Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Talk to the Moose

I've always loved Gap commercials. Remember the Gap Swing ads from a decade ago? Loved 'em! Anyway, Gap always seems to pull out all the stops during the holiday season and this year is no exception. Have you seen the Gap Kids ad with the little girls? If not, here it is:

I love everything about this ad. I love the way the girls are dressed, all bright and colorful and mismatched. They look like, well, little girls. I love the way the choreography isn't 100% spot on, like maybe they worked the whole routine out in the basement. I love it when (around the 0:21 mark) the one girl shrieks at the mere thought of having to wear frilly dresses. Now I know it's just a commercial, but I love the way the girls want to dress like this. Call me a prude, but I don't want to see the mid-drift of an eight year old, and I certainly don't want to see her wearing sweat pants that say Hot Stuff or Sassy across the butt.

I write all of this because, when I was searching for the commercial online, I found this piece over on, where they say the add is "gross" and cite it as one more example of the way our society sexualizes little girls. Personally, I couldn't disagree more. To me they just look like little girls doing the goofy things that little girls do. (Not to mention the fact that they are completely covered from the neck down.)

Will you share your thoughts on the matter? Is the commercial icky? Do I need to relinquish my feminist card because I enjoy this ad so much? Whatever the case, I think Gap picked a winner again because I want to spend my mortgage money on comfy sweaters and cute boots.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I agree 100%. No need for us to throw our feminist cards away Tammie.

I think the girls look nice. They look and act like little girls. Now how often can you say those two things in a sentence today?

And doesn't every little girl dance around like that? I know I did. It's all too often that you see little girls emulating sexy moves they see on TV and dressing like a hoochie-mama's. This is adorable and wholesome to me. The only thing not covered is their cute little faces.

Sometimes "we" are too politically correct for our own good.

R.H. Ducky said...

i may or may not have started singing along with this commercial when it was on last night (imagine that with my accent). ahem.

i think it's adorable and fun. adam thinks it's annoying. but i haven't heard anyone say it's inappropriate.

*how cute are these cute are these boots*

Penny said...

Interesting because I like that ad too. I like all the polka dots and the mismatched clothes and they are all covered up and my opinion is they are acting like little girls...My problem with the commercial is I love the clothes but if you go to look at the Gap's website of their boy clothes they are all awful and ugly because obviously boys only like blue and brown and not polka dots!

Tammie said...

peggy: thank you. you basically summed up exactly how i was feeling.
sometimes we are too quick to label the activites of kids, when really they are just being kids.

ducky: its constantly in my head. constantly.

penny: i know! its sad isnt it? i was actually just in the gap today looking for some shirts for my son and the boy side was really quite pathetic.

alisha said...

I agree and disagree.

I agree that it's nice, for once, to see little girls looking and dancing and dressing appropriately for their age. And nothing that they are singing about is lewd or suggestive.

However, I don't really care for what they're saying. After all, it is still a commercial; materialism is the message. They're asking their parents to buy them things. And, if I ever talked to my parents that way, I would have gotten an evil eye (at least) lol.

Tammie said...

alisha: i completely see your point. in fact when i was reading through the comments on the jezebel piece, a lot of people agreed with you and thought the girls were bratty.

beki said...

I have to admit that I sing along with the commercial and every time it comes on all of my kids stop in their tracks and watch it. I like it.

Oh, and none of my kids have requested "comfy sweaters" or "cute boots". All they see is fun.

Crystal said...

I agree with Aliasha. I thought those little twerps were bratty and it was all about materialism, but I did indeed like the outfits.

Perhaps I am slowly becoming a scrooge.

Hotch Potchery said...

I liked it...and it is an AD so kids asking for stuff is appropriate because it is an AD.

Tammie said...

beki: ooh you make a good point and i agree. my daughter hasnt asked for anything from the commercial either. in fact, when she was shopping with me today she started singing the song but didn't actually ask me to purchase any of the items that she recognized from the commercial. i think that although the materialistic aspect is more glaring to adults (especially adults of a certain mindset), the kiddos arent as quick to pick up on that.

crystal: i dont think you're being a scrooge. i certainly wouldnt want my kids to talk to me like that. but in the context of a commercial, i love it.

hotch: word!

Barefoot_Mommy said...

I love this ad! I would totally dress my kid that way... wait... I DO dress my four year old that way. I love the funky mismatched skirts/tights look, and so does B... but to be fair she also really likes wearing frilly dresses too.

And you certainly aren't a prude. I HATE, and I do mean HATE, that there are two piece swim suits in the BABY section every year. Not just in little girls, in the BABY section. There was one year I ended up having to order B a suit because all of the baby swim wear was bikini's. And somewhere there is a lady worried about little girls in skirts, boots, sweaters, scarfs and mittens?! At least they aren't dancing around in BIKINI'S!

I don't even think it's bratty personally. And honestly, if B got together with a few of her friends and got dressed like that and made up a little dance and a rhyme to ask for a new sweater... I have to say I'd be inclined to get her one. LOL But that's just me

Daphne said...

Super cute (clothes, kids, commercial). No need to toss feminist (or good-mom) card! people get way too uptight.

The commericalism thing, okay. Can totally understand that. However, cute kids being cute kids, no problems there. And yes, the kids look totally appropriate!

Angela said...

All 3 of my daughters love this commercial. My middle daughter who is 6, actually did request one of the outfits & the boots in the commercial. I was happy to oblige and went to the Gap today w/ my 40% off coupon. I know she will get alot of wear out of those boots and I know she's going to feel proud wearing her outfit to school. I like this commercial, it makes clothing look like a fun,cool gift. Clothing is usually the last thing my kids want as a gift but clothing is alot more practical than toys. Their are tons of toy commericials this time of the year and now finally a commercial that makes clothing look fun.

kraftykash said...

Its a fast commercial and you really have to listen to the words. Korby (my tomboy) didnt hear it at 1st. When I told her they were sick of frilly dresses, she said "YES". Gap made those girls look like they are having fun. Good for them!!

NeuroClassyMommy said...

Love it! It's adorable and fun. No harm done! Those other folks need to lighten up and get over themselves. :)

Lia said...

I think it's cute- the commercial and the clothes.

JEM said...

Oh boy. And here comes the stick in the mud. #1 I loathe large corporations. #2. I hate Gap and everything is represents in our society. #3. Commercialism makes desire for false lifestyles. #4. Kids and commercialism boils my blood.

Summery: Large corporations using children for commercials in order to gain younger materialists is a pain in my twisted head.

But, my children do dress in crazy colors and they wear boots for warmth. Basically, they are like every other child their age. Minus the choreography.

Dani said...

It is quite catchy. But not as catchy as the Gap swing commercials. I think Gap reached the pinnacle with those.

I would be more into their outfits than The Girl. Not princess-y enough for her liking. We are so very different.

I'm such the sports geek. My favorite commercial of the moment is Peyton Manning in the Mastercard (?) ad. I stop in my tracks to watch it. And The Mr. then rolls his eyes.

Tammie said...

im loving this conversation! thanks so much everyone for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

barefoot: thats what i love about it the most: i could see my girl doing this, or at least wanting to.

angela: oooh, you make a good point too! with the economy being the way it is, a lot of kids are probably going to be getting gifts of the "need it" variety and not so much the "want it" variety. this ad, makes the "needs" a bit more exciting and fun. and really the prices arent that bad. when i was there the other day, all the scarves, hats, and mittens were $5. combine that with a coupon and they begin to rival thrift store prices.

kash: can we assume korby has added comfy sweaters and cute boots to her christmas list?

neuro: i think it's cute and fun too.

jessie: believe me, im not a fan of large corporations either and Gap has done plenty things to piss me off. I hated that whole Product red campaign, when they basically tried to guilt people into buying a $50 tee shirt in the name of Aids. I found the whole thing disgusting and deplorable.

and i do think that the store itself tends to sell uniformity. this is probably where i diverge from your way of thinking: i like the uniform. :) really though, i do agree with you and i have to admit that i face a bit of an internal struggle when i go into a mall at all. but hell, sometimes i need chinos and tee shirts.

dani: ha ha ha. i am not a fan of manning so i avoid that commercial.

werent the swing ads the best?! i tried to find one to post here but the quality wasnt good.

Becky..AMHW said...

If that's sexualized then someone has a clown fetish.

I have boys so I don't get to shop for the whole bright fabric thing, but I love it when I find bright clothes for them because then they don't look like mini Eddie Bauers.

I too am tired of the commercials using children that ask adults to buy them things. A lot of people are finding the money plenty tight this year. They don't need a layer of guilt for understandably saying no. In my Christmas shopping this year I've been disappointed with the quality of the things I can say yes to my kids about. That, and I don't want to buy anything requiring batteries, lol.

Mari said...

I love this ad and I am a die-hard feminist!

hester said...

I loved the ads and the girls' "attitude" and the colourful clothes. I completely agree with you Tammie about the revoltingness of clothes for little girls which sexualise them in skimpy clothes with "eye candy" type slogans. It's a issue here in the media and with my friends who are mothers.

And I loved that little girl who opens her mouth up and screams.