we'll have time to work up the food plans that would be required to do so. But I do hope to revisit this idea in the future because it was definitely eye opening.


Mari said...

I don't eat cheese every day, but I do love good cheese! Love the van, and your kids are getting so big.

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Oh, I'm with you smelly cheese! I often try to do food's probably time I start them again. The van looks fun...great photos!

Hey, do you want me to look and see if I have my copy of Lucky and you can borrow it?

victoria said...

an amen to stinky cheese

kraftykash said...

Love the boys hair! Kalen went through that long hair faze for a few yrs. I kinda dig it. That restaurant looks fun! Im doing the WW thing now, Im realizing how bad I was eating...and Im just a day into it. Cheese sounds good right now :)

Not Your Aunt B said...

Mmm...stinky cheese. I do love a good cheese. J doesn't so I get it all for myself...bwahahahaha! Love the van- how fun!

Dani said...

That pizza place looks awesome! What fun!

I'm not a huge cheese least not in a plain piece of cheese sort of way. I like a sprinkle here, a shaving here. And I'm down with the stinky stuff too.

Penny said...

I LOVE cheese but I did used to eat slices of American cheese and your right it isn't that good EXCEPT in grilled cheese sandwiches or omeletes, then it is delicious.

hester said...

Yep...cheese is good. I love Parmesan on risotto and pasta which we eat a lot.(the gluten free kind of pasta usually)

If you ever try going gluten free for a while I can give you our favourite recipes (Scott is a coeliac). We have GF pancakes every weekend and Scott makes a great baked cheesecake.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

That van is so awesome....It must have been a blast eating dinner there. And you're absolutely right about cheese....Why do I have crap cheese in my fridge? Right now, I'm loving this Irish cheddar which costs an arm and a leg, but practically melts in my mouth.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

this pizza joint looks like great fun!

I just had a piece of really good creamy sharp cheddar. And you are right I tend to grab a piece of cheese as a snack a lot of days. But I'm with you - no American cheese. Yeah for stinky cheeses.

And Dear Hester - I would love some of the GF recipes. I am scrambling. I am not celiac but I am very sensitive to gluten so must not have it. Not a lover of pancakes but so miss cereal. Just found a GF cheerio's and they are pretty darn good.Anything you can pass along I would be forever in your debt that is like a dessert. I so miss a good dessert.

Sherri said...

I am super impressed with anyone who can stick with a challenge for a whole month! Way to go! I am super strong for the first few hours...and then "tomorrow" is back in my starting plans! =)
those were super cool pictures!
Looks like fun!

Tammie said...

mag: nah dont worry about it. i am going to look for it at the library though.

kash: i wish hed cut it. i think he looks so handsome with short hair. but this is one thing im not arguing about.

victoria: i know right?!

bea: im lucky, because jay is my cheese partner in crime. :)

penny: i agree. there is nothing like the comfort of a perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

jolly: that sounds delicious. i can almost taste it.

hester: the cheesecake sounds amazing.

peggy: if hester doesnt come back and read these comments, ill pass your request on to her. :)

sherri: thanks! :)

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

OK, that van is AWESOME!! I don't know if I could go without cheese, I love it so! But I really, REALLY should try! You are an inspiration!

Great pictures, thanks for the smile!!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love Satchels, it's so laid back and weird. We've never sat in the van before though!