Thursday, October 8, 2009


Here's a short list of a few things that have been keeping me busy lately.

Watching:: Last Chance Harvey, an easy to watch romance with Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. I liked it but Jay said "it was good but kind of an old people movie." Probably he's right, but considering that I've reached the age where I don't know celebrities under the age of 40, it was an appropriate choice.

Puzzled by:: My dreams. My best friend is always calling me and giving me the play by play on the lovely and satisfying dreams she's had starring her latest celebrity crush, then we try to figure out if they have any hidden meaning. (Usually her dreams include this guy, or this guy--I don' t think she'd mind me saying she has a thing for vampires.) I'm never this lucky. If someone I do like happens to make an appearance, we're usually sweater shopping or he's changing a light bulb for me. Most bizarrely though, the other night I dreamt I was having dinner with Barney Frank. (If you don't know who that is, click the link.) Yeah. Barney Frank. I actually like his snarkiness....but really....a 70 year old gay congressman? What am I supposed to make of that?

Excited to try out:: The Bookmaking with Children ideas over at Bird and Little Bird. (More specifically, here and here.) My birthday is coming up and I told the boy I wanted him to write a story and make me a book. I think he feels I gave him homework.

Loving:: TV on DVD. For the last month or so Jay and I have been occupying ourselves with True Blood, Weeds, and season three of 30 rock. We'd also like to try out Mad Men, Californication, and Dexter. (Anymore I should add to the ever growing Netflix queue?)

Reading:: I finally finished Mississippi Sissy. It was a good book but the last 100 pages or so we're difficult to get through. I hope to review it here soon and I'll go into more detail then. I also just read Brokeback Mountain yesterday. I had no idea this was just a short story of 50 odd pages. I have some pretty strong opinions about the characters in the book and I'll probably be reviewing it here tomorrow. (It just occurred to me that possibly my choice of reading material lately is seeping into my subconscious and effecting my dream life. That would definitely explain Barney Frank.)

Laughing hysterically at:: The Cleveland Show. It's delightfully raunchy. (I've been watching a lot of TV lately.)

Still motivated by:: NaBloWriMo I'm eight for eight so far. Can I make it through the month? While on the subject of this, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the comments that have been left. There have been times I've worried that I'm boring you all to death with this blogging everyday thing, so the comments are nice and so appreciated. I know I haven't been "conversing" in the comments as much as I used to, but please still know that I read and love every single comment.


Aleta said...

I love these types of posts. Makes me feel like I just stepped into a "day of life." My friends will often email me their dreams to find out what it meant. Often times will bring a fit of laughter!

I miss True Blood. When does it start up again?

Not Hannah said...

Wooooo! You linked Barney Frank with Brokeback? *imagines Rep. Frank riding horseback in the mountains, his cheeks all rosy with cold* *dies laughing*

Ahem. Okay. Pulling myself together.

Yeah, the short story is so...spare and mean and hard to read. I think Ang Lee did a great job with the movie, but the story has many more edges. I'm looking forward to reading it.

BTW, I love lists and will now do a list post myself. Par-tay!

Tammie said...

aleta: im not sure but i think you are in for quite a wait.

not hannah: im so glad someone other than my husband and my best friend can appreciate my barney frank-ness.
par-tay on.

Daphne said...

Well, you NEED to watch Buffy. Seriously. Jay might even like it; it's THAT good.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

If you haven't seen it yet, watch Dead Like Me. There are only two seasons of it but it's hilarious. My friend Barb got me hooked on it and I watched the whole two seasons in as many weeks.

veronica said...

I agree: Dead Like Me was pretty good. I don't recommend watching the movie they made after they canceled the show.

I was thinking about starting up watching Weeds. I hear it's a good show from a lot of people.

Penny said...

Have you seen 6 feet under? We loved that show and watched it all on DVD. I love to watch TV on DVD too! What about Lost, that is a good one!

Have you read The Lovely Bones, I just read that one and thought it was great! I love to read.

hester said...

Yes yes Californication. We are a little bored now that we have watched the first two series and are now rewatching our favourite bits.

The book posts at Bird and Little Bird were great. Thanks for the links.

I love that you are posting every day. It gives me a guaranteed bloggy fix every day.

Betts said...

My Netflix queue has Season 1 of The Tudors on it. A friend of mine told me it was great and I love stories of Henry VIII and all his wives.

Not Your Aunt B said...

All sounds lovely to me. Minus the Barney Frank. But, I guess he could change a lightbulb.

Mari said...

I love love love Dexter! I would be here more often if I could pry the computer away from the kids!

Nowheymama said...

We love Dexter. Yes on Buffy and Angel. Scott and I watched all seasons of both shows together. Now we're on Season 2 of The Sopranos.

Dawn said...

I am requesting an updated picture of Robert Pattinson.

Six Feet Under is my favorite show. So I am suggesting that. And Dexter is pretty awesome as well. Californication is okay, but pretty funny at times. Melissa keeps telling me to watch Buffy too.....can it be that good? The Tudors was good, but I fell way behind. And how cute was The Office last night?? And I want to see Mad Men and that show Pushing Daisies. Is that on still or did it get cancelled.

Alright...I have started rambling. Obviously I watch way too much TV.

Tammie said...

dawn: yeah i didnt put a whole lot of thought in to the picture.

i didnt watch the office last night. i was watching 30 rock dvds. i know. shame on me.

Dawn said...

Whats more important than sorting through Pattinsons pics?

Dani said...

Mad Men makes me swoon. Dexter is the a great way. I have Californification on my list as well. Along with The Tudors.

Way to go on your daily post. I give you a gold star.