Wednesday, February 10, 2010

By the Numbers

I saw this idea over at Crystal's place. I liked it, thought it was clever, and decided I'd steal it.

81-Number of pages of Animal Dreams that I read yesterday. I think this one is another Kingsolver winner for me.

12-Number of packed up boxes that are being stored in the spare room of my home.

2-Number of weeks that Food, Inc has been on my nightstand waiting to be watched.

At least a dozen-Times Jay has uttered the phrase, "Our Netflix account isn't paying for itself this month" in reference to the aforementioned documentary. I do most of the bill paying around here but Jay psychotically monitors the Netflix account in a way I didn't know was possible. When a movie sits around unwatched for more than a few days, he begins to twitch.

3-Number of times in the past week that I've attempted to farm on Facebook only to completely lose interest and have all my crops die. Obviously, this just isn't the game for me.

6-Number of baseboards I've painted white. (With more to come.)

1-Number of Mighty Beans found while moving furniture to paint said baseboards.

2-Minutes it took for the girl to declare the Mighty Bean her new favorite toy.

1-Number of times I said to the boy, "Don't touch that Mighty Bean. Your sister has grown attached to it and I don't want it lost."

Approximately 2-Minutes it took for the boy to lose the Mighty Bean. (sigh.)

$7.95 + $4.95 shipping and handling-What it would cost the boy to replace the Mighty Bean.

45-Minutes the boy searched the house before finding the Mighty Bean. The idea of having to spend his own money on something so trivial was a powerful motivational tool.

3-Number of times I've kicked a small blue Lego around the kitchen without bothering to pick it up.


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You better pick up that Lego -- dang, they're painful when you actually step on them with bare feet. Cute posting.

Tammie said...

jolly: advice noted and taken! its in the trash as i type this. :)

It's Me, Theresa said...

This was fun to read. I can so relate to the part about the lego. LOL

Lia said...

That's cute! I loved that post, too, and totally did my #s in her comments section and then immediately felt like a big fat dork for posting it.

FYI, they have Mighty Beans at Target- in case you're ever in a fix.

Tammie said...

lia: i liked your comment over at crystals so you shouldnt feel like a dork.

ill definitely remember that about target. my son was totally into the beans about 5 years ago but i wasnt sure if they still sold them anywhere.

Aleta said...

Hehe, I like the last one, about the Lego. It's easier to move it out the way sometimes.

Dani said...

I wanted to copy that post as well. But I'm not sure if my numbers would be very interesting. I'd have to think of some clever numbers.

The Mr. is the same way with Netflix. But he has good reason. It hasn't paid for itself in months.

I'm glad you are keeping a sense of humor through the whole move scenario.

Maria Rose said...

So are mighty beans the new pog...ermember those?

Tammie said...

maria rose: i dont know if they were ever as popular as pogs, but as far as worthlessness, yes...about the same thing.

Daphne said...

(having trouble commenting lately) Wow, you are making process! I saw you on Farmville -- Terri got me hooked on it, darn her. Too bad you didn't like it. It's silly fun. We go through phases with Netflix. Sometimes we watch one a night, and sometimes they languish for weeks. I gave up being the Netflix Nazi. Less guilt = better.

kraftykash said...

We have never discovered mighty beans. Korby has a collection of bouncy balls somewhere around 350. Every once in awhile she will dump the entire tub of balls on her wooden floor. Ugghh!

Nowheymama said...

Love this!

Penny said...

I have been know to keep Netflix movies for MONTHS and it really does not bother me at all. I had a friend at work that when I told him I did that I think it actually raised his blood pressure.

I keep hearing about Food, Inc and I'm too afraid to watch it. I think I want to be ignorant...maybe. I don't know. Let me know what you think.

hester said...

I have no idea what a Mighty Bean or a pog is. I'm sure we miss out on a lot of stuff in Australia. Netfix sounds good too but I need to wait until my children sleep better so I can make it through a whole movie in one go without having to go to bed.

I also really relate to the lego thing. I'm now an evil mother and when I eventually pick it up, I sneakily throw it in the bin.

PS Have posted some Gluten free dessert recipes if anyone would like them.