Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Friday

  • Wake up
  • Put on one of the shirts that Dani sent me. It's low cut. I feel sexy.
  • Get girl ready for pre-school. She insists on wearing a paper birthday hat. Her birthday is in January. Decide this is not worth arguing about.
  • Start a load of laundry
  • Go with the husband to have a McFlurry. Morning is going well.
  • Return home. See entire load of laundry was turned pink except for the blue items which are now purple. All due to one ever-so-tiny red shirt.
  • Curse (a lot)
  • Rewash load
  • An hour later, nothing has changed.
  • Curse again
  • Go to the grocery store to find something to magically return clothes to their original colors. Nothing seems to exist. Lots of products to prevent this from happening, none to reverse it. Leave grocery store.
  • Upon leaving store, am ogled at by two old men on a bench. Am creeped out. Rethinking sexy low cut shirt choice.
  • Go to Target, buy Oxyclean.
  • Also buy turtle food. Turtle food=$8 for three ounces. Price per ounce, turtle is eating quite well. Possibly better than I am.
  • Go home and rewash clothes yet again.
  • Call Dawn, who relays her own personal sexy shirt/creepy old guy story. Mutually decide we need to wear our sexy clothes to better places.
  • An hour later, clothes still mostly pink.
  • Try to transport self back to McFlurry happy place.
  • Curse and give up. Hang clothes on line. Damn pink/purple clothes.
  • Go to fridge to get pumpkin beer to transport self to pumpkin beer happy place.
  • Open fridge door and beer bottle rolls out, crashes to the floor and shatters. Beer and small pieces of glass everywhere.
  • Vow to clean up mess later, grab beer, and go use computer.
  • At 3:15 realize that entire day's diet has consisted only of McFlurry and beer. Make sandwich.
  • Clean up beer mess and decide to give up on rest of the day and do only bare minimum.


Barefoot_Mommy said...

Wow... your friday sounds about as lovely as my week. LOL I wish I had some pumpkin beer to help curb the awful... but it's probably better that I don't because I'd have gone through way faster than is healthy. Hope your saturday is better than your friday.

Daphne said...

Ugh. Days like that are so awful. I hope you can laugh at it (in a few days). On the flip side, purple is "in" this season!

CT said...

oy! the curse of the friday... hope today is a lot betterÂȘ

Dani said...

That is one suck-o day.

Sorry the shirt caused an old-man perv factor addition to the day. That is part of the reason that I switched grocery stores. Where I was going was Mutantville. Horny Mutantville. I felt like I needed to shower after each shopping trip. At my current Grocery Store Utopia it isn't a problem. If a guy does leer a bit it isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Carla said...

What a day! I feel for you. It's probably a good thing you gave up when you did.

Aleta said...

Wow, sounds like a lovely Friday. I didn't have the pink and purple wash situation. Rather, I had one of Greg's pens explode in the dryer just recently. Used finger nail polish remover to get the pen stains off of the dryer, which turned the inside of the dryer a nice light shade of blue and then had to wash out the remover... because you know... its flammable.. I feel for you.

Betts said...

Momma said there'd be days like this. Pumpkin beer? Who makes that?

hester said... of those days. No fun at all. Hope tomorrow is better. Maybe eat some chocolate??? Did you really say pumpkin beer?

Jessie Earth Momma said...

Am I a poor blog friend when I laugh hysterically at my other blog friend's terrible no good very bad day?

Fret not! My cat broke our french press and lamp in two separate rooms with one leap a sprint and a bound.

With love and shards of glass,

Crystal said...

Oh shit. Laundry is a tricky witch.