Monday, September 14, 2009

Breaking the Rules (Sort of) and a Giveaway

In the backwoods, southern county I live in, it's illegal to buy or sell alcohol before 1:00PM on Sunday. We found this out the hard way when we moved here six years ago, and ever since then it's been a non-issue. Believe me, all it takes is one cashier to tell you that you can't purchase that beer or wine, and you'll never make the mistake of having an understocked refrigerator again. Granted, it's not often I want alcohol in the early afternoon. In fact, usually I'm still drinking coffee at that time. But I just hate being told that I can't do something. Especially if it's for some nonsensical reason.

Sometimes on Sunday I like to thumb my nose at the law and drink my alcohol before 1:00. OK, technically I'm not breaking any laws, but for a goody-goody such as myself, this is as naughty as it gets.

This past Sunday I took my beer out to the back porch and enjoyed the almost fall air. Sweater weather is still probably a month or two away, but every now and again I feel a breeze, a fleeting temperature drop, or a bit less humidity and I do my best to soak it up.

The book I read was the graphic novel At a Crossroads: Between a Rock and My Parents' Place. It wasn't a life changing book, but it was enjoyable, slightly humorous, and took about 15 minutes to read. Which was about as long as my beer and the breeze lasted.

If you'd like to read At a Crossroads, leave me a comment and I'll randomly choose a winner on Friday. (If you don't want to risk losing, I have another copy for sale for $3 on
RANDOM.ORG CHOSE #3: Barefoot Mommy. I'll be contacting you for your address!


Not Your Aunt B said...

I don't know about the book, but I'll take the beer. I am with you- I try to steal those fall moments as they're hard to come by now.

Tammie said...

ha not included in the giveaway.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

LOL, I'm game. BTW... at least you can buy alcohol on sunday. Here, there is no purchase or sale of alcohol on sundays PERIOD.

kraftykash said...

Im about to go pour a glass of wine as we speak. It was a long day. Beer on a Sunday little rebel! LOL Plz add me to your drawing. :)

Daphne said...

You are so BAD. Bad seed! Bad seed!re

Maria Rose said...

I've lived in places that don't sell beer on Sunday at all. In CO they just changed the law last year.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Well Tammie you little rebel you! My grandmother taught me that is was 5 o'clock somewhere.
Gotta love Grandma!

Only 15 minutes?!
I am still trying to find the time to finish "I know this much is true" 897 pages of a great book but I have read the current page I'm on 3 times now because when I do get a moment to just "be" I fall asleep. You tempt me with " it only took 15 minutes!" To have accomplished it would be my goal.

Jeez, that is pathetic. I think I'll pour myself a cocktail and feel better about myself. :-)

Hotch Potchery said...

I think we have that rule here too...but I am not a Sunday drinker...only because I am a Saturday night drinker!!!

Penny said...

I remember YEARS ago when I first lived in Alabama we couldn't buy beer AT ALL on Sunday and it infuriated me...even if I didn't want to drink it.

Now we can buy it on Sunday but I think it is still after noon, I figure they want you to at least go to church before you start drinking.

Tammie said...

ooh penny, im so excited you popped over here.
my hubs used to live in alabama, and yeah..he has some stories to tell.

Layrayski said...

thats crazy! and kudos for breaking... ok not really breaking the nonsensical rules. =)