Monday, October 19, 2009

What I've Been Reading

I've been reading a lot lately. I guess that's what you do when you're trying to not spend money. You read. Here's a short run down of what I've read in the last month.

*Mississippi SissyThis book is the memoir of Kevin Sessums, who has done editorial work for such magazines as Allure and Vanity Fair. It's all about his childhood and coming of age in Mississippi in the sixties and seventies.

This book was a mixed bag for me. I found parts of it fascinating and other parts hopelessly dull. Both of his parents died incredibly young, so his early childhood was tough. As a teenager he began hanging out with a lot of people who were then considered to be in the southern literary elite. I think this could have been interesting, but ultimately it left me praying for the end. I really didn't care to read a bunch of conversations between him and Eudora Welty. I just found it boring.

That being said, the part where Kevin fully comes to terms with his sexuality is heartbreaking and graphic. And the last fifty odd pages that recount the details around the murder of his best friend Frank Haines kept me on the edge of my seat. Like I said, a mixed bag. I don't know if I could wholeheartedly recommend this book, but parts of it are definitely worth reading.

*When I Was a Loser
Now this one I can wholeheartedly recommend. It's a book of essays by various authors recounting tales of high school dorkdom. Some stories are poignant, others had me laughing out loud. Some of them reminded me far too much of myself. If you were a bit of a reject in school -as I'm guessing most of you are, I find it hard to believe that the popular kids read my blog-then this is probably a book for you.

*Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (Book #4)This one was actually bought for my son on the day of release, last Monday. We both read it in less than 24 hours. I could lie and say that I read the Wimpy Kid books just so that I can monitor my son's reading material, but honestly I just think they're really funny.

*Right now I'm in the middle of reading the graphic novel Little Things: A Memoir in Slices.Here's a note from the publishers comments: As each story loops into others, Jeffrey Brown shows how the smallest and seemingly most insignificant parts of everyday life can end up becoming the most meaningful. This is fancy talk for "boring." But I've already read half the book so I'll muddle through.


Daphne said...

"This is fancy talk for boring" Which, my dear, you are not. :)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

What constitutes the popular kids? I've heard that my whole life. Yes, I was a cheerleader, yes I did hang with a certain crowd but never felt like I fit in. Ever. I didn't think like they did. I didn't follow their "rules" and I heard the beat of my own drum. That didn't help me fit in anywhere really but I'm stubborn like that.
And I read you every day - so there.

Tammie said...

peggy: ha ha ha. honestly im not sure what exactly makes someone popular. but at the high school i went to, a cheerleader wouldnt have been caught dead talking to a nobody like me, unless it was to borrow a pencil. (which by the way, usually never got returned.)

Aleta said...

You do an excellent job of your book reads. I enjoyed this post and see a ride to the book store is in store for my future!

Dani said...

Good reviews. I glean book picks from others, so thank you.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

LOL- I am so guilty of being a reject/dork/nerd in highschool. And I know what you mean about those pencil stealers too!!!

I love the Diary of a Whimpy Kid books. We have bought every single one and I usually finish it within an hour of buying it. They are so hilarious.

Betts said...

I've got to read that high school book. I was a dork. I still am, but when you're an adult, being a dork is a little cool.

Penny said...

I love reading and I went through a memoir phase a few months ago. Now I'm back into fiction and I'm reading Family Album by Sue Miller. I like it.