Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Things have been quiet around here.....well, relatively. I thought I'd share with you a few of the things occupying my time lately.

Coloring:: The advent coloring sheets over on elsie marley. A different coloring sheet everyday. The girl and I have begun to look forward to them.

Reading:: Dead and Gone. The ending had me irritated. Far too many faeries had to die. (Does that sentence makes me sound like a complete lunatic?)

Smelling:: Mrs. Meyer's Peppermint scented hand lotion. It makes me crave peppermint bark. I may have to make some. Soon.

Working on:: Sight words with the girl.I'm tickled that my youngest is excited to learn to read. Not to play favorites, but the boy was a bit of a drag in this area.

These boxes, hand decorated by Dawn.The blue one is for the girl. The houndstooth one is mine.I feel as if the pictures don't do them justice. They're gorgeous in person. The girl refers to her box as her "secret box" and it's filled with special items like her Princess cell phone and my old makeup.

The Big Bang Theory on dvd. The boy is a huge fan of this show and the dvds were a holiday gift that he opened early. I think that this show, like Spongebob and 30 Rock, is going to be one that I will come to have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of.

The rain. It's pouring here. I love the sound, I love the smell. If it keeps up I'll sleep very well tonight.


Karen said...

Those boxes are so pretty! Whenever i have a pretty box I store something charmless in it like batteries or coupons. I hope you find some good treasures to keep in your box.

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

If the photos don't do the boxes justice, they must be gorgeous because they look very pretty.

I wish you hadn't mentioned peppermint I want some.

Of course I've been thinking of you with all the ads for the new Alec Baldwin movie.

Penny said...

I love those boxes, the blue one with the tiny reindeer is so adorable!

Do you guys do stockings and Santa or do you celebrate a different way?

kraftykash said...

The only sitcom Kiley will watch is the big bang theory. I love watching him crack up, he does not do this often. :) My kids were the same way about learning to read. Dawn did a great job on those fun!

Barefoot_Mommy said...

We've been doing color pages here too.

You don't sound crazy. I would be upset about the deaths of too many fairies as well.

Those boxes are awesome! I'm with Karen in that i never have anything neat to keep in boxes like that.

My hubs love the Big Bang Theory series too.

LOL Yay for similarities!

Not Your Aunt B said...

Explain to me these sight words thing. I think they're teaching kids to read very differently than when I learned. I hope that's not a stupid question!
And YAY for the Advent coloring sheets. We will be doing those daily. How fun!
Those boxes are so pretty. Ah! You just want to fill them with loveliness.

Tammie said...

karen: stamps. right now my box has stamps in it.

mag: im going to try to make some peppermint bark today!

penny: we dont do santa, for no real reason other than it never occurred to us to do so. as for stockings, i want to do them---i see so many lovely stockings i want-but its hard for me to really get into it when the weather here (as i see it) isnt traditional christmas-y weather. its hard for me to feel the cozy love for a stocking when its 75 degrees and humid.

kash: big bang is fun. i like it when the whole family can agree on a show.

barefoot: hmmm...there seems to be a thing with hubbys and Big Bang.

b: not stupid at all! i probably wouldnt know either if my mom didnt teach pre k. sight words are just commonly used words that the reader should know automatically. i think they are also called Dolch words.

Maria Rose said...

Lovely boxes. I had a secret box when I was a girl..well I still have it.

Daphne said...

those boxes are fabulous. And isn't the rain glorious?

The fact that you are celebrating Christmas for the first (or is it second?) time blows my mind. I am so curious what you are planning to include.

Hotch Potchery said...

I like the idea of the coloring sheets, that sounds like a great activity to do with your girl.

I love Big Bang Theory...that is a show the 4 of us agree on!

Carla said...

Love the boxes! They could also be used as a neat decorating accessory.

Lia said...

Watching your kids learn to read is fun. And it seems I must check out this Big Bang Theory show. I've never heard of it.

Dani said...

My room mom 2 years ago made me some peppermint bark that was the bomb. I'm still trying to replicate it.

The Boy was at one time into My Name Is Earl. Probably not the best show for a young child to watch. But most of the raunchy humor went over his head. And I soon learned that he liked Earl's car and moustache.

The boxes are quite cute.

Sight words are my life. And The Girl is way more into reading than The Boy. Always has been.