Monday, December 14, 2009

Final Update on 2009 Resolutions

Sunday morning we got up early to make the hour long drive to the outlet mall. If you recall, aside from a few basics, Jay and I haven't bought any new clothes this year. Technically I gave up on my New Year's Resolution when I bought some tee shirts about mid year, but I still really wanted to make it through the year without buying new clothes, and for the most part I feel as if I was a success.

Even when I hit the outlet mall, I didn't go crazy. I went in knowing what I needed-a sweater and a new pair of jeans-and I left with just that. I didn't waste time looking at things I didn't need and, other than a quick once over, I didn't hang out at the sale rack convincing myself to buy something I didn't love just because it was $7.99. So, I do think that my attitude about shopping has changed for the better. I no longer have the "stock up and save" mentality that used to get me into trouble and fill my closet with garbage I wouldn't wear.

Moving on to my other resolutions:

*No credit card usage. Sigh. This one requires explanation. For the most part, we did make a sizable dent in our debt this year, which was a good thing. But then we had a financially trying summer and the credit cards had to be brought out a couple times. I hated having to do this. But in our defense, they were actual emergencies, not "I need to go to Borders and buy five books" emergencies. So again, even though I cannot claim 100% success, I do feel good about what we were able to accomplish and our general mindset when it comes to credit.

*Saying "Yes" to the kids more. (Not like Yes I'll buy that toy, but Yes I'll play that game.)This one came much easier than I ever imagined. When we had the aforementioned rough summer, our family grew closer and we began spending more time together. The yeses came naturally, with little thought or work. Complete success.

*Making the doll on the cover of Stitched in Time.
Yeah, it didn't happen. I'd like to be able to completely blame this on Dawn since she actually had my book for three-fourths of the year. But really, I just didn't feel like making it. Maybe next year.

In conclusion, even though it seems like we failed, I'm mostly happy about what we were able to do, especially financially. As for next years resolutions, we are sticking with the No Credit Card thing because we really need to eliminate most of our debt to be able to move out of Florida comfortably. Plus, in all honesty, not using credit cards is almost a way of life for us now. Also, I still plan on sticking to the No New Clothes thing, although the rules won't be as strict. There won't be any frivolous clothes shopping but things will be bought on an as-needed basis.

Have you given any thought to your New Years Resolutions?


kraftykash said...

Im glad you were able to stick to most of your resolutions. I tried listing the books I was reading, but then...well I quit listing them. LOL Give yourself a little more credit for the things you did accomplish....I think you are AWESOME!

Dani said...

Kudos on all that you have accomplished. Making life changes isn't easy and it doesn't just happen over night.

I am still pondering my goals for the upcoming year. It usually involves flossing and drinking more water. At least I'm predictable.

Tammie said...

kash: thank you! i need some encouragement and your words help.

dani: thank you. and you're right, it's not going to happen overnight. i have to keep reminding myself that. :)

Penny said...

I think for the past...well probably every single resolution was to lose weight. I'm not sure what I want to do for this year, but defintely pay off the credit cards! We had paid off all our debt (minus my student loan) before we moved, and it is creeping back up, I hate it.

R.H. Ducky said...

i'm impressed! sounds like you did a wonderful job with the resolutions.

i'm not making 2010 resolutions. i am however compiling a list of goals for 2010. some would argue that this is the same thing...but i don't know, "goals" sound so much more positive and attainable to me. i think i ruined the word resolution for myself in the past by setting ridiculous standards that i really could not realistically stick to.
so basically i'm trying to trick myself into getting off my lazy ass and being more productive this year ;)

now i need to go post an entry regarding all of the stuff that did not get checked off my to-do list this weekend.

IGEMOM said...

Oi...I need to burn my credit cards. I thought about cancelling my accounts, but then I'd be hurting my credit. I need to downsize my materialistic thoughts....

Barefoot_Mommy said...

I wouldn't say you failed at all! I think the purpose about goals and resolutions is just to make you think more about your choices and try harder to change your habits. In that I would say you were a complete success.

You changed the way you feel about buying clothing, you became more responsible with managing your credit, and you did more with your kids! That's wonderful! And I would say that your accomplishments far outweigh the few slip ups.

BTW- what AWESOME resolutions! I can never think of anything that sounds both do-able and worthy and I hate the same ol' "i'm gonna lose weight!" resolutions. These are all wonderful examples and I think I'm going to have to snag some of them for myself for this year.

Carla said...

It sounds like you did great! I can't even remember if I made any resolutions never mind keeping them! As for this next year...I'll have to think and then document it and see how I do.

Not Your Aunt B said...

Oh, I want that book! I can't even think about anything else now other than trying to find a (cheap) way to get my hands on it!

Tammie said...

penny: the debt thing happens fast doesnt it?

ducky: i understand. "goal" does sound easier. i think people assume they arent going to stick to a "resolution."

IGEMOM: yes. this goal involved a big mental shift for me.

barefoot: thank you!! i need those encouraging words because its so easy to get bummed when i think about how much debt i still have. ugh.

carla: thank you!

aunt b: its a gorgeous book. i have yet to make anything from it yet but its filled with inspiring projects i want to tackle.

Lia said...

I tend to just copy Dani's "floss and drink more water" resolutions. Perhaps I should resolve to quit being so lazy and think of something more meaningful, yet do-able.

I really like your "say Yes to the kids more" idea. Of course, then I'd be copying again.

hester said...

You've accomplished heaps and what positive things have come from your resolutions. I'm impressed. I think I'll try saying "yes" to the kids more often instead of "I can't ....I'm just busy doing such and such".

Karen said...

I think you did a great job. I'm impressed with the kind of resolutions (not going to the gym more often blah blah blah) and the fact that you followed through to some extent for an entire year. I can't even remember what my resolutions were, if I even made any.

Mari said...

Good job! I am impressed at how well you did with the resolutions.
I'm not making any resolutions this year, just trying to survive the holiday season intact.
I am supposed to have the day off, but they asked me to work and I said yes. What was I thinking?! So don't want to go in for 8 hours today! Oh well.

Daphne said...

You did a great job. I didn't make any resolutions (a practice which I'm going to repeat again next year) but I feel like I did pretty good with my general goals of spend not very much (with certain exceptions, notably a new chair and a new TV), not buying any books (I think we only bought 3-4 books this year, and those were carefully considered before making the purchase) and keeping clothing spending WAY down. I did have to do some updating because I got rid of SO much when we moved from the mold house, but basically I bought so little that I really enjoyed my purchases!!

alisha said...

great job this year!

we too didn't buy with credit cards (but that's mostly because they were all maxed out anyway!). and actually, it wasn't so bad. i don't plan on ever going back to them.