Friday, October 23, 2009

Random Thoughts

I'm really starting to feel as if I'm phoning it in. At the beginning of the month I had so much to write about that I didn't know where to begin. I had posts written and saved up for days so that every morning all I had to do was log on, proofread, and Publish. Now I have nothing.

I can do this though. Only eight more days.

*Our turtle is doing well. Although he has his own special food, his favorite thing on the menu is big, fat worms. Big, fat, alive worms. I guess he fancies himself a hunter because he won't eat a worm if it's already dead. I admit that I think the worm killing is sorta fascinating.

*Growing up I was taught that Paganism was basically the worship of the devil. Obviously that isn't the case but I still know very little about it, so this morning Jay and I went to two different libraries trying to find books on paganism. (Thanks again for the suggestions Jesse!) Needless to say, pickins' were slim. As Jay reminded me, "We are still in the South, you know?" Right, how could I forget? In defense of my library system, some of the books were supposed to be there, they just weren't. This leads me to believe that they were probably stolen and then sacrificed in an old fashioned backwoods book burnin'.

I didn't leave the library empty handed though. I was able to find one of the Ruth Reichl books that Daphne has been talking about, and I stumbled upon a PostSecret book that I've wanted forever. (I love PostSecret and visit the website every Sunday to see the new secrets.)

*I want to make this Peanut Butter and Bacon pie. I've printed out the recipe and it sits patiently on my kitchen counter, waiting for the moment when I no longer give a shit. I think that's the attitude you have to have if you want to fully enjoy a Peanut Butter and Bacon Pie.

*And now, I leave you with pictures of weird looking, yet very much real, animals. Jay saved these for me a few weeks ago in the event I needed blog filler. The first photo is of a long haired rabbit which I totally want, and the second is, if I remember correctly, some type of newt thing.
Edited to add: Here is a link to the article featuring these animals. Oh, and what I thought was a "newt thing" is actually an Axolotl, a type of mole salamander. Yeah, my bad.


Hotch Potchery said...

Okay, this isn't very nice, but dude, I want to call bullshit on that second photo, that pink thing being a real animal...where did he find that thing?

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

OMG if you make this bacon pie I can't wait to hear the results. My husband would want to marry you. Pie AND Bacon. The only he'd say was missing was the mayo.
That is a damn hoot Tammie.

Nowheymama said...

Holy crap, that is a weird rubber ducky looking critter.

I missed the turtle post. What fun!

Tammie said...

hotch: i swear, to the best of my knowledge, that it's real. i'll go see if i can find the news article it was in.

margaret: if/when i make it, ill be sure to blog about it.

Penny said...

My husband used to work at a small library in south Alabama...they had a room that the community could reserve for meetings or whatever and one time a support group for teen mothers wanted to meet there and the library wouldn't let them....they said it would be bad press essentially.

I hate small town Alabama...I'm not really sure why I felt the need to tell you that story.

Daphne said...

I love the puffy bunny!! OMG, I want one.

Paganism: Well, if you consider that basically Christians took the idea of Pan and turned him into the devil (horned, cloven feet, debauchery), then I guess you could say it was, in a way, the worship of the devil. But modern (neo)paganism isn't generally monotheistic, and it also incorporates a lot of beliefs/groups: Wiccans (nature/goddess worship), Druids (tree/nature worship), New Agey stuff (everybody else), etc. It's pretty interesting. A great book to read is The Spiral Dance by Starhawk. It's about modern Wicca and paganism and is very interesting and joyful. There's a little bit of controversy about the book and mixture of Wicca/goddess worship, but if you're just looking out of curiosity, it's pretty good. I like lots of the ideas in neopaganism instinctively, although, as with anything, sometimes it gets a little silly.

Not Hannah said...

I'm going backwards. I'm crazy that way.

A: I totally want to kiss that Axolotolsoxoslsox right on the face. On. the. face.

B: That pie makes me want to die and then come back and then eat it again. And then die. And then run out and buy a six dollar candy bar with bacon in it. No lie.

C: As a Pagan, I can definitively say that I'm not sitting around worshiping the devil. Although, you know...that pie. I mean, it MIGHT be the devil. I'm just saying. Anywho, you can always check out for some essays, although take many of them with a grain of salt. If you have any questions, you can always hit me up.

D: Will had two turtles in college. We came home one day to find that they had eaten every single one of the fish in the tank. Or...had chomped every one in half. Shudder.

Have a good weekend!

Hotch Potchery said...

That site is awesome!!! I now owe you a drink, not bullshit at all!

Tammie said...

penny: hatred for small town alabama stories are welcome here. my hubs lived in dothan. he can relate.

daphne: interesting. and i think i actually saw that book at the library, it was one of the few they had. i didnt get it because, since i am looking just out of curiosity, i didnt want to get anything that would be too confusing or in depth in a way i just wouldnt get.

Tammie said...

daphne: i wanted to add: not that that particular book is confusing, it's just that i didnt know at the time. im learning that anytime you want to do any kind of research on any faith, it gets overwhelming really quickly.

not hannah: thanks for the link. :)
fortunately, our turtle is a loner, so all we have to worry about our worm pieces.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

*That's one weird looking critter at the bottom there, but the bunny is frikin adorable.

*I'm also Pagan.. no devil worship here.

*Small Town Alabama is where I live and it SUCKS. You don't find many books on Paganism in our library either and if you do, they won't let you check them out. *seriously*

*Peanut butter and bacon pie? Really? I have to know how that tastes. LOL

Karen said...

OK, I'm about to throw up from the weird animal photos and the bacon pie concept (hormones, sorry), but let me quickly recommend The Chalice and the Blade. It's not so much about paganism as it is a sort of a woman focused view of pre-history. It's a total classic in the "books about natural religion" genre, if that even is a genre.

Betts said...

If you're looking for a topic to write about, I've been dying to hear more about what life as a Jehovah's Witness was like. But only when you're in the mood to write about it.

Also, stories about how couples get together are sometimes interesting. Do you and your husband have "a story"?

Carla said...

That rabbit - is scary!
The pie? Let me know how it is, honestly it sounds rather strange to me!

Daphne said...

Barefoot: Can you not check out the pagan books because they don't want you to have them, or because they're afraid you'll burn them?

I'm starting to be very, very afraid of the South, you guys.

Tammie said...

daphne: you should be. the south can be scary as hell. there are some small towns near me that i occassionally have to drive through on road trips that frighten me to no end. they are like straight out of Deliverance.

honestly, backwoods folk frighten me 100 times more than the worst inner city, gang-filled neighborhood.

Dani said...

My dad has lots of info on paganism. I could ask him and send you some titles to check.

Those are the freakiest animals I have seen in a really long time.

Dani said...

Oh...the peanut butter and bacon pie.

I have no words for that one.

victoria said...

You have no idea how all this shit talk about the South makes me feel SO much better. Before these great posts and comments I thought I was the only unfortunate soul forced to live here against my will. :-) Instead of hiding in the house, it might help me to get out and meet some like minded people! Thanks for writing even though you thought you didn't have much! I'm already beginning to check in every morning. Plus, I'm still catching up on all your previous stuff which is all fun and interesting.

Tammie said...

victoria: im glad we were able to make you feel less alone. we dont all want to be here. sometimes its just hard getting out.


Not Your Aunt B said...

The salamander thing is creepy.
And I may have to try your PB&B pie as we have a "bacon-fest" at work where everyone brings a bacon recipe that is unusual. I have made bacon jam and it was good!

Not Hannah said...

Hey, not everything in the South sucks. I mean, I LOVE the South and I'm cool as frickin' ice. (Heh.) However, living in a small town in the South can suck donkey balls. The town I grew up in was much cooler than the one I live in now, probably because it has a thriving artistic community. This one? Art is pretty much the best use of a ten commandments placard in a flower bed. Shudder.

Anywho, I've come to the realization that there are probably a lot of folks like me lurking in our homes and being cool as ice while hiding from the suckage, but I'm not sure how to find the others. We need a Batsignal or some such shit.

Tammie said...

i hate those 10 commandments placards.

R.H. Ducky said...

I grew up in small town Texas, was escorted to a Baptist church 3 times a week, and was generally just very sheltered.
In high school I overheard some kids making fun of this girl that was Wiccan. They said that all Wiccans are lesbian, so I went to the local library to find some books because I was intrigued.
The librarian wouldn't let me check out the books, and then called my grandma. Drama ensued.

Tammie said...

what is up with southern librarians thinking they are the keepers of all knowledge?!