Monday, December 7, 2009


The weather was beautiful on Sunday (chilly, no rain but not too sunny) so we decided to take the children and canines to the park. In the above photo, the girl is talking to and "looking" at her imaginary friend Kirby. (This, of course, caused another mother in the swing area to eye us strangely.)

Liz Lemon gets plenty of exercise at home but she needs the occasional romp at the park or she starts to act like a spaz.We don't always take Sadie on these outings because she is somewhat anti-social. She basically spent the entire time walking the perimeter of the fenced area trying to find a way out.The adventure ended when Rufus the un-neutered Bloodhound showed up. This is not the first time he's cut short a trip to the dog park. His owner, who I might add appears to be slightly off his rocker, says that Rufus just "wants to play." I liken this statement to one made by a rapist insisting that his victim "was asking for it." My girls are not interested in the way Rufus "plays."

In other weekend news:

*Thank you for all your well wishes concerning the boy's illness. Thankfully, his bug was of the 24 hour variety.

*I baked a pumpkin pie with a homemade graham cracker crust. It's delicious but not real photogenic. I'm going to have to play around with the recipe a bit to perfect it. This will not be a problem, in fact I look forward to the challenge.

*Jay and I began watching Season 4 of Weeds on dvd. It's a lot different from previous seasons and I'm not sure if I'm loving it. Time will tell.

What did you do this weekend?


kraftykash said...

We love taking JB to the dog park. Korby takes a ball and there is one dog who loves to try to hump her leg. She was mortified whe nshe realized what he was really trying to do. Kiley and I almost peed from laughing so hard. Ahhh the dog park. Glad things are going well. We had our 1st snow yesterday and are expecting lots more this wk.

Not Hannah said...

We just STEEPED ourselves in Christmas stuff. I'll post later on my blog.

I'm intrigued by pumpkin and graham cracker. When the recipe is perfected, I'd like to check it out!

Nowheymama said...

We love pumpkin pie with graham cracker crust!

Glad the boy is feeling better.

Karen said...

My mother makes this pumpkin cheesecake with graham cracker crust. The first time I heard about it I was revolted (I don't like cheesecake OR pumpkin pie) but it turns out it's delicious, really really excellent. If yours is half that good then you're onto something.

Penny said...

Your little girl is really the cutest!

We watched season 4 of Weeds on DVD recently too....I didn't like it as much as the other seasons, but we still watched it and I thought it was good....

R.H. Ducky said...

glad the boy is better! the girl is adorable. so why was this other mom eyeing you? isn't it pretty normal for kids to have imaginary friends?

i have never seen weeds, but i have a few friends that just rave about it. maybe i should check it out.

IGEMOM said...

Glad you joined my blog...and glad you had a nice weekend. I spent the weekend in a stress-inducing tizzy. I'll email soon. Lots of details to add on the JW stuff. And maybe lots of ??s...

Maria Rose said...

I've heard the "he just wants to play" comment many times, usually before a massive dog fight. Why do people bring their aggressive dogs to the park, why not an obedience class?

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Gosh your daughter is adorable!

Tammie said...

kash: ha ha....the dog park can really be a mortifying place if you arent prepared.

not hannah: ill keep you posted.

nowhey: do you make your own crust or use store bought? i think i made my crust a bit on the thick side and it kept the pie from cooking all the way through. the pie ended up being somewhat custard like. it was good though. notice i said "was."

karen: that sounds delicious. i love both so would be in heaven.

penny: thank you! yeah, season 4 is very different. im having trouble relating. i mean, not that i could totally relate before...

ducky: i think the other mom was just trying to figure out who Kirby was.

igemom: bring it on!

maria rose: i know right?!?! when our rottweiler was alive we never took her to the dog park. she was basically harmless, but she made things difficult so we avoided the situation all together.

peggy: thank you!

Lia said...

Well, let's see I...
-let each of the boys have a friend sleep over
-cleaned the house repeatedly because of 2 extra boys
-tried to finish decorating for Christmas
-tried to go Christmas shopping with the husband
-got into a big giant fight with the husband while Christmas shopping
-ignored him the rest of the weekend
-and completed one (only one) of the what feels like millions of presents I'm planning on making

I guess I'm still a bit pissed.

Daphne said...

Sounds like a great weekend, and your girl is adorable! I made cookies, decorated cookies, and hunkered down in the bedroom with the heater on because it's super-cold here right now and, as previously stated, our house is FREEZING. So we've abandoned the rest of the apartment and are all cozy snug in the bedroom. All four of us. We only venture out for tea or food, bringing everything back to the only warm room in the house. It's like being a pioneer! Or, living in a cave.

hester said...

Now I feel bad as we didn't take Kipper to the dog park again on the weekend. Poor neglected dog.

Your photos are lovely, especially the one of "the girl" with the ponytail.

Not Your Aunt B said...

I love the girl's imagination! Wonderful!

And WTF with dog owners being so blase about their dog's behavior? We had a dog that literally would hump everyone (people too)- it was so gross!- but his owner just said he was a romeo. Really? No thanks!

Dani said...

We did the whole Christmas decorating bit. Put up the tree. Strung the lights outside. Watched Elf. Ate some spicy Thai.

Oh yeah. And had a freakin' heart attack during a football game which left me hungover from stress the next day. But I proved that prayer works.

I'm glad the pie was tasty.