Friday, October 2, 2009

Things I'm Into Right Now

A few weeks back Dani, knowing I wasn't buying any new clothes this year, sent me a huge box full of clothes she was no longer loving. How cool was it of her to help breathe some life into my pathetic, dying wardrobe? Anyway, in the box (which included an awesome blue sun dress that has become my go-to dress when I don't feel like thinking about what to wear), was a groovy set of the coasters that she crochets.These pictures were taken on the back patio because the light is better there, but the entire set usually resides in my bedroom.The boy hangs out in our bedroom almost nightly before bedtime, and he has a habit of leaving his drinks lying around.

Incidentally, the box from Dani came when the boy was sick. Once he was well enough to emerge from his room, he asked about the coasters. Jay's response was "Oh, yeah. While you were sick your mom instituted a new rule. She's making us put 'doilies' under our drinks now." Yes. Yes I am.

Evil cookies. Made with a pound of butter. When I want evil cookies, I usually use this recipe. (This time I replaced half the chocolate chips with butterscotch chips.) The whole family enjoys these so I'm not forced to eat the entire batch myself.

Jessie suggested I try this supplement last week when I was moaning about my hives. Not only did it clear up the hives, but it seems to have helped with my seasonal allergies as well. Plus, as if that wasn't enough excitement, it also cleared up some dry skin action I had going on underneath my left breast, a skin condition that Jay so lovingly referred to as my "itchy side boob." So there. I don't have to buy Claritin anymore and I have an itch free side boob! (Thanks Jessie!)

*Fall Weather
I'm starting to feel it. It isn't just my imagination. It was 52 degrees this morning. Oh, how I love the cooler air. It means we can take a break from our self-imposed summer long house arrest and venture outside.Liz Lemon is loving the cooler air. It makes for friskier squirrels, thus better squirrel watching.And lets discuss how excited I am by this neatly stacked pile of fire wood. Soon we'll be sitting around the fire pit toasting marshmallows.

What are you into right now?


Nowheymama said...

Scott and I are into dreaming about a fire pit, so I am grilling bloggers about theirs. Did you build yours?

Not Hannah said...

Hmm...I'm busy getting rid of my fabric pile, getting ready to decorate for October, preparing a proposal for a nonfiction book, and finishing up a play kitchen for the kiddos. Busy. Yay!

Hey, I came here from NaBloWriMo. You need a Followers thingamabobby so I you.

kraftykash said...

That was nice of Dani! I love those coasters.Your dog looks so cute sitting there waitinf for a squirrel. What would she do if she caught one?

Im currently into being a mean mom who demands good grades out of a certain FB player and took away his ticket to homecoming because of bad grades. ugghh!

Jessie Earth Momma said...

Oh my gosh, T, that's great! I'm so happy that worked for you!

Barefoot_Mommy said...

I'm in to the cooler weather, my fire pit, and our growing wood pile as well. I'm soaking it up as much as possible.

I'm also into the whole month of October it being my birthday month.

And I'm into sewing bags and purses since I figured out how to do it.

Aleta said...

It does feel like a house arrest during the summer, doesn't it? Just so muggy and hot and you stay indoors. I'm happy with the 80's this week :)

I'll have to research the suppliment. Sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing.

Mari said...

Nothing worse than an itchy side boob, lol!

Tammie said...

nowhey: no. ours came with the house. its basically a hole built into the middle of our patio. jay did put bricks around it though just for safety sake.

not hannah: how on earth are you going to find time to blog everyday? are you on drugs?! ;)
i know, i do need one of the followers thingamibobby.

kash: shes pretty good natured so i cant see her purposely killing anything. she just wants to play.

sometimes you have to be the mean mom. i have nothing but respect for that. it sucks but you gotta be the bad guy sometimes.

jessie: i wonder if im going to have to keep taking it or if my issues will stay away.....either way the quercetin is still cheaper than claritin.

barefoot: i love sewing bags. its become my fave thing. isnt the weather beautiful? i think its going to warm up again here soon though. :(

mari: you have no idea!

Daphne said...

Mmm. Cookies. That's a good idea. I love this post. I think today I'm going to paint and also bake. Doesn't that sound like a good fall day? And maybe shop for a birthday present for Terri. If i could, I would take Liz for a walk with me and go squirrel-hunting...

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

A box of clothes and coasters in the mail? What fun! Oh, I want cookies...

I have to try the quercetin. My allergies are kicking in again.

Today is one of our first fall days. I'm in a tee so I can feel the crispness in the air but I noticed almost everyone else is wearing coats.

Me--I'm getting ready for my CA trip next week and working on a fundraiser for our adoption agency.

Penny said...

I have been into pumpkin stuff, so far I have made pumpkin cake and pumpkin bread, and now I want to make pumpkin muffins...and maybe pumpkin icecream...mmmm icecream

Not Hannah said...

Tammie: Yes, yes I am. :) (And honey, please, if you think I'm going to be able to get it all done.)

Tammie said...

ha ha ha ha
i think i like you!

Dani said...

You are more than welcome. I'm glad that my used duds are brightening your day.

And I am glad the "doilies" are keeping your furniture safe from water rings.

I will be making those cookies next time we have company that isn't so stick-and-twig friendly.

I am really into music right now. I downloaded enough music last night that I will be owing The Mr. marital favors for the next month. Included in the spending spree was: the new Avett Brothers (of course), the new Pearl Jam, and a couple of Ben Kweller albums.

I love it all. A whole lot.

I am also into Lone Star beer. It's really damn cheap.

hester said...

This was such a nice happy post. I'm glad life is going well and those cookies (or biccies as we call them) look fantastic.

I wish Kipper would calmly watch the world go by instead of barking his head off at any moving thing that enters his field of vision.

Tammie said...

hester: our chihuahua barks at everything. it drives me up the wall!