Friday, October 30, 2009


Anxiously Awaiting:: The Micanopy Fall Festival that takes place this weekend. This will be our third year attending. (I wrote about last years festival here.) There will be pony rides, crafts, music, and of course festival food. Last year we went both days but I think this year we'll only make an appearance once. We really only need so much fried foods and tacky redneck crafts. Actually we don't need any tacky redneck crafts.

Loving:: Daphne's "Other Mother" Halloween costume. How creative is my lovely friend?!

Enthralled with:: Jamie Oliver magazine. I think I've found a new occasional splurge. (As a side note: Has anyone out there ever made a pavlova? What's the difficulty level? Heather you've done this right, any advice?)

My new shoes. A surprise from Jay. Although he's been totally supportive of my "no new stuff" resolution, I think he's a bit sick of seeing me looking like a hobo.Exploring:: The joys of water soluble packing peanuts.A certain old lady cat had worms so I had to order some medicine. I was more than a little excited when I saw that the pills were surrounded by this earth friendly stuff--they are always an instant mini science project.Watching:: King Corn. Should tie in nicely with this weekends festival food.

(Only one more day of NaBloWriMo. Almost there.)


Not Your Aunt B said...

Love the new shoes!

Hotch Potchery said...

King Corn the movie about the corn industry? That movie changed my life. seriously. Well, sort of.

Daphne said...

Shoes: super cute.

Pavlova: want

Costume: won 2nd place!

Dani said...

Cute shoes.

The hobo look can be sexy if you work it right.

Simbelmynë said...

I hope you keep up with the daily posting (ok, breaks are fine) I've been enjoying your posts.

:) the shoes are cute and the spouse who buys you shoes is even cuter.

victoria said...

Have fun at the festival! It will be fun to see your finds.

Cute shoes! ;-)